Audio Sharing Sites For Seo

Audio sharing sites are very popular these days as it allows you to upload your music files, videos and more. The best thing about audio sharing sites is that they allow you to share your audio files with others and receive a lot of traffic. Nowadays, most of the online marketers promote their products using the power of audio. And by using audio sharing sites, they are able to boost their sales drastically since people prefer listening to music and watch videos than reading texts.

In this post, we review the Audio Sharing Sites For Seo, free audio upload and streaming, bookmarking sites for seo, and best audio upload site.

Audio Sharing Sites For Seo

The most important element of SEO is getting your content shared. This is why I want to introduce you to some of the best sharing sites that can help promote your content in a positive way and make it easier for people to find what they are searching for online. Here’s how they work:

anchor text

Anchor text is the text that links to your site. This is what search engines use to determine which pages are about a specific keyword or phrase, and it’s also how people will see which sites you’re linking to when they follow those links.

You want to make sure the anchor text you use is relevant to both your website and the page being linked from. You should also include keywords in this section of your content if possible, because it will help Google index your link more easily and improve its ranking in search results for users who are looking for information about those terms.

long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are more specific and targeted, which means they’re likely to be searched for. When crafting long tail keywords, think of what you would search for if you were looking for what your business offers. You also want to make sure that the keyword is relevant to the content on your site, as this will help with Google rankings in the long run.

Some great examples of long tail keywords include:

  • “how-to build a website” (this would be used on a blog post explaining how to build a website)
  • “best hosting provider” (this could go into an article about choosing the best hosting provider)

social signals

Social signals are a good way to get your content noticed, but they shouldn’t be used as a primary ranking signal. They’re also not a great way to get links or people to share your content.

Social signals, or social mentions as they’re termed in SEO circles, are simply mentions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that refer back to you or your site. This can include tweets with links pointing directly at the page being shared (such as when someone retweets another person’s link) or tweets without links (such as when someone simply writes “Check out this article” with the link included).

The more people who share your content on social media sites like these the better for SEO purposes because it shows Google that other relevant users (i.e., those who may visit the site) find value in what you have written about and therefore should rank higher than others who do not receive any shares or traffic from their posts.


Now that you’ve decided to stream your content, it’s time to focus on your branding. You want to be known as an authority in your niche, and this means using all of the resources available to you. Social media can help with this process by allowing people who follow you online access to your content without having to go through any kind of registration. Content is another way that you can brand yourself as an authority figure in a given subject area; readers will see that you know what you’re talking about when they read something written by someone who knows their stuff well enough for them not only understand but also enjoy reading it!

Email marketing is another great way of getting noticed by others within your industry; if people see emails from reputable sources coming from someone like themselves then they’ll probably click through into their inboxes because they know that whoever sent them there won’t send anything bad (or at least nothing malicious). Podcasts are also excellent branding tools because many listeners prefer listening instead of reading text–this makes podcasts ideal for helping listeners learn new things about various topics (including SEO!).


The first thing you’ll want to do when sharing content is link out. Linking out lets people know where they can find more information on a topic, but it also gives backlinks to your site which help increase its ranking in search engines.

Linking to other sites: If you’re sharing content that was originally published by another website, make sure you link back and give credit where it’s due! This will earn you good will with the site owner and help them feel appreciated for their hard work creating the original piece of content.

free audio upload and streaming

Where can I store my music online for free? Find the best audio file sharing sites for playing music online, music backup, audio storage or share your music production with artists, Dj’s, Mixing, and Mastering engineers or your fans. Find the solution for free audio hosting and embedding.

Your Audio File hosting possibilities, to send audio files for free. Check these websites to upload your music, stream your audio, or make a file transfer to other People. Find your perfect Cloud Storage Provider to backup your Songs.

Some of the following providers are optimized for handling audio files. However, a few of the following services are also suitable for listening music.

If you are just looking for an option to save your music catalog online. You could choose IBroadcast or Youtube Music. To store your music catalog, Youtube Music is one recommendation. You can upload up to 100.000 Songs and stream your favorite songs on the go and edit ID3 Tags and Covers. The other option IBroadcast gives you access to upload unlimited Sound Files.

To send and share large audio files privately, there are some excellent free options. Via the providers,and Soundcloud you can upload a limited number of files for free and listen to them via a web player. All Companies offer the service to download the files or send them to other people via a private link.

Wetransfer, Google Drive, PCloud, Megacloud and Dropbox are other popular options. However, they are not specialized in audio files. So you can’t necessarily play wav or mp3 files through an online streaming player. If you only want to send the data to other people, all are very suitable.

Use these websites to store your music on a cloud and upload your wav, AIFF, and mp3 files to backup audio files. Alternatively, use these Services to send your music to friends or use my mixing and mastering service to make an uncomplicated file transfer.

Improve the Sound of your Music Production. Cloud Storage for Music? How to Host & Share Audio Files?


PCloud service to share or backup all kinds of files.

