Average Salary For Seo Specialists

What is the average salary for SEO specialists? Well, keep reading to find out more in this blog post.

Those who want to learn more about the business and technology of SEO can check out my average salary for SEO specialists report and infographic. This research was broken down into numerous sections including salary ranges, job fields and locations, demographics and income sources.

How much do SEO specialists make a year? I can’t answer that for all SEOs, but I expect I can offer some insight for many SEOs. Specifically, for SEOs who are looking for a job or who’re not doing as well as they want in their current job.

Average Salary For Seo Specialists

Job TitleRangeAverage
Digital Marketing Manager₦173k – ₦7m₦1,200,000
Digital Marketing Specialist₦900k – ₦4m₦1,044,589
Content Writer₦630k – ₦2m₦960,000
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist₦0 – ₦0 (Estimated *)₦1,179,162
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager₦0 – ₦0 (Estimated *)₦1,409,500
Content Marketer₦0 – ₦0 (Estimated *)₦1,050,000
Digital Marketing Associate₦0 – ₦0 (Estimated *)₦1,200,000

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