Which app is most used in pakistan

If you are a Pakistani, then you must be familiar with our culture and the way we live. We have some of the best developers, who create some of the best apps in the world. Due to the high demand for new apps, Pakistani developers are seeing the potential of the app industry and international clients are taking advantage of the cheap labor and the highly talented workforce of Pakistan’s app developers. Here, we have enlisted top Pakistani Apps that have made a mark in the international and national market.

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Which app is most used in pakistan

1 .Groopic:

It is one of the Pakistan indigenous apps which has gotten a lot of publicity in Pakistan and abroad. It lets the photographer be included in the image. The app merges two pictures into one, seamlessly. The ingenious idea clicked and garnered praise from across the world. CNN, the largest news network in the world, also covered the success story of Groopic. Developed by a startup ‘Eyedeus’, it has around 500,000 downloads.

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2. “Run Sheeda Run”:

In the games categories, Pakistani developers have given some very memorable apps. This app is quite popular on Google Play Store with around 1 million downloads. The graphics are catchy and the game incorporates the desi locales and characters instead of copying western themes. This game has been made by we.R.play. It has good reviews on Google Play despite being available for purchase.

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3. Pakistani Dramas:

As the Pakistani Dramas saw a revival in recent years, people are more inclined to watch dramas. Now, there is an app that provides the latest content and keeps you updated about new dramas and timings. It’s very economical in size and doesn’t bother you about enormous data. You can download dramas in HD and watch them offline. It has been installed a considerable number of times and has good reviews.

4. Daraz Shopping:

The online shopping trend is picking up pace in Pakistan too. Numerous online stores have sprung up in recent years with their own apps. Daraz is one of these online stores with a significant number of followers. You can browse categories e.g., Fashion, tech, Mobile Phones, Perfumes, Home Appliances, etc. It also provides options for purchase including VISA/Master cards, bank transfers, or cash on delivery. It has impressive numbers of installs on Google Play as high as 5 Million.

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5. PSL:

PSL: Pakistanis are diehard fans of cricket. Not only Cricket but anything that is least related to the game is also welcomed wholeheartedly. Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a T20 National Cricket Tournament with international players included. Recently when PSL was launched, the official app of the tournament was also launched. Developed by Bramerz – It provides live streaming, score, match, results, and points updates. Included in the game is a feature called ‘Fantasy League’ which allows users to design their own fantasy team with their favorite players and earn prizes. With PSL, you can also buy PSL Official Merchandise. In short span of time (almost 2 weeks) it has been downloaded around 100,000 times.

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6. EatOye – Pakistan Food Delivery:

Similar to Online shopping, another trend that is rampant in developed countries and now gaining momentum is food delivery. This app capitalizes on this trend and provides you the facility to order food from hundreds of restaurant in 20 cities in Pakistan. The cuisine variety is immense including Pakistani, Chines, South East Asian, Japanese, etc. It’s another successful Pakistani Startup Story with around 500,000 installs so far on Google Play.

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7. Zameen:

It is the official app of Zameen.com which is among the most popular sites in Pakistan. Now, this app has made property buying and selling more convenient. It connects you to the huge database of properties in all cities across Pakistan. You can customize searches according to price, location, area, and type. With around 500,000 downloads it is another very popular app in Pakistan developed by Pakistani developers.

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8. Islam 360:

Developed by another Pakistani developer, it belongs to the app category of religions. It provides the recitation of the Holy Quran with translation and Hadith with an incredible search option. This app has also got recognition in the media. The user enters the keyword and the app displays the verses where that word has been used. Search is available in English and Urdu, but the developer intends to increase the search capability to 104 languages.

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9. Pakistani Dresses:

Fashion is another field Pakistani designers are excelling. Pakistani designers are now participating in international fashion shows with a remarkable response. Similar is the situation in Pakistan where men and women are buying designer clothes. Besides, the websites of famous brands such as Khaadi, Junaid Jamshed, SanaSafinaz, Alkaram, etc. Now, apps are also catering to the emerging trends of online clothes shopping. Pakistani Dresses is one popular fashion app with around 50,000 downloads.

10. Chalo:

Navigation App for Android is for Pakistani users to find the location of the places. You can find CNG Stations, Petrol Pumps, Hotels, Mosques, Shopping Areas, Hospitals, and others. It is very handy if you are visiting an unknown city. With good graphics and features, this app is another startup with huge potential for growth.