Do you need free audio hosting online? With pCloud, you get 8GB of free cloud storage. The good thing is that pCloud specializes in music files and sorts your songs and albums by ID3 tags, artist, album or playlists. You can also share your uploads, or manage them via Android and IOS App.

Unique feature: With Pcloud, you can secure your lifetime cloud storage with a one-time payment. You can choose between 500GB, 2TB or 10TB.

Stacktune is a cloud collaboration service dedicated to musicians and recording studios alike.

Stacktune aims to make sharing audio files and projects as easy as possible: Invited users can optionally join your project without registering for an account first. With timestamped comments, you will never be wondering again which part of the song someone is talking about.

The integrated player comes with additional features like loudness matching and automatically aligned files, which allows reliable and efficient comparison of different mixes.

The well-arranged UI makes stacktune a perfect place for longterm storage and collaboration – from the first idea to the final master. At the moment Stacktune offers no free trial .

+ Perfect audio cloud transfer: for collaborations on music productions, to work together on your mixes


You can send music projects to your clients and communicate with timestamped comments about the audio file.

Another significant advantage is the integrated paywall. With this service, you can also sell your audio productions. Once the customer is satisfied, the music file can be paid for to access the downloaded.

+A cloud service for music productions with an integrated paywall/download shop system


Hitsend is another way to share your mixes and masters with your clients. The tool is used to talk about revisions, timecoded comments make it easier to talk about changes. It is also possible to complete the payment via Hitsend.

+ In the audio player the files are uploaded Lossless

Samply File Sharing

Samply is a great audio file sharing service and makes it easy to send your mixes and masters to client. Or to host mp3 files for streaming.

The free audio hosting plan let’s you upload 25 gb. However, you can get 250GB for an unbeatable $8 per month.

Feedback can also be given directly via timecoded comments to simplify collaboration.

need to host audio files free? Samply also offers you a free player that you can embed on your website.


Want to share audio files privately? Bounceboss is optimized for music producers, artists and labels. With Bounceboss, you can upload, send, and communicate on your music files effectively.

Bounceboss is perfect for collaboration work, you can provide different music versions, the participants can comment on the music and listen and compare at a level matched loudness.

Unfortunately, this service is not free, but those who spend a little money will love this music cloud service.

+Perfect to work together on music productions and make better decisions is a new service to upload your audio files and invite guests for listening and downloading. The beautiful thing about is the integrated audio player. If you upload high-quality audio files, it can later be played as Mp3 or lossless audio(up to 24.bit wav & 96kHz). Similar to Soundcloud, you can comment via timestamp function. So you can communicate correctly about the piece of music. Therefore this service is optimal for the participants like songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, label, or can be used as a promotion tool. You can upload up to 1GB of music for free. Try now

+Specialized for sending and listening to audio files, perfect for embedding music on your website

Soundcloud Free

The company Soundcloud, is also known as the social media website for musicians. At Soundcloud, you can upload your own produced music. There is a feed where your favorite artists’ tracks appear; they can be clicked or commented. On Soundcloud, you will find many unreleased music pieces and DJ mixes. With the free plan, you can upload up to 3 hours of your audio clips. If you subscribe to the Pro Plan, you now even have the possibility to distribute your tracks. Your songs will then be made available directly on streaming services like Spotify.

+ A Social Network for Music. Share Music, Listen to DJ Sets and find new music, or embed music on your website.


Mixcloud is the perfect place to upload your Podcast, Radio Shows, or DJ Mixes. The music cloud from Mixcloud is entirely free, and you can upload unlimited files. If you are a content creator or DJ and want to make your audio files available online, try Mixcloud today.

+To share and listening to Podcasts or DJ Sets

Wetransfer Free

Wetransfer is designed to upload large files and then send them to your email contacts. The good thing about Wetransfer Free is that you can send data up to 2GB in size without registering. When the file is downloaded, you receive a confirmation email. Your uploaded files will be available for download for 1 week and will be deleted afterward. To upload larger files and bypass the download limit, there is also a paid subscription. Visit the Wetransfer website for more information.

+ Send all kinds of files per E-mail for a limited time


Filemail is similar to and an excellent free alternative. You can upload files up to 5GB in size and track the transfer.

You are offered one of the most secure file transfer services with data encryption, 2-factor authentication, and virus checking.

However, the data are only available for download for seven days and will be deleted after that. In the Pro version of Filemail, you can upload unlimited file size and permanently make the file available. There is also a password protection feature, and you can add an upload widget to your website.


Hightail is a great tool to share all types of files. It is especially suitable for collaborating with clients because you can leave comments.

In the free version, the file size limit is 100MB, but you have a total of 2GB available. In the paid version, you have a lot more great features like send tracking, delivery notifications, custom branding, file groups, password protection, and much more.

+perfect filesharing for collaborations

Google Drive

Google Drive is a place to store your music files online. And also one of the best way to share audio files.

They offer A Free Plan to upload 15 GB of your Music or other file formats. This service is perfect for saving your music online on a cloud. To listen to your songs directly from Google Drive, you have to enable the app “Music Player for Google Drive.”

