AutoCAD Software For Students

When it comes to CAD software, most people will buy Autocad. Just by looking at the name Autocad you know that it will come at a high price compared to other available CAD software for studentsthat are also very reliable and functional. For students, it is common for us to be price-sensitive, but we also do not want a low-quality CAD program either. At this point, might as well be looking for the best gift ideas for kiddos Autocad software student edition is one of the best out there when you are balancing quality and price.

The most commonly used product in architecture and design, AutoCAD software is mostly used by students, as well as professional designers. The easiest and the most convenient way to learn AutoCAD is to use training tutorials and courses.

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Autodesk Student Account

Autocad software is an essential tool for student architects and designers. It helps them to create and manage 3D models, allowing them to visualize their plans, generate drawings and diagrams, and communicate with clients.

The Autocad software includes a range of tools that are specifically designed for students and new users who may not have much experience in using CAD software. The tools include:

  • AutoCAD LT is a scaled down version of the professional version which does not include all the advanced features found in the full version but still has most of the tools needed for your basic design work such as 2D drawing tools including lines, circles, arcs etc.; 2D drafting tools; 3D modeling tools including surfaces and solids; Layouts; Hatching options; Dimensioning options; and Annotation options such as text styles, leader lines etc.;
  • AutoCAD 360 allows you to access your files through any device (including mobile devices), so that you can work on projects anywhere at anytime with just a few clicks! This means no more waiting around until you get home or back to your office before continuing with your project – just open up the app on your phone or tablet and carry on where you left off last time (or maybe even

Autocad software is a computer-aided design (CAD) program that allows students to draw and create 2D and 3D objects. It’s been used in architecture, engineering and construction for many years.

The Autocad software runs on Windows and Mac computers, but it can also be used on tablets and mobile devices.

Students can use Autocad software to design buildings, bridges, vehicles and more. The software also allows them to create 3D models of these objects so they can be viewed from different angles. Students can add details such as windows, doors or even furniture inside their designs so they look realistic.

Autodesk Student Free Software

The AutoCAD software for students is the ideal solution for design and technical drawing. The easy-to-use interface helps accelerate productivity, simplify workflow and reduce mistakes, which makes it easier to create professional drawings quickly and accurately. Save thousands over other CAD systems by using this award-winning software.

Introduction to AutoCAD For Students

AutoCAD is a commercial software application used to draft 2D & 3D models with the help of a computer. It is generally categorized as a CAD program and drafting application. AutoCAD was discovered in 1982 by Autodesk. AutoCAD is also available as a student version, and it can be downloaded from the website. The student version is like the full commercial version. AutoCAD is licensed for free to students, educators, and institutions. AutoCAD is widely used by designers, engineers, drafters, and surveyors. For most designers and engineers, AutoCAD has proved a time saver and an efficient program.

Is There A Student Version Of AutoCAD

AutoCAD software is used by design professionals to create construction drawings, mechanical plans and many other kinds of technical documents. AutoCAD helps you maximize productivity with a wide range of drafting tools, and also provides a full suite of productivity enhancements that enable you to focus on your work instead of on getting the tools to do it.

AutoCAD For Skill Students

Digital literacy is one of the skills a student must have in today’s time. AutoCAD can be used for students in many ways. Since AutoCAD is a huge program, it embraces applications in many ways.

The students can use AutoCAD for: –

Engineering Drafting tool

AutoCAD provides unique drafting tools that are used in drawings of engineering components, designs, and infrastructure. It also minimizes human errors and helps the users to bring their imagination to life with accuracy. It also provides solutions for designing mechanical components and solving design issues that may arise.

Act as a Graphic Design tool

AutoCAD supports the operation of DWG and DXG files that can be exported from its interface to other CAD applications for more advanced animation projects. AutoCAD can even work simultaneously with 3D Max and other applications as well.

Used as an Architectural designing tool

With the availability of built-in design layouts that comprises numerous templates specially designed for architectural planning and building construction, the users can work on projects that create architectural arrangements for construction purposes with just minimal knowledge of the software.

Use in 3D printing

AutoCAD is compatible with file formats that most 3D printers and slicing software use. The designs can be exported in the most preferred format, that is, .stl that almost all the 3D printers use. AutoCAD helps the users to create lifelike 3D models on its workspace.

Use for Industrial planning and designing tool.

AutoCAD is well versed with the CAD interface, and with its usage, the industrialists can create working prototypes of an object as well as test its functions during the process of designing. The designers can even use the essential prototype for presentation for promoting their designs.

Also used in the Fashion industry.

The CAD software, which has the most amazing interface, blends easily and eases the complications of designing difficult shapes like octagons, tetrahedrons, and many more that are generally used in designing fashion items.

How To Get AutoCAD Software Free

AutoCAD is the world’s most popular 2D/3D and technical drawing product. Since it was first introduced over 20 years ago, AutoCAD has grown to be the industry standard for mechanical, architectural, and industrial design applications.

How to Use AutoCAD for Students?

The very first step is to download the program and install it on the computer. The student can get a free license from Autodesk, and all the features are available free of cost. Learning how to use 2D first will be the primary step, and then proceeding to 3D drawings. The Student must know the use of different tools and toolbars in the workspace and their functions.

Following are the steps to use AutoCAD-

  1. First, Understand and get to know the workspace, the tools, and the menus.
  2. Start working on a drawing and try to know different basic tools like pan, zoom, snap, polar, plot, etc.
  3. Create different shapes using basic 2D tools like Polygon, Polyline, Line, Circle, Rectangle, arc, chamfer, fillet, join, trim, copy, text, etc. They can use tutorials on the Autodesk website for understanding it better.
  4. Getting to know the command line output and practicing it by creating different shapes and designs.
  5. Learn different dimension styles, font styles, tables, hatch, mirror, blocks, line types, etc.
  6. Learning to use Macros, custom commands, LISP, etc.

Overview Tips for The Students

  • The Content Explorer tool is situated in the Content panel under the Plug-ins Ribbon tab. This search bar allows the user to look for all the examples of the search term. From Layers to text or anything that the user wants to search is displayed in the Content Explorer. This search is not limited to the text that is inside the drawing.
  • Using the MTEXT command and import text from the tools panel, the user can easily import TXT and RTF files in AutoCAD.
  • The users can even create their own templates, buy pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ S. They can change the file type from DWG to DWT.

AutoCAD Industry with its powerful features

AutoCAD is a real-time program that can reduce the problems that arise before it exists. It is not just software, but it is an industry, and for most designers, engineers, and architects, the one-stop solution to many of their problems is AutoCAD.

Some of the most powerful functions are –

  • Easy edits are possible in AutoCAD with the usage of commands like copy, mirror, stretching, scale, and many more. So, creating a drawing in AutoCAD is just easier and quicker than doing it manually.
  • It enables the user to create drawings with minimal dimensions and define accuracy to any number of decimal places which is next to impossible to get in hand-drafted drawings.
  • It even helps to model 3D objects with colors; materials are applied to different surfaces, making it easier for the user to visualize the final product, which is not achieved in manual 3D sketches.
  • It saves the time needed for revisions and modification. It has inbuilt tools that allow any number of modifications easily and quickly. The user can even save the previous versions of the file.


AutoCAD for Students is the most widely used computer-aided software for producing architectural drawings. It is not only on computers, but it is also available as a mobile app that has a huge demand and attracts many students and beginners.

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