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Markaz App: The Best App for Earning Money in Pakistan

Markaz is a social commerce platform that is quickly gaining popularity in Pakistan. The app provides users a convenient way to buy and sell products online. Markaz is especially popular among young people looking for ways to earn extra money. 

The app makes it easy to find products that your customers need and then sell them online or within your social circle. Markaz is a great way to start your online business and earn from home. 

With Markaz, you can be your own boss and set your own hours. 

Markaz is a money-making app helping to supercharge the eCommerce rails in Pakistan. Our resellers earn upwards of Rs.25,000 as we organize Pakistan’s best suppliers and reseller community. Markaz is the easiest way to find products and services in Pakistan. 

We offer a hassle-free platform for businesses to sell their products and customers to find what they need. Markaz is quickly becoming the go-to destination for online shopping in Pakistan.

Markaz App is a social commerce app for Android that enables resellers to sell from over 10,000 items spread across different segments. 

Markaz App has what resellers want — providing a curated list of clothes, bed linen, Jewelry, and Small Electronics. Markaz App also makes it easy for resellers to find what they need with our easy-to-use search function. 

And once they find what they’re looking for, they can quickly add it to their cart and checkout. So why wait? Download Markaz App today and start selling!

So if you’re looking for apps for earning money in Pakistan; look no further then the Markaz App. With over 100,000+ downloads on the Google Play store we are sure that you’ll find no better app for earning money in Pakistan then the Markaz App.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Markaz today and start earning!

Daraz: One of the Best Money Earning Apps in Pakistan

Daraz, the leading online shopping platform in Pakistan, is now offering an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to earn extra money. 

Daraz Affiliate is a new program that allows users to promote Daraz products and earn a commission on every sale they make. The best part is that no investment is required – you simply need to follow Daraz on social media and share products with your contacts. If you are interested in making extra money, Daraz Affiliate is one the best money earning apps in Pakistan.

Daraz started off as an online store. However, in a few years, it has become a vast network for sellers and buyers across the country. Like some globally operating top-level e-commerce stores, Daraz also offers users to join the Daraz affiliate program at DCMnetwork. 

By joining the affiliate program, Daraz affiliates can earn commissions against every purchase routed from their platform to the website of Daraz. The essential criteria for Daraz affiliates are that they should have a blog or website with good traffic. 

Once the affiliates are approved by Daraz, they are given a unique affiliate ID. This ID helps Daraz to track all the sales generated by the affiliate. 

In addition, Daraz also has a dedicated affiliate team that is always ready to help its affiliates in maximizing their earnings. So, if you are looking for an easy way to earn some extra money, then joining the Daraz affiliate program is worth considering.

With thousands of affiliates working with Daraz already, it is no doubt one the best money earning apps in Pakistan.

EBayWork: Top Alternative Apps that Give Money in Pakistan

eBayWork is a new app that allows users to make money in various ways. Perhaps most notably, eBayWork offers users a $2 signup bonus, making it easy to start earning immediately.

In addition, eBayWork allows users to earn money by investing, inviting friends, and sharing links on social media. As a result, eBayWork provides users with a simple and effective way to make money. Whether you’re looking to make a quick buck or build up your savings, eBayWork is worth checking out.

eBayWork is the one of the best apps that give money in Pakistan through online channels as it allows users to log in and complete various tasks to earn money. For every ten people logged in to your link, you will earn $1. 

eBay provides several other ways to make money, such as completing tasks and offers or inviting friends to join. eBay is a giant online shopping platform like Amazon, so there are always new and exciting products to browse and purchase. 

eBaywork is a commission-based eCommerce platform that allows users to earn money by ordering products and inviting others to join the platform. eBaywork is similar to other platforms such as Norderwork, Gdax, Zappos, Allerbox, Golddigger, and Amazone, but it offers a unique opportunity for users to earn commission on orders placed through the eBaywork site. 

In addition to earning commission on sales, eBaywork users can also earn money by referring others to the site. eBaywork is an excellent way for users to make money online by taking advantage of the booming eCommerce industry. Thanks to eBaywork, anyone can be their own boss and make money from the comfort of their own home.

With eBayWork, you can easily make money online without effort or investment. It’s simple, easy, and free to join, and is one of the best apps that give money in Pakistan so why not start today?

Top Social Networking Apps in Pakistan of IOS App Store

Free AppsPaid Apps1

WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp Inc.

Red PhoneEmoji Apps GmbH

$Rs 230.002

FacebookMeta Platforms, Inc.

Repost for Instagram ・Metromedya Digital Ad Agency

$Rs 690.003

MessengerMeta Platforms, Inc.