How to: right-click on your uploaded file -> select open with -> now choose the “Music Player for Google Drive” App

You also can use this service to share large audio Files with other People, by generating a download link or give permission for group processing.

bookmarking sites for seo

Link building is a part of the SEO and your website ranking improvement in SERP is not possible without  link building. Social bookmarking is also a useful SEO link building technique that can be used for creating the natural and high quality links that liked and crawled by search engine.

If you are SEO expert and looking for free social bookmarking sites list then you have completed first step of searching the quality Dofollow social bookmarking sites as we have created the effective and unique list of social submission sites that can help you for building the backlinks to claim good position in SERP.

Social bookmarking sites also work well to improve the brand awareness and drive huge traffic to your blog. So choose the top SBM sites for your SEO campaign and start to bookmark and share your contents on top high DA social bookmarking sites that have good traffic.

Why include Free Social Bookmarking in SEO?Social Bookmarking is a Way to Improve the Ranking of Your Site or BlogHow to Use Free High PR Social Bookmarking Submission Sites ListBenefits of Free Social Bookmarking SitesJan 2023-Dofollow Social Bookmarking Submission sites List – UpdatedDofollow New Approved Social Bookmarking sites List – Jan 23How to Do the Social Bookmarking Step by Step?Is social bookmarking still effective 2023?Top USA Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023Why you Should Choose the Best Social Bookmarking SitesWhy You need to Start Social Bookmarking If You Can Just Use Your BrowserInstant Approval Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023Latest Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 {Below 50 DA}Do Free Social Bookmarking sites pass more Link Juice?Drive the Traffic on your blog through Dofollow social BookmarkingHow to Find the Dofollow & High DA bookmarking sites?Social bookmarking sites allow the sponsor Ads?Pros of Using Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites 2023Cons of using Dofollow Social bookmarking sitesFree Automated Social Bookmarking – What is a social Bookmarking ToolAdvantages of Free Social Bookmarking SubmissionSteps To Follow To Grow Traffic Using Social Bookmarking SitesFAQs About Free Social Bookmarking Sites in 2023

Why include Free Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Free Social Bookmarking site has huge link juice if your site is added here definitely it will transfer link juice to your site and help in ranking, according new google update you don’t need to search do follow and no follow sbm sites as google want natural backlinnk.

It’s my own experience, I thought, ranking depend on do follow backlink , but I was wrong , and started to build do follow backlinks in huge quantity after  some time google banned site.

Following is list of High quality sbm sites, we have added site here according to site domain authority (DA), you should submit your site on each SBM sites in india to get more audience.  Social bookmarking helps in improving ranking of your keyword related to best web design services

Social Bookmarking is a Way to Improve the Ranking of Your Site or Blog

To increase the page rank of any website is the most valuable factor. Every website or blog requires proper SEO techniques to get huge organic traffic and more conversions.

Today, marketing experts apply various digital marketing methods to enhance the value of your website or blog. Social bookmarking is one the most effective SEO techniques. It is an off page SEO techniques. Most of the experts use this method to enhance the ranking of the website.

There are various do-follow and no-follow social bookmarking sites, experts choose the high page rank do follow sites to perform social bookmarking task. This tasks help to get backlinks for your site, this is the reason, experts love this process and use it more. This process is not so difficult, but without the knowledge, no can use it. So, today we bring light on the exact procedure of using social bookmarking sites list india. Blog commenting sites also work fine to earn the quality link and drive the traffic.

See, how to use these sites and improve the worth of your website on search engine.

How to Use Free High PR Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List

In this way, you can complete the entire process of bookmarking easily and speedily. But, a significant thing you must keep in mind which is that you must put correct information about your website and correct website address in the form, otherwise your task considers as spam. And it doesn’t help to improve your website. Hence, always fill accurate details of your website or blog.

The social bookmarking is a method to bookmark your website on the web, so you can read them anytime and anywhere. This the main benefit of using bookmarking process. With this benefit, the social bookmarking process has several other advantages to enhance the health of the website. See the benefits of social bookmarking and know the significance of this process.

Benefits of Free Social Bookmarking Sites

All the benefits show you the significance of social bookmarking sites to make popular your site or blog everywhere on the web. As we know that social bookmarking is an off page SEO activity, so anyone can perform it by getting proper guidance.

There are so many off page SEO activities you can find, but social bookmarking is really a very effective activity, here you can easily post your content relevant to your website or blog and make it online. Find free social bookmarking submission sites list without registration with 99techpost.

Jan 2023-Dofollow Social Bookmarking Submission sites List – Updated

Dofollow New Approved Social Bookmarking sites List – Jan 23

I have searched some new social bookmarking sites high pr for you… all below site are verified and checked. You can feel free to share your bookmark here.

These new social bookmarking sites list 2023 will work fine to improve your brand awareness..

Create your account on following 1000 social bookmarking sites list and submit your bookmark.

