Attractive Content For Instagram

This course teaches you how to create attractive content for Instagram. This is an essential skill for those who want to make money by selling or promoting their products or services through the platform.

How do you stand out among the millions of other Instagram users? We’ll teach you how to create eye-catching content that boosts engagement and drives more sales.

Instagram is one of the best ways to promote your brand. It’s a platform that allows advertisers to create an engaging experience for its users by sharing beautiful content and discussing interesting topics that are pertinent to their niche. It’s important to be knowledgeable about Instagram tips and tricks, because if you aren’t able to adopt this successful marketing strategy correctly, then your business will suffer greatly.

Attractive Content For Instagram

Creating content for your social media accounts involves a lot of research and efforts. Nothing comes easy for sure but, it gets much easier when you discover tools that help to make good content — great content✨

Here are some tools I’ve been using to create content for mainly Instagram.

{You can also use these tools for other Social media platforms!}

1. Canva

Canva is a simple tool with a range of templates, designs, images and texts that you could create Instagram posts from, be it an announcement, just an image for your feed or a quote that relates to your brand.

It has templates for both Instagram posts as well as stories and there’s a lot you can do on the free plan 😄

Where can you get it from: For Android here iOS here.

2. Unfold

If you love communicating via Instagram stories, you’d love the Unfold app. It lets you create stories that help you maintain consistency and have a standard story format.

It’s USP is that it allows you to add video, Images and text all in one single post. These elements together in a story make it attractive and standout!

So go ahead and create some fun stories and wait for your inbox to flow in with compliments like never before 😉

Where can you get it from: For Android here iOS here.

3. Boomerang

Boomerang is an app by Instagram that allows you to create fun content by capturing actions in the very moment. These short videos move back and forth giving your feed the cool animated content it needs.

A few brands like TacoBell, Vans & Ikea have used it beautifully when it recently launched.

Where can you get it from: For Android here & .

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is an image editing tool that has some cool presets, various tools and tutorials within the app! I mean how cool is that? 💁

Where can you get it from: ForAndroid here & iOS here.


It’s another amazing image editing app that has 10 filters to choose from on the free plan and all the image editing options you can think of!

I used just a few editing tools to create this warm filter for one of my Instagram posts.

Also, here’s a detailed blog post about How to: Edit Photos for Instagram (A Step by Step Guide)

Where can you get it from: For Android here & .

6. Photogrid

The Photogrid app helps you add quirky backgrounds, stickers, frames, grids, create collages and short clips with images.

It also has options that help n photo editing, be it filters, and also draw/ doodle on images before you could save and upload them to your social accounts.

Where can you get it from: For Android here & .

7. iMovies

This app is slightly restrictive to iOS users but it’s brilliant to make video content.
You could go ahead and add images and create a video, multiple clips to create a short film or just GIFs 😎

Crowdfire creates all the cool GIFs on the iMovies app!

And that’s all, folks 🙌
You’ve got it all to create Instagram content like a pro!

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