Which app is better flipkart or amazon

Flipkart and Amazon are two of the most popular and widely-used e-commerce websites in India. These are not just platforms for buying and selling products, they have transformed into communities where you can find all types of information related to your interests.

On one hand, Flipkart is an Indian company that was founded in 2007 and has more than 50 million products on its website. It has a wide range of categories ranging from books to electronics, mobile phones and even groceries. On the other hand, Amazon is an American online retailer that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It has over 54 million products listed on its website and offers an amazing customer service experience to its users.

So which one should you choose? Well there are many factors that will help you choose between these two companies including pricing structure as well as delivery options available for different kinds of products sold by each company on their website but let’s take a look at some key differences between these two platforms so that it becomes easier for you decide which one suits your needs better!

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Which is better flipkart or Amazon for mobiles?

Absolutely flipkart is the best because :

  1. They never ever deliver the phone on time if you are not a metro citizen there by making you more interested on the phone you are about recive.
  2. They make the phone you got logically your wife with a word saying policy . Though your phone have defects I..e overheating .. hanging .. or a manufacturing defect .. don’t even dare to think of returning the phone it’s just waste of time. Trust me you can’t get through because they will send a broker … of their subsidiary Jeeves customer service with a fancy name warning him clearly if u not literally cancel the request you are fired. Your words don’t count in a flipkart customer service . I had not 1 but 4 bizzare experiences with that flipkart.I feel that I betrayed Amazon because they don’t sell those mobiles or for some discounts in other cases.
  3. Customer service is very very very.. worst . You can’t even talk to them.
  4. They are just worst. Flipkart policy is poly – sci

Besides Amazon Have worst things like

1.Delivering phone before delivery date.

2. Taking back the phone the immediate day if u are unsatisfied .

3. Amazon policy is just a policy.

4. They damm care and respect upon every customer

Market Share of Amazon Vs Flipkart

Friends, if we talk about market share, then according to the latest data, Flipkart has a 40% market share in India, while Amazon has a 31% market share in India.

On average, 5 lakh products are sold on Flipkart every day, while 4.30 lakh products are sold in India on Amazon. One of the reasons why Flipkart was successful in India was that Flipkart was the first to start the cash-on-delivery payment system. Due to this, the trust of the customer in the website has increased. And even today many customers prefer to buy products by doing COD.

Products of Amazon Vs Flipkart

Friends, if we talk about the number of products, then according to a report, there are a total of 150+ million products available for sale on Flipkart whereas Amazon has 50 million products available on their website

There is so much competition going on in both these companies that they have to sell products to their customers at very high discount rates. And because of this both these companies are also running at loss. And to recover their losses, both these companies have started selling their own private label products, Flipkart has started selling its own products like Marq, billion, perfect homes, etc. while Amazon has started selling its own products like Amazon basics, Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Firestick, etc. 

You must have heard about Amazon Prime. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch movies, music, and web series. And Amazon also offers some advantages to users with Prime subscriptions such as One Day Delivery and Early Access to New Deals. And to give competition to this, Flipkart has started Flipkart Plus Free Membership. And a few years back, Flipkart started its own video service Platform, which can be seen by going to the video section of Flipkart’s app.

Which is better flipkart or Amazon for mobiles?

Originally Answered: Which is better flipkart or Amazon for mobiles ?

Let me help you understand the buying options and strategy in ecommerce.

  1. The options offered in their website
  2. The delivery time
  3. the payment options
  4. The returns/reverse logistics.

Keeping the above in mind, a buyer chooses its buying options. Now I have done shopping from flipkart and amazon for the same kurta.

Flipkart gave me massive discount whereas amazon had limited discount.

Flipkart took 10 days to deliver but amazon delivered it the next day considering my prime account.

For flipkart, i had to pay by cash as their card reader wasn’t working but for amazon, i had the options to pay thru ezepay, amazon pay.

For flipkart, i had to let go the change but amazon I had a hassle free payment option. In case you pay by cash, the change will be given in your amazon pay balance and now amazon is coming up with paying the change in your bank account.

Now coming to returning the product. For flipkart, the return was a pain as they kept postponing and cancelling the pickup and the pickup was scheduled 12 days after. In amazon, the pickup was also hassle free and was scheduled at my inconvenience.