I will update list top free social bookmarking sites India for seo as I received some new bookmark sites…

Please let me know if you find quality Dofollow social bookmarking sites 2022. I will add it in our list after review. You can share new social bookmarking sites through blog comment section.

I have used all above Dofollow social bookmarking submission sites, all are working and you can improve the online presence of your blog. Also share your blog post on these social bookmarking sites.

How to Do the Social Bookmarking  Step by Step?

Submit the social bookmark on High Pr bookmarking sites is not big thing. You can submit the bookmark easily by follow some steps. Your first task in SEO may be social bookmarking submission if you are the fresher in Digital marketing.

I am also digital marketing expert and I submit the social bookmark only high quality sites as they have good link juice. is one of the most site from my list and today I will show you how to do bookmarking

Follow some basic steps to submit Bookmark on

I think, you have enjoyed all steps to do social bookmarking, same steps you can repeat for other bookmarking sites but there will be some difficulty to find the option of social bookmark. If you have confusion for above steps, Drop your queries in comment section I will solve them.

It’s  not end of my article below are some quality bookmark sites for you.

Is social bookmarking still effective 2023?

Yes, it’s still working and will also work in upcoming time. social bookmaking submission is one of the best off page seo technique to improve the ranking on the website and work very well to boost the brand awareness.

I use this SEO process from last three years and still I am getting the amazing result with it. But first you have to learn how you have to use this technique.

I share the my newly blog post link on top social bookmarking sites to reach the niche audience and also get the quality back link from these sites. Don’t believe on rumor like social bookmaking has stopped to work . It will work for SEO in future and help you to generate the good result.

Top USA Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023

Social bookmarking sites are highly effective to boost the traffic on a website and it and help in various manners to market your web page. It can also help with the services and the article that’s why you can easily rely on relying on such websites and their services. If you don’t want to invest in the advertisement, then the social bookmarking sites are also taking your website to the next level by providing slightly more traffic than usual.

Instead of jumping to the top 10 social bookmarking sites list India, it will be better to check out the major services offered by them and what are these. Social bookmarking platforms have plenty of websites where one can easily enlist own website, and he/she is capable of sharing articles, images and videos to gain more traffic easily. Even one can search for the right type of services and much more.  This process is mainly called like the social bookmarking.

The below given are some of the best and well known bookmarking sites that offer a great result, and you can try out each one without any issue.

In term of the free listing option, is widely preferred, and it offers plenty of tweaks that make this social bookmarking site as the best one. Due to the ease of bookmarking your website, it becomes the reliable and top option among all. This website was found in 2012, and it is providing the most relevant services, and you can easily find compelling content from millions of users. Due to such reasons, you can try it out without any issue.

Domain Authority   : 98

Listing your website is extremely easy on this platform, and you just need a Gmail account to begin. This community is owned by eBay, and there are thousands of people using it. As this bookmarking website is popular, so, you can find great traffic on this platform, and that will be redirected to your website very easily. Such things make everything easier and highly reliable. You can try it out without any issue.

Domain Authority           : 97

The well-known source that is quite the best one among all due to free listing option and good domain authority rating is There is a great convenience offered to list your website that’s why you can try it out without single trouble. Because of being the open platform, it is highly reliable and you can get great use. Begin using this platform and obtain maximum traffic on your website.

Domain Authority           : 96

Among all the popular names, is most preferred for popular links. It is a platform with huge traffic, and it offers social bookmarking and the social search that makes it better and highly reliable platform to use. The quality traffic is essential to make your website reach more people, and you can easily try it out. Even if you gain a little traffic, you will be seeking for quality traffic here.

Domain Authority            : 75

One can create the topic on and share any sort of content here from stories to links and images also. This platform is clogged with gaming discussion but now, people started talking about other topics also, and it is capable of providing great traffic. If you have a website with technical content, then this social bookmarking platform is surely helpful in it. One can rely on this platform without any issue and try it out.

Domain Authority            : 98

On this platform, you can expect great quality traffic. This platform offers you a wide range of features, and it is best for small businesses. In order to have a good start of your website, you can try it out without any issue. Even this platform can help you increase the visibility of your website that’s why it is better and reliable option to go for.  If you don’t want to spend money, then this platform is a great option because it is totally free and better to prefer.

Domain Authority            : 63

With the domain authority rating of 94 on Slashdot, this social bookmarking website becomes the effective and reliable solution that can easily fulfill your need with ease. One can share articles, links, videos and other data that can help in obtaining more traffic easily. There are thousands of people using this platform due to higher effectiveness and ease of using. You can start now by creating an account and listing your website.

Domain Authority            : 94

Among all the options, is quite a different option, but it serves the purpose perfectly. You get the free listing option that makes everything easier, and it is also capable of building a great online presence. You can obtain more traffic on your website way effectively, and it is used by thousands from a long time. You can share the links on social media channels, and it will increase the traffic in most of the cases.

Domain Authority            : 85

Social networking news websites are also effective to increase the traffic on your website. is a social networking news website, and there are lots of people using it. The quality traffic is easy to obtain from this platform, and it offers you the free listing option that’s why it is a reliable source. There are thousands of people using it to increase traffic on their websites. It is really easy to use and reliable also.

