Which app is used to make a pdf

There are a number of apps available that can be used to make a PDF.

If you are looking for an app that is easy to use, one of the best options is the PDF Creator. This app allows you to create a PDF without any additional software. The app also has a number of features that make it easy to edit and update your documents once they have been created.

Another option is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This is one of the most popular options because it offers several different tools for editing documents as well as creating them from scratch. The software also allows users to create interactive forms, which can be helpful for businesses looking to collect information from customers or clients online.

There are other very excellent options that will be shared with you as you continue to read this post. This article from Quyasoft introduces and serves you all the details you need on

#1 Soda PDF Merge –

Basically the Best FREE Mobile PDF App of All Time

best free pdf apps Soda PDF

Soda PDF Merge lets you combine multiple files into a single PDF right from your iPhone or Android device. Photos, contracts, financial statements, the deed to the Millenium Falcon_anything that you need to start marking-up or storing safely.

It’s great for business because you can create one PDF mega-package to share with clients, colleagues, or new recruits (did we mention how important technology was for attracting the best talent?).

What’s really awesome about Soda PDF Merge (and why so many of our customers love it) is that it supports over 100 different file formats, so you’ll never be stuck with a file you can’t convert to PDF on the fly.

If you don’t have it on file, just snap a photo of whichever document you need to convert and WHAM you’ve got a PDF.

There’s one place that Soda PDF Merge shines above competitors: The Office. You can share a link with coworkers right in your email, text, or social media account to make workplace PDF’ing insanely easy.

Did we mention it works extremely fast and was compatible with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive?

#2 Adobe Acrobat –

Get the Name & Get Premium Features

best free pdf apps adobe acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat basically invented the PDF reader. And by basically we mean they actually did invent the PDF reader. Their PDF app for iPhone and Android is almost as good as Soda PDF Merge and even has some awesome premium (paid) features.

One thing we do like about their app is that it scans your phone and makes all PDF files available under the LOCAL tab. That’s extremely convenient if you’re using PDFs all day at the office from your mobile device.

You can do all of the cool PDF markup things you’re used to – annotating, highlighting, commenting, linking – and you can even use eSign for important documents.

The best thing overall about the app though is the name and support behind it. Adobe started this all and using their app gives you access to their support and Adobe Document Cloud. Overall, it’s an awesome PDF app if you ask us (**menacingly stares down the competition**).

#3 Foxit –

Lightweight & Fast

best free pdf apps foxit

Foxit for iPhone and Android doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of other competitors on this list, but it’s extremely lightweight, fast, clean, and intuitive. If all you need is a simple reader with basic functions that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone, Foxit is DEFINITELY your choice.

One cool feature is it allows teams to collaborate on a document. It has a lot of the standard PDF features you’d expect and lets you download and upload from most storage services. Just don’t expect to be able to do much more than basic functions. That’s fine for most purposes though.

#4 Google PDF Viewer –

Another Lightweight Android App for Google Lovers

best free pdf apps google pdf viewer

Google’s PDF Viewer is also lightweight and easy to use, but it comes backed by the company that basically runs the world so that’s an extra perk.

It won’t display an icon. Instead, you will get the option to open documents using Google PDF Viewer.

Of course, the app is optimized for Android so if you’re using that brand it’s a no-brainer.

It handily adapts if you’re reading sideways and is optimized to maximize screen real estate. Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy-handed. Overall, the one word we’d use to describe it would be SMOOTH.


#5 Xodo PDF Reader –


best free pdf apps adobe acrobat xodo pdf reader

Meet the honorable mention from our list of the best free PDF apps!

Xodo is another good PDF mobile app on the market that helps you “get things done”, or so they say. It’s got some nifty features like form fill-in, document sync, and eSign plus it lets you turn any document into a “virtual meeting room” by sharing it with coworkers or friends.

Also, you can merge documents just like you can with Soda PDF. The interface used to be, let’s say, terrible (to be polite). But they’ve totally revamped it and honestly it looks great. With multiple zoom, annotation, and view modes, the app is pretty complete. It even lets you print right from the browser. Definitely worth a look in our opinion.

Free Mobile Apps to Convert PDF Documents

1. PDFelement Lite

PDFelement Lite

PDFelement Lite is an all-in-one PDF editor and converter that can be used to read, edit, annotate, and convert PDF files whenever and wherever. You can also use this app to sign PDFs in case you need it for work.

Using this app, you can export PDF into different formats like Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, and other formats. You can also combine PDFs into one.

Perhaps the best thing about PDFelement is its font recognition feature – you no longer need to spend hours just to find what font to use to match the PDF you are editing.

You can also take a snap of documents and instantly convert them into a PDF!

2. PDF Converter Ultimate

PDF Converter Ultimate

PDF Converter Ultimate is another all in one converter of files to and from PDF. You can convert any PDF to Excel, JPG, PowerPoint, CAD, Word, and text files — or vice versa.

