Which app is the alexa app

The Alexa app is a companion app for Amazon’s Echo devices. It allows users to control their devices without having to use voice commands. The app also allows users to access all the skills they’ve installed on their device, and they can even add new ones by downloading them from within the app itself.

Alexa is an artificial intelligence assistant for Amazon Echo devices. You can use Alexa to control your music, get news and weather updates, manage your smart home, and more.

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The Alexa app is a free companion that allows you to control your Alexa-enabled devices, get answers and information, and shop.

When you open the app, you’ll see a list of devices that are set up to work with Alexa. To add or remove devices from your account, tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can also tap here to see which devices are already set up for voice control.

Alexa app download and installation

To start with the basics, make sure you have a working internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant device. Secondly, make sure you have enough space on your device for downloading a new application. Lastly, follow the steps given below for quickly downloading the Alexa app for iPhone and Android.

Download for iOS

Even though the iPhone comes with an in-built Siri app, users who wish to use Alexa’s voice command features can download it below.

  1. Open your Apple App Store and go to the search bar.
  2. In the search bar, search for Amazon Alexa.
  3. Click on the ‘get’ button and enter your iPhone login details when prompted.
  4. Wait for the download to complete and close the application.

Download for Android

Android is a more compatible device for Alexa as compared to iPhones. You can do Alexa app download on any Android device by following the steps given below.

  1. On your android smartphone/tablet, go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Amazon Alexa and install the application.
  3. Wait for the download to complete and close the Google Play Store app.
  4. After installation, move to the next part.

How to set up Amazon Alexa with Amazon Echo speaker

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker series from Amazon that connects the Amazon Alexa app to a stand-alone speaker to give your voice assistant a hands-free capability. You can use Amazon Echo for playing music, creating to-do lists, using Google search, and it can even call people on your behalf. Amazon Echo has more than ten variants, and some even come with a display screen.

Nevertheless, most of the speakers do the same thing in a different style. You can buy any of the devices and use Amazon Alexa with each one of them. For using Amazon Alexa on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers, follow the step-by-step guide given below.

  1. Plug-in the Amazon Echo into a power source.
  2. Press the power-up button for the initial run.
  3. Now, Amazon Echo will ask you to open the Alexa app you just downloaded with the above steps.
  4. Open the app and enter your login credentials.
  5. Allow the app for permission and follow the on-screen text.
  6. In the app interface, click on ‘Add A New Device’ and select Amazon Echo from the list.
  7. Now, carefully follow the instructions on your smartphone and choose a language from the list.
  8. Now allow the location, turn on the Bluetooth, select your Amazon Echo variants, and finally connect your Amazon Echo speaker to a Wi-Fi network.
  9. Now say ‘Hey Alexa’ to use Amazon Echo as a stand-alone Alexa enabled speaker.

Discover Alexa Skills

Learn more about what you can ask Alexa by opening the app. Tap the More icon in the lower-right corner, then select Skills & Games.

alexa settings

Browse through skills to see what you can ask Alexa. The skills on the home screen are based on editor picks, recommended skills, premium skills, latest skills, trending skills, and more.

discover skills

Tap the Categories heading up top to view specific categories of skills, such as Business & Finance, Education & Reference, Health & Fitness, News, Shopping, and Weather. 

skills categories

If you tap a category that interests you, the app will show you all the things you can ask Alexa in that category.

alexa skills

Curious about a particular skill but can’t find it or don’t see it listed? Tap the Search icon in the upper-right corner, enter a keyword or phrase, and conduct a search of the app. 

alexa search

Alexa will display skills that match your search term. You can then sort the results by relevance, average customer review, or release date.

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