Refund. With flipkart, my refund was done after numtiple followups but with amazon, they refunded with in 40 mins of pickup.

Delivery System  

If we talk about the delivery system, then the delivery process of both companies is almost similar. Flipkart uses its own logistics Ekart logistics to do the delivery. Whereas Amazon’s own logistics company Amazon Logistics. If you are a Plus member of Flipkart and an Amazon Prime member of Amazon then you will also get the option of one and two-day delivery.

Products Returns System

Both these e-commerce platforms accept returns and they also have replacement policy as well. But the return and replacement policy of Amazon.in are more easier and flexible when compared to Flipkart.

Key people of Amazon Vs Flipkart

Friends, if we talk about the important person of both these companies, then as we told at the beginning of the video, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the founders of Flipkart company. And Kalyan Krishnamurthy is the CEO of this company. Also to let you know America’s multinational retail corporation Walmart holds 82% of the shares of Flipkart company as Walmart company also had to strengthen its hold in the online market and hence Walmart bought the Flipkart company in 2018 for $16 billion dollars. If we talk about Amazon, then Jeff Bezos is the Chairman of Amazon and Andy Jassi is the CEO of Amazon and if we talk about Amazon India then Amit Agarwal is the Senior VP and Country Manager of Amazon India.

Revenue of Amazon Vs Flipkart

Last year Flipkart earned US$45 billion whereas Amazon India earned US$33.36 billion in India, it seen from the figures, Amazon is trailing behind Flipkart, but Amazon was started in India in 2013, and accordingly, Amazon’s growth rate is much better than Flipkart.

Let me tell you that from the Flipkart website you can order from anywhere in the whole world, but your delivery address should be from India, this is because currently Flipkart is only operational in India but in the coming years, Flipkart will be available in other countries as well.

Feature Comparison

1. Collection of Products

Both of these e-commerce websites include a sizable product selection. Flipkart may have a little advantage due to its longevity. Both websites provide a diverse range of products, including electronics, computers, apparel, sports, health, and cosmetics, as well as books and tools. Their breadth and variety of items are suitable for every category, allowing the user to select from a diverse selection of possibilities. Thus, Amazon and Flipkart are neck and neck in product collections.

2. User Interface

While both sites have essentially almost identical front-end user interfaces, the user experience on Flipkart when ordering, checking out, and making a payment is far simpler than on Amazon. But Amazon is more clear, practical, and user friendly, and because it lacks the gimmicks that Flipkart has, the site is quicker and lighter. Amazon’s graphical user interface is clutter-free and welcoming, which improves the customer experience. Therefore, it can fit more results on a single page because each result is smaller, which isn’t the case with Flipkart.

3. Delivery & shipping

Both Amazon and Flipkart have their courier services for goods delivery. Flipkart uses Ekart as its delivery service, while Amazon utilizes ATS (Amazon Transportation Services). The courier service used by these e-commerce businesses is practically identical in terms of quality and reliability.

amazon vs flipkart features

4. Customer care

When it comes to offering superior customer service, Amazon has a leg up on Flipkart. Customer care representatives at Amazon respond immediately to your calls and make every effort to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Flipkart receives several complaints regarding its customer support representatives, who frequently attempt to avoid resolving your difficulties.

5. Payment Methods

Both Amazon and Flipkart accept payments via a variety of options, including Internet Banking, Gift Cards, Cash on Delivery, and Wallet. Both platforms also support credit/debit card payments via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.

Flipkart offers a credit borrowing option called Flipkart Pay Later, enabling selected customers to get credit and check out items without submitting payment information. Amazon, too, has a comparable payment option called Amazon Pay EMI, which gives easy access to credit for online shopping. 

6. Value Added Services

Certain products on Amazon are offered as Gifts, which means Amazon will package the product as a gift along with a gift note written by you to the recipient. This feature, however, is not available on Flipkart.

Online subscriptions such as Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus have exploded in popularity as the internet’s reach grows at a breakneck pace. Both Flipkart and Amazon now offer their customers subscription models, charging a yearly fee for the option of accessing additional services and advantages.

So my conclusion was I am ok to get a little less discount but after service has to be great!.

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