Which app is used to increase followers on instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and there are several apps available that can help users increase their followers.

Instagram has grown in popularity over the last few years due to its easy-to-use interface and wide variety of features. It allows users to post photos and videos, as well as add filters and effects to their content. It also has a feature called Stories that lets users post photos and videos in chronological order for 24 hours before they disappear from the app entirely.

This app is perfect for those who want to share their lives with friends and family members around the world without having to worry about privacy settings or other restrictions that may exist on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

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There are a variety of apps that can be used to increase followers on Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and there are several apps available that can help users increase their followers Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and apps used to increase followers

Bonus Tips: How to get free Instagram followers

1. Have a thoughtful Instagram strategy

On first we want you to “Have a thoughtful Instagram strategy”. It’s common knowledge that using a social network like Instagram without a solid plan will not yield good results at all.

Through this post, we want to give you information that can help you in gaining more Instagram followers. Our words can help you improve your overall business strategy and marketing objectives.
You must think “WHY” you want more Instagram followers. Maybe you wish to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost your product sales
  • To drive traffic on your website.

Focus on these goals, and soon, you will be telling an amazing brand story that will attract new profile visitors.

When you read our guide to using Instagram for business, we shall help you walk through each step of creating the best strategy to get more Instagram followers.

2. Define your target audience

On 2nd we request you to “Define your target audience”. You can start that by asking yourself some questions about who you are trying to reach:

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for work?
  • When and how do they use Instagram?
  • What are their pain points and challenges?

When you answer all these questions, it will help you get the right kind of Instagram content, and that will attract the right Instagram followers.

3. Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic

Our third request is that you “Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic.” If all you want is to position your brand in an aspiring way, try showcasing the lifestyle or achievements of all your valuable customers.

Ensure that you maintain a consistent brand personality, visual look, and Story. Your posts must be easily recognizable and relatable at the same time. For example, if you like succulents, you might love the all-succulent grid created by Tierra Sol Studio.

4. Craft a great bio and profile

On 4th we have “Craft a great bio and profile”. Please remember that your profile is the backbone of your Instagram presence and a well-crafted profile is important in growing your audience.
2/3rd of Instagram business profile visits are from non-followers. Hence your profile needs to convince those new views to click the follow button.

Here’s what you can include in your profile:

  • Name: Up to 30 characters, included in the Instagram search, so you can include a keyword.
  • Username: Keep it as same as your other social channels. This makes it easier for your followers on all platforms to find you on Instagram.
  • Website: Include a clickable link always.
  • Bio: 150 characters to convey your brand identity.

Check out Instagram bio ideas and tips for strategies to make the most of your profile.

5. Share engaging content

Our 5th point is that you must “Share engaging content”. Remember that great content gets people to like, comment on, and share your posts. That engagement gives you an Instagram algorithm boost and you get more followers.

All you posts must be interesting to target audience. Your goal is to inform, engage, and entertain them with content.

6. Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks

Our 6th request is to “Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks.” Try and make your Instagram profile easily discoverable. Share a link of your Instagram profile on all your other social media platforms and give your existing social followers a reason to check it out.
Industrial supplier Schaeffer Group has 107,000+ followers on LinkedIn. They promoted their new Instagram account to that existing group of potential followers. Post some content before you promote your Instagram account elsewhere. Aim for a minimum of 12 posts.

7. Share your Instagram account in other communications

Our 7th request is to “Share your Instagram account in other communications”. Ensure that you link your Instagram account on your website, email signature, and in your online newsletters. This will ensure that people who are already in contact with your brand online can find you on social media.

8. Use the Instagram nametag

Our 8th request is that you “Use the Instagram nametag”. Your Instagram nametag is a scan-able code that allows users to follow you instantly. The Instagram nametag is an effective way to promote your account on offline materials like packing slips, signage, and product packaging.
With your nametag, people can connect with you in real-time by scanning your code & not having to type out your handle. Access your Instagram nametag by tapping on three lines icon at the top right of your Instagram profile.

9. Use relevant hash tags

On 9th we request you to “Use relevant hashtags”. Hash tags actually make your posts and Stories discoverable to people in an efficient way. Before doing anything, make sure you know the DOs & DON’Ts of using hashtags on Instagram.

DO: Find and use what’s popular.
First, you will use the search function to find popular hashtags related to your product, service, or industry. Next you will set up a stream in Hoot suite to monitor content posted with that hashtag on Instagram to understand what kind of content people are responding on.