Domain Authority            : 75

The last social bookmarking site in this list is Newsvine, well known because it is one of the oldest and you can start by registering on it. Create an account, and you are ready to go without a single issue. You are capable of publishing articles and other interesting links to drive the traffic on your website.

Domain Authority            : 89

Some individuals are asking that why they should take help from we heart it for social bookmarking services. In reality the platform is available with a good audience base. Another important factor related to the platform is regarding the interface.

Anyone can easily understand the platform and get that how to access its services. All these factors are becoming useful in getting quality backlinks that can provide assistance in achieving online business objectives.

The individuals those are interested in the social bookmarking with the help of academic kind of content they can focus on the use of Diigo. It offers numerous useful features for the researchers, students, educators and other academic related professionals. It becomes better for uploading the content which is based on the analytics, statistics and good research

Instapaper is also a social bookmaking sites where you can share your links and can tags best content with your friends. it also allow you to keep your story article for offline reading. So Create your account on it and start to share your thoughts here and earn the link.

Crazy backlinks is also listed in top social bookmarking site that allow you to share your post here and earn the quality backlink. I also use this site to improve the brand awareness.

Mozy link is well known for social bookmarking sites. if you are thinking to promote your business online then social bookmarking can play the important role to build a brand.

BibSonomy is a leading social bookmarking site on which you can share your post and bookmark the great stuff on BibSonomy. It allow you to share your newly published blog post and highly relevant research-based material. Improve your brand awareness by bookmarking here.

Pearltrees is also one of the best social bookmarking site that you can use it for branding activity. Pearltrees provide the platform to share and gather the quality content here. I  recommend Pearltrees for social bookmarking,  Keep it on top in your social bookmaking sites list.

Dzone is also a very useful social bookmarking sites for software developer. It is amazing platform to developer where they can share, read and learn some more about the software technology. But making your bookmark live on this site is not easy thing. Your content  will be published after admin approval.

Medium also allow to users to bookmark important stuff. You can keep this site on top in list of social bookmarking sites if you are handling the SEO of your website. Share your personal stories on Medium.

Flipboard is also a well known social bookmarking sites that used by top blogger and SEO expert to share quality information. It curates the word top stories for which you are looking.

Kirsty is the content aggregator and social bookmaking sites that allow the users to share quality stuff and well design slideshows. It is easy to use and bookmark that you want.

Pocket is very nice designed social bookmarking sites that is being used by marketers to make brand and improve the brand awareness. It also allow you to share the important and well cooked content here. You can tag your content with your friends and other people who are connected to you. Pocket has 22m users all over world that make it more popular on web world.

Tumblr is one of the best micro blogging Network. it allows to user to share the content and multimedia.  Tumblr is also available for social bookmarking where you can share your newly published post and tags in your niche to grow blog traffic. I also use it as sbm site and got good result. Tumblr is a authority site that is used by many blogger and seo expert to improve the ranking.

Crazybacklink is also a great social bookmarking site that are available for digital marketer, bloggers to share content and new idea’s with friends. I would like to recommend this site for social bookmarking.

Mix is also a popular social bookmaking site where you can add your bookmark for later. It allow you tag and share the content with your friends.

But your bookmark can be rejected by the Mix, if you use the same description and title that are used by you on other bookmarking sites.

 Mix helps you to get the quality link too for SEO ranking. So keep it in your link building resources list for creating the quality link for your blog.

Pearltrees is also a useful social bookmarking site that should be in your list of social bookmarking sites when you promote your business online. One thing, I like about the Pearltrees is that it’s simplicity that make it differ to other social bookmarking site.

Pearltrees offers you platform that allow you to share the and collect the new content. So don’t forget to promote your business on this amazing social bookmarking site.

Pinbord is also one of the best social bookmarking site that should be in your list when you have decided to do the SEO of your website. Pinbord allow you to share your content and tag valuables information with your friends.

You can also use the category filler to find quality content for repurposing content. So keep it in your database for submitting the social bookmark and improve the ranking of the website.

Why you Should Choose the Best Social Bookmarking Sites

As you know that social bookmaking is one of the effective SEO technique that help you to improve your website and blog ranking. But, sharing and bookmarking of your content on bookmarking sites is not big thing.

Your selection of bookmarking site is also matter more while you doing the social bookmarking submission for your content. If you choose the high authority social bookmaking sites for bookmarking submission then possibility of ranking improvement increased.

Why You need to Start Social Bookmarking If You Can Just Use Your Browser

Really, some time before it was very difficult to understand the difference between social bookmarking sites and browser bookmarking. but now everything is cleared about on Bookmarking.

when I joined the seo, I also confused with that. We can easily save the great website on browser by bookmarking technique, but  bookmarking the good sites on your browser and share with your friend it’s not enough thing.

on the other hand, we talking about the social bookmarking sites that is totally differ from the browser bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites allow us to browse recently added items that belong from different categories like shopping, technology, politics, blogging, news, sports.