It also features OCR – stands for Optical Character Recognition – meaning, if you take a photo or scan a document, it will be able to distinguish individual letters and words, not just recognize it as a photo. This enables users to edit the document directly on the app.

Unlike other PDF converter apps, PDF Converter Ultimate does not natively process the files, but sends it to their servers first, making it work well for phones on the lower end since it does not consume processing power and RAM – it also saves battery life. The only problem with this is you have to be online, of course.

3. PDF Photos

PDF Photos

PDF Photos is an iOS photo and PDF converter application that has built-in templates to choose from, templates that you can use to create layouts of the photos you want to turn into a PDF. This works well for people who wish to send photos and not just documents, or build a simple PDF presentation.

In a sense, it’s like using a Photo Grid application where you can place 2-4 images in one square.

You can also use this application to change the orientation of your PDF, adjust the margin and paper size, scale the image or fill the entire grid, etc.

4. pdfFiller


pdfFiller is more of a PDF creator rather than converter, but you can do both with it of course. With its built-in editor, you can create documents and then convert them into PDF. It works for both iOS and Android, and has over 10 million usable templates that can be used to make documents faster, especially if you are in need of some business templates like contracts, agreements, etc..

One great point for pdfFiller is you can create interactive PDFs with it. So you can build PDF forms and have the receiver edit it directly with or without the application. If you’ve seen one before, some business forms in PDF can be edited directly where you can add your name, address, phone number, and other details. This is something that many PDF editors don’t have.

5. iLovePDF


iLovePDF is a PDF editor and reader that is 100% free to use that works on both iOS and Android. All of the tools you’ll need to work with PDFs are included, like merging PDFs, splitting, compressing, annotating, extracting images from PDFs, locking and unlocking, adding pages and watermark, and of course it also works as a lightweight PDF reader.

It supports 25 languages and is still in active development, so support is really amazing. It does have a premium account, but the free version will work without a hitch for casual users. If you’re only converting 1-3 files to PDF, then it will work just fine. But if you’re a heavy user, you might want to consider checking out their premium version, which is packed with more smooth and productive features.

6. Genius Scan

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a top-rated application in both iOS and Android, with over 20 million users and is used by thousands of businesses in their daily activities. It looks simple at first, but if you are in the business of keeping your expenses recorded, you can use its smart scanning feature to scan receipts or documents, automatically correct the lighting, distortion, shadows, etc., then convert everything into a PDF, and export it to your email, DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, or even FTP.

It’s a very powerful application that utilizes OCR technology so you can search PDF documents, extract texts, and the like. You can also do batch scanning in just a matter of seconds!

One of my favorite features for Genius Scan is it’s security – you can encrypt any PDF as well as lock the app itself with biometrics.

7. Office to PDF

Office to PDF

Office to PDF is yet another PDF converter but this time it is geared towards Microsoft Office users. If you use this, you can securely convert Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files into PDF.

Once done with your conversion, you can store your files directly to iCloud Drive or DropBox.

While this is a secure and trusted application, it lags behind when it comes to its free plan which only includes 3 conversion of documents. Additional conversions can be purchased through the app. But hey, if it works, it works!

8. ClaroPDF


ClaroPDF is one of the few PDF viewer and converter apps in iOS that fully utilizes iOS’s accessibility features. You can enable “Speak in Background” so that your phone can read to you while your eyes are elsewhere, or while you are using a different application.

That said, it has a wide range of features that you will find useful. Annotating PDFs, adding notes, comments, smart zooming, adding of shapes, inserting images, etc.

The Pro version includes more features, like different voices for text-to-speech, adding of audio and video on your PDF file, customization of folders, sync with iCloud, extension to enable Safari to save web pages as PDF, and many more.

9. iAnnotate 4

iAnnotate 4

iAnnotate 4 is a paid PDF editor, viewer, and converter but this shouldn’t dissuade you from trying it. It works on both iPhone and iPad Pro, and is one of the best apps to use if you are always on the go and in need of something where you can jot down your thoughts.

Annotate, comment, edit, and then use the search function to search through everything – the text on the photo you scanned, the notes you wrote; something really powerful that only a few other apps offer.

One best thing about this is, you can summarize all of the annotations you’ve made in your documents and forward them as an email – or as a new PDF. Neat, huh?

10. PDF Creator & Editor

PDF Creator & Editor</h4

PDF Creator & Editor is a straightforward PDF application for Android. It can convert text files into PDFs, split them into separate pages and files, or merge multiple files into one PDF. You can also annotate, add images, rearrange pages, export images from the PDF, and the like.

As I mentioned, it’s straightforward. While it doesn’t have fancy features that paid apps offer, it’s a lightweight app that just does the job and does it well. If you need something quick to use to edit and convert files into PDF, this one will probably work for you well.

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