DO: Create your own hashtag.
You will also come up with your own hashtag to motivate your audience to share photos related to your brand.

DON’T: Go, overboard.
Remember, using too many hashtags will be distracting, might dilute your message & might also come off as desperate or spam.

DON’T: Use hashtag gimmicks.
Remember, using hashtags such as #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes, or #followme may give you a temporary boost in followers. But they won’t be for long. It also won’t help you build a meaningful & engaged community on Instagram.

DON’T: Forget to use hashtags in Stories.
You must make good use of the hashtag sticker in Stories to maximize your chances of reaching new followers. Check this to know everything you need to know about using Instagram hashtags.
10. Aim to get featured

Our 10th request is that you “aim to get featured”. Featured accounts are simply Instagram accounts that curate and reshare other users’ content based on hashtag or tagging. Few accounts have a huge following, and if any of them share one of your posts, you might get a new stream of followers your way.

But the mother of all feature accounts is Instagram itself. Every week, Instagram posts a new Weekend Hashtag Project challenge. Users who create photos and use the relevant hash tag get a chance to be featured on the main Instagram account. Keep an eye on @instagram for info on the Weekend Hashtag Project.

11. Tag your location

On 11th, we request you to “Tag your location”. Try adding a location tag in your post or Story as it’s an easy way for people to find your content on Instagram. If your business has a physical location, tag it, and encourage customers to do the same. Users can click on that location and see all photos and Stories posted from your store.

12. Aim for the Explore tab

Lastly, use the Explore tab on Instagram often. According to Instagram itself, this is where “you can find photos and videos that you might like from accounts you don’t yet follow.” This tab features Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTV. You’ll see a grid of content chosen by their algorithm.

Which app is used to increase followers on instagram

1. Follower Analyzer

To start off our list  we have Follower Analyzer, one of the best apps to get followers on Instagram. It is a tool dedicated to offering its users all sorts of metrics about your Instagram account alongside a lot of information about other profiles.

You can easily see who stopped following you and the profiles that you follow that don’t follow you back. Other than that, you can track new followers, find mutual friends and see all your followers. Even better, you can see which ones of your followers have never interacted with your publications (and those who have most frequently).

You can also see your most liked and most commented posts, as well as those who tag you in their posts most often. The Premium option also allows you to connect multiple accounts and analyze profiles without limits, without any ads. Follow the link to see more on Play Store!

Follower Analyzer

2. Easy Promos

Another excellent way to make new followers is by making new giveaways and campaigns on Instagram. After all, this is an amazing way to interact with your followers and give back to them some of the attention and care they give you, while you can also use the opportunity to attract more people.

Most social networks don’t offer a tool so that you can do this sort of thing on the app itself, however luckily you can count on some special tools made specifically for this type of interaction. One of the best alternatives for this is Easy Promos, which you can find via this link and start using on your browser.

3. GetInsta

By far one of the best apps to get Instagram followers, GetInsta is one that helps you to gain a lot of followers and likes organically, providing a safe and free platform so that real users can like, follow and get to know one another. It is extremely easy to use.

On the platform, you will earn free coins when liking posts and following other people. These coins can then be used to publish “get likes” and “get followers” tasks, generating real interactions. Learn more by following the link!

4. Cool Tab

Cool Tab is another one of the apps you can use to get new Instagram followers by making giveaways and campaigns on Instagram. By using this platform, you can make specific marketing campaigns to create leads, improve the engagement of your users and get to know them even better.

It also offers you a centralized system on which you can store, view and manage all the data from your campaigns. To see more about this platform, follow the link and enjoy its 7 day free trial!

5. HikeTop

Do you want to make new followers by viralizing your pictures? HikeTop is an app that will help you to get more likes, more commends and to get more followers just by posting your photos with the best possible descriptions and hashtags.

An amazing free app, safe for anyone to use, completely ad-free and with a very intuitive interface, HikeTop is available both on Android and iOS. See more about it on their official webpage!

HikeTop apps to get Instagram followers

6. Followers Track for Instagram

This is a very powerful tool among the apps to get new Instagram followers. It works by analyzing all your followers and you can use Followers Track for Instagram to find out who has followed (or unfollowed) you, who hasn’t followed you back and who you’re not following back.

You can access all the main tools for free, but there are a few that you have to purchase in order to use, such as the option to see blocked followers, deleted commends and the likes your followers have given you, besides some exclusive update packs.

It is very easy to use and you can follow and unfollow other users from the app. You can also use it to find and delete any fake follower that might be in your list. Follow this link to download for iPhone!