Threema. The Secure MessengerThreema GmbH

$Rs 1,200.004


Badoo PremiumBadoo Software Ltd

$Rs 690.005

imo-International Calls & Chatimo.im

Password for WhatsApp MessagesJan-Niklas FREUNDT

$Rs 230.006

Pi NetworkSocialChain

TeamSpeak 3TeamSpeak Systems Inc

$Rs 230.007

Telegram MessengerTelegram FZ-LLC

Fongo World EditionFongo Inc.

$Rs 1,200.008

BOTIM – video calls and chatAlgento Cloud Computing Limited

Free Tone – Calling & TextingTextMe, Inc.

$Rs 470.009

GBWhats Version 2022Akhil Dholariya

SADE Video for FacebookMurat Atay

$Rs 470.0010


Acrobits SoftphoneAcrobits

$Rs 1,700.0011

Status Saver For WhatsApp SaveEdgard Chammas

Friendly Plus Social BrowserFriendly App Studio

$Rs 470.0012

Discord – Chat, Talk & HangoutDiscord, Inc.

WhatsAgain for WhatsAppPGD Mobile Development S.L.

$Rs 900.0013

Instant Savesagar vaddoriya

GPS Phone Tracker:GPS TrackingJLC Mobile

$Rs 690.0014

Status Saver for WhatsApp Plusdan valentina petronela

Facely HD for Facebook + Social Apps BrowserRichard A Bloomfield Jr.

$Rs 690.0015

Messenger Duo for WhatsAppOliver Mason

Shortcuts for WhatsAppErnesto Fernández Calles

$Rs 30.0016

Google MeetGoogle LLC

Video Chat BFF Plus! – Social Text Messenger to Match Straight, Gay, Lesbian Singles nearby for FaceTime, Skype, Kik & Snapchat callsFaceTimeBff Pty Ltd

$Rs 470.0017

Status Saver WA Duo Chat DualApps, Games & Tools For DJI Drones Control & Fly By Phoenix

Griddy Pro: Split Pic in Gridskeang david

$Rs 1,200.0018

SkypeSkype Communications S.a.r.l

ShareApp – For WhatsAppNitin Gohel

$Rs 50.0019

Rave – Watch Party TogetherRave Media, Inc.

G-Whizz! Plus for Google Apps – The #1 Apps BrowserRichard A Bloomfield Jr.

$Rs 690.0020

WinkChat: Make Live Chat RoomALPHASCALE MEDIA GMBH

Colloquy – IRC ClientColloquy Project

$Rs 470.0021

OmeTV – Video Chat AlternativeBad Kitty’s Dad

MyTopFollowers Pro SocialDixapp srl

$Rs 470.0022

SaveTik: Tik Tock Video SaverBhavin Thakkar

Handwritten emailFapps World et Cie S.E.C.S.

$Rs 230.0023

GB WA Latest Version Plus ChatKipkemoi Ibrahim

WatchMessenger: for WhatsAppIvan Aguirre

$Rs 690.0024

InstaSave: Reels Stories PostsKaan Unal

Story Saver ∞Yerzhan Tleuov

$Rs 1,200.0025


Passcode for WhatsApp Messenger Pro – ChatsVijay Hirpara

$Rs 470.0026

Whatscan for Web 2022Gaurang Radadiya

Tapatalk ProTapatalk

$Rs 2,300.0027

Walkie-talkie – COMMUNICATIONPicslo Corp

WeTalk Pro – WiFi Calls & TextWePhone Apps Inc

$Rs 690.0028

Hashtag ExpertWhistle Studios LLC

ThaiJoop+ Thai DatingFwends LTD

$Rs 1,200.0029

SIM Info DetailMonique Beaudouin

IM+ Pro Social AggregatorSHAPE GmbH

$Rs 1,200.0030

StreamKar – Live Video ChatTipping Points Technology Limited

ChatWatch : Text from WatchEdgard Chammas

$Rs 1,200.0031

Magnet: Play & Meet SinglesHazelPro Limited

Birthday Reminder Pro+FunPokes Inc.

$Rs 230.0032

Azar – Video ChatHyperconnect LLC

Group Text+Contrast

$Rs 1,200.0033

BeReal. Your friends for real.BeReal

Active Voice!Tensift

$Rs 1,400.0034

Find My Friends: Phone TrackerWho Analytics Dijital Hizmetler Ticaret Limited Sirketi

LimeChat – IRC ClientSatoshi Nakagawa

$Rs 1,200.0035

Viber Messenger: Chats & CallsViber Media SARL.