There are enough information available on free social bookmarking sites that can be easily tagged with your friends.

Social bookmarking is the nice SEO technique to improve the brand awareness, where you can share your newly published post and tagged with your friends.

Instant Approval Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023

Latest Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023 {Below 50 DA}

I am sure about that these social bookmarking sites will really help you to improve your site traffic and authority. Please try on all sites and give your feedback through comment.

Do Free Social Bookmarking sites pass more Link Juice?

Link Juice is very important thing when you are going to off page seo for your website.

Link juice will be passed for your blog when site webmaster assign do follow backlink.

No-follow link means no link juice, so SEO expert try to get the do follow link .

But some Social book marking sites pass good link juice for your blog. I also shared my newly blog post on social bookmarking sites to index the post quickly.

Benefits of getting the good link Juice

Drive the Traffic on your blog through Dofollow social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the fastest way to improve brand awareness hence, Blogger share newly created post on social bookmarking site. These site are very helpful to improve reach and index your blog post.

Reach your target audience; social bookmarking site has huge traffic, that’s why blogger bookmark your newly created post here.  Simply set your niche by choosing the category and earn the good Traffic.

Save your hard money by sharing your content on social bookmarking sites.

How to Find the Dofollow & High DA bookmarking sites?

Bookmarking sites play very important role to improve your brand awareness.  Bookmarking sites are not designed for SEO purpose means getting the backlink . If you are new in SEO and thing that these sites will help in ranking then you are on wrong path.

There are many techniques to find the good social bookmarking sites.  I always use the following techniques to search the new sites.

Social bookmarking sites allow the sponsor Ads?

Really, Social bookmarking sites earn the money by placing the advertiser ads.

I started the paid marketing campaign on and I got the good traffic on my blog. In starting, I have faced some problem to creating the ads here.

You can also promote your business on bookmarking sites USA through Paid and Free.

Sometime these sites charge too much to placing the ads, it’s also depending on your website Niche.

Pros of Using Free Social Bookmarking Submission Sites 2023

Cons of using Dofollow Social bookmarking sites

Free Automated Social Bookmarking – What is a social Bookmarking Tool

As we know social bookmarking submission is very effective seo technique to improve the brand awareness.

But we submit the social bookmark on some selected sites and sometime we don’t time to share your content on social bookmarking sites.

Automated social bookmarking tools are available online that can help to handle this time task. But you will have to use these tools smartly, don’t use the same username on all bookmarking sites, and keep the variation in anchor text.

Some digital marketing agency uses the social bookmarking tools to create the link in bulk. That not recommend by the blogger.

Following are the automated social bookmarking tools.

Onlywire is the first automated social bookmarking tool for link submission. It is suggested by the top expert and working great with wordpress. We can say, it is one of the best machines for automatic submission. Some digital marketing agencies are using this tool for your client. It is very affordable. It also allows you to use the official Onlywire plugin on wordpress.

Create your account here and use it on free of cost..

Social maker is also useful tool to save your time for bookmarking submission. It’s one time process; create the account on all bookmarking sites. I think, it’s browser base tool that can allow you to submit the social bookmark on above 50 sites.

It is also listed in semi-automated social bookmarking tool. First create the account manually and you can add your bookmark and need to bookmark other. I used this tool many time and got the good result with it. If you have the paid version of this tool then you don’t need to earn to credit to submit the bookmark. You can directly submit the social bookmark

If you are using the empire marketing tool or thinking or using it, you can do that. It allows you to get the bookmarks of 10 social bookmarking sites. To use that, you do not have to do many things; all you need to do is enter your URL, and there you go!

It is the software which is quite similar to OnlyWire, but the best part is that this software has many more sites that you can submit and offer you some advanced feature. If you are a person who is looking for a website that generates the backlinks and provides more traffic through the social bookmark sites, then it is the best tool that you can have; it also offers many more features, which are mentioned below-

If you are interested in Digg, then it is the best software that you can choose because it will save your time. With the help of a sub digger, you will easily browse through your friend’s dig and use their custom submission bar.

If you will use this, then all you need to do is enter your dig username in the field. After that, the sub digger will put all your friends’ submissions, and it will make it easy for you to view the content of your friend quickly and easily.

At last, you may have understood completely about the different social bookmarking software and how beneficial it can be. According to me, I would love to use the social maker site because I love it, and it does offer so many benefits. Rest it your choice, which software is suitable for you as every software have their own features.

Advantages of Free Social Bookmarking Submission

One of the best ways that I think helps in improving your SEO ranking is through Social Bookmarking sites. Nowadays, running a business is hard because of the increase in competition, which is why you need to create a simple and interesting website. In addition, you need to ensure you are creating high-quality backlinks.

But have you ever wondered how you could do that? How can social bookmarking sites help you with this? If you want to understand, then you are in the right place. Here I have explained everything essential for you to know about social bookmarking  and how you can implement this techniques for better ranking in SERP. So let’s take a look over here!

