Aspect workforce management software

Aspect Workforce Management software is affordable workforce management software for nonprofits in an ASP environment. Aspect workforce management software features include: Online time sheets and attendance

One of the most frustrating things for a business is having to account for absences and missed work. In many industries, simple human error can mean a missed delivery on time and sometimes even huge financial losses. This is why more and more businesses are realizing the importance of managing their workforce more effectively. The first thing they turn to is time tracking software, but they soon realize it can take hours to enter in all the data. That’s why many have chosen Aspect workforce management software. It allows you to keep track of your staff members while letting them stay on top of their work day so that they have time to complete it to the best of their abilities

Aspect is a workforce management software that helps you manage your employees, clients, and projects.

Aspect allows you to easily track time and attendance for each employee, as well as organize your projects and tasks. You can also create custom reports based on the data you’ve entered.

Workforce management is a key part of any business, but it’s one that can often be overlooked. Aspect helps you manage your workforce with software that automates the process and makes it easy for you to streamline your day-to-day operations.

Aspect offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Time clock tracking
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Employee training management

Aspect workforce management software

Aspect Workforce Management

Tired of complicated business management tools? Introducing Aspect Workforce Management – An all-in-one tool for managing employees, schedules, and business decisions.

15 September 2020


The current industry is volatile, highly dynamic, and requires a constant change of pace on part of the business owner. Most enterprises tend to invest in advanced employee training programs to ensure their co fact centres can retain a competitive edge.
But the cracks appear when dynamic management fails to ensure deadlines, which then leads to a reduction of quality, and ultimately ends with a business loss.
This vicious cycle of investments to enhance KPIs and business loss leading to low ROI must end. And this is exactly where Aspect Workforce Management comes into play!


The all-in-one Aspect Workforce Management tool from Ninzi has been developed keeping in mind the current needs of every workforce.

  • All forms of conversational channels, be it emails, social media messages, IM apps, webchat, messaging, etc. can be integrated into this singular platform. You will never lose track of a business conversation ever again!
  • Create multi-vertical workplace schedules for every employee, team, and manager. Our software ensures that you get to view every employee’s preferences, performance, and placement while creating the schedule.
  • With the help of real-time adherence monitoring, you can get the best out of your workforce. The management will be notified about the delays and underperformance of all employees, thereby allowing them to take quick action.
  • Employees will have access to the platform through which they can request shift changes and other specifications. Managers can also approve them in real-time allowing maximum mobility and ROI.
  • Our expert engineers have crafted the best possible user-friendly interface, such that it requires no extra training and at the same time allows for forecast based business decision making.

With Aspect Workforce Management any company can enter into the agile framework of dynamic employee deployment. Don’t just make the best out of your contact centre workforce, but ensure that both your customers and your employees are happy. Maximize your ROI and retention rate.


Let’s say you have the best employee and management team at hand, and their skill sets meet the industry requirements. But yet, your business underperforms, your prospective clients are lost to competitors, and your employee retention rate falls.

Clearly, the problem here is not with hiring better employees but with managing the workforce. What you need is a multi-channel performance tracking and communication tool that allows you to control the scheduling and deployment of your workforce.

With Aspect Workforce Management you not only get access to data-centric forecasting, thereby allowing you to plan out every possible scheduling scenario and their impact; but you also get the power to make real-time decisions.

How does this affect your workforce? Firstly, it ensures that you know the strengths, weaknesses, and demands of your team. Thus, you get to place them where they will serve up to their best capabilities. Secondly, your employees get to change their schedules in the easiest manner possible and since you have forecasting options available, you can always ensure that this does not affect your business capacity. Lastly, your management team gets access to all the necessary data at all times, allowing for smarter decision making and reduced labor.

This is what dynamic workforce management refers to. A process that allows you to make real-time changes to employee scheduling while knowing the results beforehand, and allowing space for best usage of employee skills.

If that sounds good, it’s exactly what you will achieve with the Aspect Workforce Management software!


The understanding of your workforce is key to maximizing their performance. The Aspect WFM software allows you access to this knowledge and more.

  • With a single platform containing all employee information, management can easily ensure that all employee schedules guarantee maximum service provision at all times.
  • The forecasting tool takes into consideration every last aspect such as historical contact volumes, seasonal patterns, campaign completion rates, and holiday variations to provide accurate business decision capability.
  • A real-time performance tracker ensures that management can mitigate problems even before they arise.
  • Automated reporting systems allow you to evaluate KPIs on the go, and introduce dynamic scheduling options.


Employee empowerment is not simply about creating a diverse work atmosphere. Rather, it should provide the employees with the ability to self-service their needs.

  • With Aspect WFM any employee can use a browser-based tool to change their schedules, apply for leaves, and more, with the utmost ease.
  • The reduction of employee-management interactions allow for a sense of empowerment and lead to better retention rates.
  • Since all deployment aspects are dynamic, the overall service quality is never dependent on a singular employee. This provides space for ensuring all leaves and other personal requirements of employees are catered to.


Data-oriented business management is the future of the management role. Introduce mobility into your contact centre scheduling and all related business decisions with in-depth analytical knowledge.

  • The AWM suit is available to all smart devices and operating systems, allowing all your employees and management to connect seamlessly at any point in time.
  • The multi-channel performance tool ensures that every last aspect of your deployment capability is tracked by a single interface.
  • Apply workforce management best practices to the back office and blend back-office labour with front office labour.

AWM guarantees better ROI on employee training and maximized KPI on service provision.

With the help of this singular software suite, you can unlock the true potential of your contact centre workforce, and even take it beyond to ensure smart management of any workforce. The tool is highly capable of blending into your regular workspace structure and ensuring maximum returns on your employee investments.

Contact us to know how Aspect Workforce Management can serve your company’s contact centre agent management, and how you can ensure the best possible KPI thorough a data-centric scheduling process.

Introduce digital transformation to employee management and ensure a competitive edge like never before!

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