Attendance Plugin For Google Meet

Attendance Plugin For Google Meet is a web plugin to automatically update your team’s Google Calendar event attendees and start times. With the Attendance Plugin, you can automatically inform your group email and calendar of all changes in meeting attendees and start times. This feature is made possible with your Google account, and requires that you have access to the email address(es) associated with your domain using G Suite or Google Apps for Work.

Attendance Plugin for Google Meet, allows you to connect all your Google Meet attendees in one place, so you will know who is there and who is not. It also sends reminders before each meeting so that people can make sure they are ready to join the meeting at the time it starts.

Attendance plugin for meeting allows attendees and organizers to track attendance, add or remove attendees from a meeting and complete other administrative activities. It also allows the organizer to see who is present with an interactive map that tracks presenter locations.

Attendance Plugin For Google Meet

Google Meet Attendance Tracker

Problem Faced

Due to lockdowns the mode of teaching has completely shifted online and google meet is one of the most popular platforms chosen by many schools and universities to connect with their students and one of the main challenges faced by teachers in the online mode of teaching is tracking attendance so we decided to automate the attendance taking process in google meet


To automate the attendance taking process and generate detailed attendance report by moitoring every participants attended duration in the google meet platform


To solve this problem we developed a chrome extension, that tracks the presence of the participants in the meet by monitoring participants’ names from DOM elements every second and provides a report of all participants with their respective time percentage of attending the session and these reports are saved locally in the user’s system and they can be viewed any time and user can delete the report if they no longer need it


technology used

Current Status

  • Released our chrome extension in chrome webstore on March 2021
  • At present our chrome extension has around 100,000+ users from 100+ countries
  • Rated 4.1/5 in chrome webstore

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