(1) Help to Boost Website Traffic

We are doing all these things to drive the traffic to website and generate the more lead for business. Social bookmarking can also do same thing for you if you use this off page SEO technique properly.

People visit your website by visiting your shared link on social bookmarking sites when they find your content priceless . So always create the content which people want to see as all blog post won’t drive traffic to your blog.

You will have to find out what is trending now in online market and which type content can help to boost more and relevant traffic to your blog.  Never forget to share your content on top social bookmarking sites after creating the content.

Almost social bookmarking sites are available for free to share the valuable content and drive the traffic.

(2) Help to Boost Social Signal

Social signal also play very effective role when you looking for better ranking on SERP. It’s also Google ranking factor, if you have more social signal in compare to your competitors than chance of getting the good position on SERP is increased for you. So We always not only focus limited techniques to improve the ranking and traffic.

We always update our list of social bookmarking sites that can help you to boost your social signal, so choose as per your need and start sharing your quality content on these sites for better SEO ranking and social signal. Keep yourself active on these top social bookmarking sites and improve your brand awareness too.

(3) Improve Organic Search Rankings on Google

Social Bookmarking sites can be the best and most powerful ways through which you can create free backlinks. It will help in increasing the ranking of your websites on search engines. You should have a super plan to implement social bookmarking techniques for getting the organic ranking.

It offers several positive impacts on the ranking, which will improve the authority of your webiste and is also a convenient way that helps in improving the search engine ranking.

(4) Accessibility

Do you know what the best thing about social bookmarking sites that is love is? It is that you can get access to the websites from anywhere. It is not restricted to any one platform or computer. Just because you are not near your system at home does not mean you will be able to not share the photos or videos with your friends or family.

There will be nothing that can restrict you. On the contrary, it means you can get access to social bookmarking sites so easily and anywhere. But you need to ensure that you have a proper internet connection and can access it from anywhere.

(5) SBM Sites Helps in Getting Viral

There can be several different tools that help in increasing the SEO ranking of your blog. You can consider using different techniques. It is where Social Bookmarking comes in. It will help improve your blog’s popularity pr visibility among the viewers.   

With the help of backlinks, you can get the chance to increase traffic. It will help make your content unique and interesting and attract more users. Once people attract more users, that will help you go viral. 

(6) Create High-Quality Backlinks

One of the best things about these social bookmarking sites is that it helps in creating the backlinks for the users. It is the most resourceful way to create backlinks. Backlinks are quite essential because they will help in increasing your profile visibility.

More people will know about your website, which will make things so much better for them. All these things will be possible through social bookmarking.

(7) More Online Visibility

For every business, the one thing that matters is its visibility, and using a social bookmarking site, can be possible. You will get the chance to create a hyperlink that will target the audience and take them to their websites. In addition, it will provide you with the websites that will be linked to your site.

Increasing the visibility of your website will definitely help in improving your business and will get into the eyes of the people. Isn’t that exciting? It will help the people to redirect to their blog when they are viewing the same. But one thing that you need to ensure is that you are using the unique content, which will improve the visibility.   

Steps To Follow To Grow Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites

There are so many strategies that a marketer has to create in order to provide high-quality traffic on their website.  

If you will ask me, then I would say that social bookmarking sites UAE can be the best and most effective way to drive more and more traffic. Now, you may be wondering what social bookmarking is? These are the website that finds different articles that are based on the interest of people, and through that, you can get the chance to connect with others. You will know which websites people like the most it will be quite informative and helpful for you.

It is important for the person to get proper knowledge about social bookmarking and learn about the steps through which they can grow traffic on their website, and those steps are mentioned below.

(1) Content

What is the most important thing or what people see when they open your website? The Content! It is the essential thing that you need to give; a person has to offer the best quality content so that they can get a high ranking on the web page. 

You can attract the users in many different ways, like If I have written content for some website, then it will provide every information that I can in a very descriptive way but not in lengthy. Better to connect with people, let your content speak and build trust in people’s minds.

(2) Headlines

What attracts the most is the headlines of the article or the content that you have written. A user will not even read the article if he or she does not find the headline attractive or interesting.

While writing the headlines, you need to make sure that it is catchy and compelling, which compel people to read out the entire content. To get the top ranking, you need to get the attention of people and, for that, use the best headlines in the content.

(3) Descriptions

The headline is what catches the attention of people and description is the thing that holds them. Though headlines will help you in getting the attention of people, if you want to hold that attention or keep it, then the description is quite important.

best audio upload site

An estimated 68% of the United States population listens to online audio on a monthly basis. A recent study shows that 78% of people report watching videos online each week, with “55% of those watching on a daily basis.”

With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why website owners are taking audio and video more seriously.

While it can be exciting to start creating and hosting audio files and videos for your own website, it’s important to know how to do this without hurting your site’s page loading time (sometimes referred to as “performance”).