Friends – Live Video ChatAli Mohammadian

$Rs 1,900.0036

SSSTik – Save & Repost VideosSSSTik

iFake – Funny Fake Messages CreatorTien Nguyen

$Rs 230.0037

Save Status for WhatsApp WADignaben Sakariya

Who care about my profile for Facebookcheng lin

$Rs 230.0038

Pandalive – Video ChatLive Tech Global Limited

AppLock – For Social Networks and EmailJayantibhai Hirpara

$Rs 690.0039

Coco -Live Stream & Video ChatNewell Communications LLC

Phone Tracker:IM Map NavigatorLittle Sam Software

$Rs 690.0040

Soart: AI Art CommunityBluspater Limited

Long Video for WhatsAppKubra Gurler

$Rs 470.0041

VK: social network, messengerV Kontakte OOO

Continual 2 for InstagramThilina Solomons

$Rs 900.0042

Followers+ Track for InstagramMaple Labs Co., Ltd

Caption Remover for Snapchat*Robert Mozayeni

$Rs 1,200.0043

Match U – Adult Video ChatVuong Van Nguyen

iSaveMyPicSandra Mouchi

$Rs 1,200.0044

Status Saver for WhatsAppAkash Virani

Secure Messenger for FacebookJayantibhai Hirpara

$Rs 470.0045

Reports+ Unfollowers FollowersGopGop Apps

Animated 3D Emoji Stickers6S MOBILE

$Rs 690.0046

tango-Live Stream & Video ChatTangoMe, Inc.


$Rs 230.0047

SaveTik – Save & Collect VideoBilal Sen

BirthdaysProDemodit GmbH

$Rs 900.0048

Web Chat Scanner WhatsApp ToolManani Jyotiben

WeePhone SIPJustin Brady

$Rs 470.0049

GBWhats Web Latest VersionNamrata Akabari

SubWidgetArjun Dureja

$Rs 230.0050

Status Saver for WhatsApp WAKubra Gurler

Who Interact With Me for Facebook ProJayantibhai Hirpara

$Rs 470.0051

Phone Tracker By NumberFamily Locator

Adult Emoji Icons PRO – Romantic Texting & Flirty Emoticons Message SymbolsKeep Calm

$Rs 470.0052

Walkie Talkie: Talk to FriendsCuddle Live

Email TemplatesThomas Tsopanakis

$Rs 230.0053

LINELINE Corporation

Emoji for Message Pro山 钟

$Rs 230.0054

Live video callDenial Polo

Speech RecogniserAnfasoft

$Rs 1,200.0055

Signal – Private MessengerSignal Messenger, LLC

unfollow for Twitter – no adsSpicy Apps

$Rs 230.0056

Blued – LIVE & Male DatingiRainbow Hong Kong Limited

3D Animations + Emoji IconsDating DNA, Inc.

$Rs 470.0057

BiP – Messenger, Video CallBiP A.S.

Multi Messaging for WhatsAppiWazowski.com

$Rs 900.0058

TikTok NowTikTok Ltd.

WatchGram see stories & photosMIKHAIL LUTSKIY

$Rs 30.0059

Tiksave : Save & Repost VideoShashi Gupta

Instime – Post schedulerBobcode s.r.o.

$Rs 180.0060

MeetMe – Meet, Chat & Go LiveMeetMe, Inc.

Airplane Messenger – Secure and Anonymous Offline Messaging via Peer-to-Peer Wireless and UltrasoundKLNK Inc

$Rs 230.0061

SexyChat – 18+ Live Video ChatVIAZI ZA TECHNOLOGY LLP

Password for FacebookJan-Niklas FREUNDT

$Rs 470.0062

My Family – GPS Tracker for meFriendzy Limited

Voice TextJosip Valcic

$Rs 1,200.0063

GoChat MessengerEmirates Telecommunications Corporation

SMS Signature+Maximilian Litteral

$Rs 230.0064

Uplive-Live Stream, Go LiveAsia Innovations Ltd

Linky for Twitter and MastodonPragmatic Code

$Rs 900.0065

Uhive – A Social MetaverseUHIVE LIMITED

SinglesAroundMe PremiumSinglesAroundMe Inc.

