Assets And Inventory Plugin For Jira

Experience the power of this amazing plugin for Jira. With Assets And Inventory Plugin For Jira, you will be able to manage assets, hardware and software in one place. Rename, delete or export your assets using the integrated report generator to keep track of your IT inventory. You can also create asset alerts that tell you when an asset needs attention and lets you know when maintenance is due.

The Assets And Inventory Plugin for Jira enables you to track your organization’s assets in the same way that you do its other assets. Create a catalog of all of your organization’s equipment, software, and services and keep it up to date by adding new items as they are acquired or used for the first time.

This plugin will help you to manage your assets and inventories in Jira. With this plugin, managing your assets and inventories become more easy as well as enhancing the overall user experience. The plugin is fully integrated with Jira that means you can add new fixed asset manually or by importing data from an Excel file.

Assets And Inventory Plugin For Jira

Quickly analyze assets and inventory related issues with status and count based, historical, master-detailed reports and visualize your reports with charts.

Analysis from different points view
Asset and Inventory Plugin for JIRA report gadgets will give you useful data with simple and well designed graphics.

Our reports allow you to analyze data and create reports from different perspectives. Also some reports have dynamic parameters and instant response ability.

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