Hosting Audio Files for Websites

Every website host is different, and file sizes vary. It’s important to know that hosting large audio files on your website will probably slow down your site, lead to uploading errors, and lagging. Since Google and other search engines are increasingly factoring in site speed, you’ll want to make sure you don’t slow down your site. You can avoid slowness by understanding how to host files wisely.

WordPress sites, allow these types of audio files:

Now, let’s dive into what types of audio files website owners should consider for their website. This can be anything from sound files, to podcasting episodes, to music. Then, we’ll talk about the best ways to host them, and where.

Hosting Music and Sound Files

We recommend that you don’t host audio files on your website unless they are under 1 minute long and you’re only hosting 1 or 2 audio files.

We recommended hosting music files on a platforms like SoundCloud, or even YouTube. (You’ll need to add an image to your file for it to play on YouTube. But it’s a great option.)

An easy way embed your sound clips or files is to use an “audio block.” This works for any site that uses Gutenberg blocks and WordPress.

These audio blocks are simple, sleek, and pretty user-friendly. The simple volume and play buttons lets the user choose whether or not they want to listen to the sound file.

The Audio Widgets and Music Player Widgets in WordPress is another great option for an embedded player. These widgets can be added to the sidebar or footer of the site and link to the audios you’ve created.

Even if you’re not using WordPress, most website providers will let you upload an audio or music file. Popular website-builders like SquareSpace also have an “Audio Block” feature, and Wix allows users to directly upload single-track music files.

To be clear, it’s still important to know when you should host audio and music files either inside or outside of your website.

Hosting Podcast Episodes

Podcasting is a rapidly growing medium. A recent article from Forbes shows that the percentage of monthly podcast listeners aged 12-34 has grown to 49% in 2020. And 75% of the United States adult population knows the term “podcasting.”

This is a huge deal for website owners who want to venture into podcasting. Of course, if you’re passionate about podcasting and want to add your podcasts to your site, you may want to consider a few things…

First, podcasts are not like typical audio files. They’re usually hosted on another platform, and can be shared on other websites via RSS feeds. Most podcasters upload their episodes to streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. and then import the podcast feed into their site.

While you can directly upload a podcast on a website, we don’t recommend it. Podcast files are usually quite large, add to your website’s bandwidth (the amount of data the website uses in a specific time period), and slow site loading time.

You don’t want your site to crash and be unavailable because it couldn’t handle these demands. So, hosting your podcast episodes outside of your website is a smart way to go.

Hosting Videos for Websites

Similar to podcasts, we don’t recommend hosting videos on your website. Here’s why:

Problems with Hosting Videos on Your Website

Video files, like podcast episodes, are usually very large — potentially hundreds of megabytes. This slows down the website’s performance and causes pages to stall. If more than one or two people are trying to watch the video you uploaded at the same time, there’s bound to be crashes that will make your site unavailable.

Additionally, almost all hosting companies have a size limit on the files in your account. Hosting videos on another platform helps decrease that concern (and risk factor).

How do you skirt around this?

Embed your video. Don’t upload the video directly to your site. Instead upload the video to the hosting platform of your choice (like YouTube), copy the URL, and paste the URL into your website. If you use a YouTube link the block will be automatically changed to a YouTube block. If you use a Vimeo link the block will be automatically changed to a Vimeo block.

“Embedding” means that the video displays and plays on your site as if it were inside your website, and unless they are intentionally looking, your users may not realize that the video is hosted off-site.

If you want the video to be private and member access-only, use Vimeo for hosting your videos. If you want your video to be public then use YouTube. Remember YouTube is the second larges search engine online. You’ll want a hosting platform that can handle large amounts of traffic without the risk of crashing the website.

Best Audio File Hosting Platforms

Now you’re ready to consider your options when it comes to audio platforms! To help website owners make better decisions about their hosting platforms, we compiled this list of the top options available.


It’s hard to write an article like this without including SoundCloud. You can upload podcasts and engage with the community for free if you’re just starting out. They also have a Pro Unlimited plan to help podcasters enjoy unlimited posting, audience insights, the ability to “pin” podcasts, and even get paid for their work.

Their Pro Unlimited plan starts at $12/month.


Blubrry is a full-service podcast hosting company for WordPress website owners. They offer complete website hosting, statistics and insights, and include the Powerpress Plugin to easily publish and distribute podcasts. There’s also free technical support via email, video, and documentation.

Blubrry is a well-respected and trusted platform in the WordPress community, and has affordable plans available for just about any user.

The small account starts at $12/month.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a free WordPress podcasting plugin. If Blubrry is too expensive or ambitious, you can always use this plugin to make podcasting a breeze. Castos is the creator of this plugin, and is specifically dedicated to helping WordPress users navigate podcasting from all stages.

Seriously Simple takes a few minutes to install, and allows users to manage their RSS feeds directly from their WordPress site. And, if you use Castos and Seriously Simple together, you can submit a podcast episode to a source like Spotify in a flash.

For website owners craving simplicity, this is a no-brainer.

Best Video File Hosting Platforms

Now that we’ve covered audio, here are our top picks for video file hosting platforms to use outside of your WordPress site (or any other site).

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