7. Plann + Analytics for Instagram

Plann works just like an Instagram assistant that works both as an editor and a scheduler at the same time. In other words, you can visually design your feed, edit your images and schedule posts using info that tells you when is the best time to post.

You can even review your account’s metrics in order to see which posts of yours have more likes and generated more interaction. And if that wasn’t enough, using Plann you can find out the most popular hashtags and organize them in order to get followers.

You can download the app by following this link and try its free version before acquiring one of its paid plans.

8. HootSuite

The first social media manager ever released, HootSuite, is still going strong. It has integration with, obviously, Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

By using it, you’ll be able to create and schedule posts to be published on the platform, as well as keeping up to date with the notifications of followers who’ve mentioned your profile in their posts, making it easier to interact and get new users to follow you. Follow this link and learn more about HootSuite!

9. Buffer

A direct competitor to HootSuite, Buffer also works with Instagram post scheduling. Its interface is very simple and intuitive, which makes it easier for you to create and schedule your posts without running into any issues or having any deep knowledge about social networks.

Besides that, the software also offers several analytical tools that allow you to see the amount of likes, commends and new followers your profile has. Follow this link to learn more about Buffer, one of the options that has both a free and a paid version!

10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire promises to be your biggest marketing ally, since it works with all your social networks and even with your online store. It is a multiplatform analysis tool that helps you in finding and identifying those who are your inactive followers and even those who are not following you.

It also helps you to schedule posts, finds and recommends articles and images your public might enjoy and much more, all to help you keep your feed up to date and so that you can get more followers with ease. To see more about this app, follow this link!

Crowdfire apps to get Instagram followers

11. SocialGest

SocialGest is yet another one of the apps to get new Instagram followers that works by scheduling, analyzing and creating campaigns, allowing you to manage and monitor your social networks in just one place.

You can also analyze how well your hashtags are doing and answer to all your comments and messages, from any of your social networks in a single interface. Other than that, you’ll be able to schedule your content and the app will do the rest, posting on the best time and date for you.

SocialGest also lets you see metrics for you to analyze everything there is to know about your account and your popularity, even going as far as exporting reports for you. Just follow the link to see more.

12. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social network management platform that also offers its own integrations and services for Instagram. It is particularly recommended for businesses that are looking to leverage their  social media in order to create more sales opportunities. On this platform, you will be able to manage your profile with ease.

Create and organize your post schedule, check out new comments, monitor your hashtags and create reports to optimize your services. Sprout Social is really complete and also has mobile apps. Maybe all you need to get Instagram followers is using one of the best apps. Follow the link and try this one for free for 30 days!

13. Metricool

Metricool is a too for managing social media and online publicity that helps you to analyze, manage and measure how successful any of your virtual contents are doing, being able to use it to get more followers.

On its app, you’ll be able to see the metrics of all your social networks (followers and your profile’s evolution), manage your community in real time and schedule posts. You can also see a ranking of your posts and graphics about interactions. To learn more about Metricool, just click this link!

14. Iconosquare

To finish off our list we have Iconosquare, one of the apps that, just like Sprout Social, is more geared towards brands and companies who want to do better in marketing on Instagram, to get more followers. It also offers the ability for you to manage several Instagram accounts at once.

One of its biggest appeals is that Iconosquare generate data about your competition and insights about the industry so that you’re always up to date with the new trends. The platform is not free, but it does offer a 14 day free trial, which can be see on its official webpage!

Iconosquare apps to get Instagram followers

Tips when using the apps to get new Instagram followers

Even though these apps are very important for you to amass new followers, the success you’ll have using them will depend entirely on how you set these apps up. To help you out, we have 5 important tips below for you to make the most of them:

  • Watch to the offered training: Many of these apps have videos and e-books with training about how to configure your account properly in order to have the best results. Use that;
  • Keep posting to your Instagram: The apps to get new followers are there to help you, but they won’t do everything by themselves. You should keep posting to your feed, to your stories and interacting with your followers;
  • Set up a nice automatic message: One of the strong suits of using these apps are the automatic messages. Use these direct messages to send the users to your website, YouTube channel our even your mailing list;
  • Respect the speeds the apps recommend: If you have a new Instagram profile, it is recommended that you start using these apps slowly and get followers and a smaller pace. If you already have many followers, feel free to increase the speed freely;
  • Don’t use more than one app at once: Using more than one of these apps at once might cause issues with your account. So, it is really recommended that you only try one at a time!

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