Which app is best to watch anime

We know you’re super-busy, and we don’t want to waste your time. So we’re going to keep this short and sweet.

With so many great anime to watch, and a rise in popularity of these shows, there are tons of places you can go to watch them. Anime, or Japanese animation, is available on plenty of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. If you have a smartphone, watching anime whenever you want becomes even easier. 

However, if you don’t have a subscription to any streaming service that has anime, you might be trying to find a way to watch it for free. Many apps for both iPhone and Android allow you to watch your favorite or new anime for free. 

We’ve done the research and tested the best apps for watching anime on your mobile device. These apps make it easy for you to find new shows, keep up with your favorites, and discover new ones that are sure to become your favorites.

Take a look at our list of top anime apps below, and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section!

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Which app is best to watch anime

1. Anime Fanz Tube (2020)

Anime Fanz Tube

The best part about Anime Fanz Tube is, as the name suggests, it has a very similar interface to YouTube. So not just the appearance, but from switching resolution to searching for content, everything is much easier with Anime Fanz Tube. The latest 2020 v1.0.12 just made things even better. So click the link below and enjoy the experience!


2. AnimeBay


AnimeBay is considered one of the best apps for watching anime. The main reason why this app is popular is because of the fast-paced experience and clean source. You can download and watch anime for free using the AnimeBay app. You can check out the app features below and then proceed with the download.

  • Online streaming
  • Offline streaming (after download)
  • Latest episodes display
  • Bookmark series
  • Search series
  • Ad Free


3. BeeTV


A lot of users consider BeeTV as the first choice because this app is specifically configured to support and work the finest with streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick. From movies to series, this is the perfect app to spend hours together watching. You can check out the changelog of the last few versions of the BeeTV app before you download the latest v2.5.7-

Version 2.4.8:

– Add support abcvideo link.

– Add casts and crews for the phone screen.

Version 2.4.5:

– Fix Alldebrid.

Version 2.4.4:

– Fix Google Cast.

– Fix bugs and optimize.


4. AnimeZone

AnimeZone is available on several app stores. But you can download the APK here for free and enjoy the same features. Check out all the features of this app below-

  • Easy to download/ stream videos and movies
  • Multiple sources for streaming and downloading
  • Use external apps for streaming (VLC, MX Player, etc.)
  • Dark mode
  • Active feed
  • Bookmark
  • Search bar with filters
  • Compatible with Android, coming soon on iOS


5. Crunchyroll

The last one on this list is Crunchyroll. The latest version of this app is Crunchyroll v3.2.1. The free APK version of this app is available on APKPure, whose link we have provided below. You can read some interesting things about this app and then proceed with the download-

  • World’s largest anime collection
  • New episodes 1-hour after Japan
  • Offline viewing
  • Browse your favorite genres
  • Customizable watchlist


Best App to Watch Anime

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is perhaps the best app to watch anime; this little baby has got so much anime that you won’t be able to handle it. The platform is so popular among fans that it has its own award show, which finalises the best anime of the year. With an excellent catalogue of classic anime to the latest anime, that app will not disappoint you at all.

The app has a very smooth app experience in terms of the user interface. You can also create a watchlist and watch shows offline. The only issue is that the app is not available worldwide, so you might have to install it from a third-party app.

2. Netflix

The only platform to watch everything that you love; Netflix is a one-stop solution for your anime shows. Indeed, Netflix doesn’t have a vast library of anime like Crunchyroll; however, it has some of the best anime shows that you would love to watch.

In addition, Netflix is also teaming up with various anime production houses, which have realised much popular in-house anime that fans have loved so much, such as Altered Carbon, B: the beginning, Baki, Castlevania, Dorohedoro, Dragon’s Dogma and many more. However, this doesn’t come free, but with the new change Netflix subscription plan, you can anime for just Rs. 149. Moreover, it will give you the feature to download and watch anime.

3. Funimation

The Funimation app is another dedicated best anime app, where you can watch anime for free. The sweet part about this app is that it has a massive catalogue of English dub anime, so if you’re the dub vs sub kind of person, perhaps this might be the best option for you. Indeed, the app is only available in a few selected countries, and there is no set timeline for when it will be available worldwide.

The app user experience is satisfactory; however, for an app that has a user base of 10 million, it is not up to the mark.

4. AnimeLab

The AnimeLab is another anime streaming application that is very popular among fans. It has a decent UI and a good collection of anime that would be enough to satisfy your anime hunger. The best part about this app is that it is available for free, and you can watch free anime on this platform; however, the viewing resolution will be capped to 480p. You can also download anime offline and screencast the series to your TV without issue.

5. Amazon Prime Video

I wouldn’t consider Amazon prime video the best anime streaming app; however, they have a minimal catalogue, and it’s quite fine. Prime video might have the best user interface, second only to Netflix, and plenty of Anime shows and movies that you can enjoy. Some of the famous anime includes full metal alchemist, Vinland saga etc.

The Prime video platform doesn’t yet have any original Japanese anime show produced by Amazon; however, they have some American animation original shows worth watching.

6. AnimeFox

AnimeFox is another platform where you can watch and download anime. Indeed, this is not the best anime app, but it does have some perks. AnimeFox is a free anime streaming app and would be able to watch excellent showings without paying any penny. However, these perks come with a disadvantage of ads; the app shows ads very frequently and sometimes, you might get frustrated.

7. AniMix Play

AniMix Play is a slightly different application; the app has a unique interface since you’ll be able to find a similar touch on their website. However, for some reason, the app is not available on Playstore, and hence you might have to download it from a third-party Android app platform.

You’ll find the latest and quality anime on this platform. In addition, you would be able to download the series or movies.

8. Mubi

In 2007, Mubi began as a social network for cinema buffs. Streaming of hand-picked vintage films and animation became available in 2010 when the site went online. Today, there are many anime titles to choose from, including some of the most famous Studio Ghibli films.

Movies on Mubi are always fresh and exciting. If you want to keep up with the shows, you may check out Mubi’s Now Playing films here. Mubi allows you to view videos in high-definition resolution, depending on your internet connection.

Additionally, Mubi lets users provide input and collaborate by allowing them to rate, follow, and review anime series featured on the site. Don’t worry if you decide to watch an anime programme offline. Android and iOS users may enjoy Mubi’s offline capabilities.

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