$Rs 1,200.0066


Fake Status – Full VersionAbhayrajsinh Vala

$Rs 1,200.0067

Backup messages of WhatsappSoftnoesis

Watercolor Emoji Stickers for iMessage & WhatsAppFRIMON Inversiones y Asesoramiento SL

$Rs 470.0068

Random Live Video Chat & CamSpi Group Ltd

MetaChatThomas Dietzer

$Rs 690.0069

Social Lock – For Social Network & Online Dating ( RED ) versionNga Nguyen

Record Screen & Broadcast LiveRaj Sheth

$Rs 230.0070


SMSClerk: Send your text laterJason Gardner

$Rs 230.0071

tellonym – anonymous q&aCallosum Software GmbH

Multiple Login For Facebook ProSagofun Group

$Rs 470.0072

All Network Packages 2022Rashid Zia


$Rs 470.0073

WA Dual ChatIvanna Blinova

Tweeticide – Delete All TweetsSepia Software LLC

$Rs 690.0074

Story saver for Instagram !Isa Aliev

Message Makeover for iMessage – Colorful BubblesAndrew Halligan

$Rs 230.0075

Unfollow for InstagramKristian Karlsen

Web Browser SMSRaphael Odermatt

$Rs 230.0076

Numero eSIM: 2nd phone numberSmarteletec S.L.

ContactsPro for iPadDemodit GmbH

$Rs 470.0077

ASKWHO – Meet New PeopleAskwho FZ LLC

SessionTalk Pro SoftphoneSessionTalk Ltd

$Rs 1,200.0078

TikPro : Save Tictok VideosMd Amdadul Hoque

Birdbrain ~ stats for TwitterCactuslab

$Rs 690.0079

HotLive – XXX Live ChatHa Quoc Huy

Echofon Pro for TwitterUbermedia, Inc.

$Rs 1,200.0080

Dil Ka RishtaInterlink Multi Media Pvt. Ltd.

Background for Cloud MeetingsUAB Macmanus

$Rs 1,900.0081


Blog for BloggerTop Nine

$Rs 470.0082

Life360: Find Family & FriendsLife360

AddMePrestige Net Enterprises, LLC

$Rs 1,700.0083

TikPush:Get Followers and FansICT Mind Solution


$Rs 690.0084

Profile Picture Viewer by PozeLunaria Labs LTD

Speech to Text : Voice to TextGursimran singh Sodhi

$Rs 470.0085

Omg – Video ChatThe Best Co.

Pinnable Plus – Photo Editor for PinterestExcel Heritage Group, Inc.

$Rs 900.0086

Vyke: Second Phone NumberVyke Telecoms Limited


Status Saver ReposterKetan Kathiriya

Sky Contacts – Start Skype calls and send Skype messages from your contactsPatrick Vorgers

$Rs 230.0088

Dual Accounts – Parallel SpaceAppCodism Technologies

Movies with Friends Plus for NetflixCatapult Labs

$Rs 1,700.0089

Cuff: Video Chat, Make FriendsAli Mohammadian

Emoji Emoticons & Animated 3D Smileys PRO – SMS,MMS Faces Stickers for WhatsAppChen Shun

$Rs 230.0090

TokSave – Repost Video For TikSprint Tech Limited

Greeting Cards App – ProSublime applications pty limited

$Rs 690.0091

Number Location – Caller IDVishal Virani

Arabic Ringtones نغمات العربيةNo Tie, LLC

$Rs 230.0092

Dual Chat – Messenger WA WebSEAMOBI TECH PTE LTD

Tweet Sponge Pro- Who UnFollowSepia Software LLC

$Rs 470.0093

Salams: Where Muslims MeetMinder Apps, Inc.

UberSocial Pro for iPhoneUbermedia, Inc.

$Rs 1,200.0094

Grindr – Gay Dating & ChatGrindr LLC


$Rs 470.0095

Dingtone: Calling & TextingSixapps Limited

TumbleOn – View Tumblr ImagesPocket Sized Giraffe, LLC

$Rs 230.0096

Turnip:Watch Party, Voice ChatTurnip Media

Big WordsDollarApp

$Rs 230.0097

Find My Phone, Friends&FamilyLongwind Studio

Chat BackupsDmitry Starkov

$Rs 690.0098

Video Player for FacebookErnest Shaw Ltd

Avatar maker for ClubhouseLidia Frias

$Rs 230.0099

Tumblr – Fandom, Art, ChaosTumblr, Inc.

Watch InstagramHemal Modi

$Rs 230.00100

Call – Global WiFi Phone CallsSEAMOBI TECH PTE LTD

twinme+ private messengerTwinlife

$Rs 1,200.00

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