Arsenale Lockpoint Plugin For Confluence

Arsenale Lockpoint Plugin For Confluence is a document security and access control solution for Confluence that can be used to protect your sensitive documents. It enforces maximum security through advanced encryption and privacy features.

Arsenale Lockpoint Plugin for Confluence enables you to foster better collaboration and prepare for change. Use the plugin to create a clear picture of what your organization is doing, in real-time, and make better decisions about strategic priorities.

Arsenale Lockpoint Plugin for Confluence is an integrated system for page layouts and page instances in Confluence. It provides an easy-to-use interface, graphical representation of the layout, rich editing tools and content structure tools. The plugin also generates reports that can be used to analyze the content structure of your wiki pages.

Arsenale Lockpoint Plugin For Confluence

In addition to the free build-in attachment checkout and locking functionality of GoEdit, you can now also run GoEdit with your Arsenale Lockpoint functionality.


Feature Highlights

  • Lockpoint’s locking and unlocking functions are seamlessly integrated into GoEdit
  • GoEdit “Edit attachment” function locks files in Arsenale Lockpoint automatically
  • “Save” & “Cancel” within the GoEdit dialog automatically unlock Lockpoint file locks
  • GoEdit file locks are displayed by Arsenale Lockpoint’s regular user interface

More to come – the future!
Future releases of GoEdit will extend checkout and locking functionality so you don´t have to buy Arsenale Lockpoint as a separate plugin.


Planned features are:

  • System wide checkout and locking of all Confluence and JIRA attachments
  • Users can manually check-in /-out attachments
  • Checkout and locking of further 3rd party contents (Gliffy, Lucidcharts etc.)

GoEdit from now on integrates with Smart Attachments, an attachment management tool developed by StiltSoft – making the handling of attachments even faster and clearer.


Key features of Smart Attachments

  • Revisions
    Enables the use of attachment revisions within JIRA
  • Categories
    Categories allow a clear and easy management of attachments
  • Bulk operations
    Fast bulk actions to perform routine operations
  • Workflow automations
    Built in option to run operations/validations automatically
JIRA integrates Smart Attachments for GoEdit

In this screenshot you can see how to easily access GoEdit within Smart Attachments.

Benefits for your company

The vast amount of attachments available on companies management systems often leads to a confusing surface, slowing work progression. Smart Attachments helps to clean up the clutter of attachments, in a way that the company benefits greatly from it, e.g. by ordering attachments in an easy to find manner, regardless of how many attachments there are – this saves time by either creating a employee-friendly environment as well as lowering the average seek time needed to find a specific attachment.

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