Which app is best to teach online

Online learning is a growing trend in the education world. With more and more people looking for ways to earn their degrees without leaving their homes, online courses are becoming more and more popular. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

If you’re looking for an easy way to teach yourself or your students, check out [app name]. It’s a simple platform that lets you take quizzes at your own pace and track your progress as you go along. If your kid is struggling with math and English, this app could be a great solution!

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You have to make sure your students can access the material at any time and from any place. You need to make sure they can see it on a variety of devices, and that it’s easy for them to understand and use.

And then there’s the content itself: how do you teach something effectively when you’re not standing in front of a classroom full of people?

Well, we’ve got good news: [app name] is here! With this app, you can create lessons that are just as engaging and effective as if they were being taught face-to-face. And the best part? It’s all built right into your existing curriculum.

Best Mobile Apps That Let You Teach Online Wherever, Whenever

Mobile WiFi Connection Apps

The following list is for traveling teachers, those in constant location flux or on vacation who may be unsure of their WiFi access at their future destination.  Looking for those pesky bars?  Trying to figure out how to sync your devices and trade files between?  The following two mobile networking apps are designed for you.

1. Instabridge (Free, Unlimited)

Instabridge is the world’s largest WiFi password sharing community, created by a Swedish company and utilized throughout the entire world.  Consider this map-style app when you are in a new city searching for free WiFi, trying to avoid asking baristas for their internet passwords over and over again.  This master key is a connection to any available hotspot you didn’t know you could have access to, whether you’re using an Android, IOS, laptop, or iPad.  It is also quite useful when traveling to a known location, like a friend’s beach house or cabin.  Friends can share private passwords on their Instabridge accounts, choosing who to share with and when to change access codes.  With this kind of easy encryption, you might consider working further and further from home than ever before!

2. PdaNet+ (Free Limited Mode / $7.95 Unlimited)

PdaNet+, once known as FoxFi, is a WiFi tethering application available primarily to Android 4.1 and up users.  If there is no root access to the internet where you are going, you can make your own WiFi connection!  This particular ad hoc networking app can work in three different modes:

  1. By also utilizing the separate FoxFi app, you can work with the Hotspot feature.  This is considered the older operation of PdaNet+, with metered hotspot usage which the app cannot currently avoid (aka, it could be much slower than you initially anticipate).
  2. The USB mode of this app allows for direct connection to a Windows or Mac device via a cable.  This method now includes a “WiFi Share” feature increasing your ability to utilize Windows to share the internet with other devices!
  3. Bluetooth mode is another method of connection, though the creators of the PdaNet+ app encourage users to utilize WiFi Direct instead.  WiFi Direct is extremely useful for high-speed, multimedia file transfers.  

The PdaNet+ app will be most useful to those with an Android device that prompts a call to the phone’s carrier for assistance when trying to turn on the hotspot feature, or those with a metered hotspot usage.  While it may only take minutes to download and set up this mobile app to teach online, it is a good idea to take time before a trip and figure out which of the three modes above flow well with your combination of devices.

Mobile Dictation Apps

Mobile dictation apps are helpful for teachers who plan on the go.  Keep in touch with your students by providing direct daily or weekly recorded announcements, or review your own dictated notes and lesson plans with ease between your devices.  

3. Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now ($14.99/month)

Dictation apps can be found on any smartphone today but, much like the texting feature autocorrect, the accuracy rate is average at best.  The mobile app Dragon by Nuance accurately scribes your dictation at a rate of 99%.  Think that’s smart?  Dragon can also be trained to how you speak  through features such as a “Correction Menu”, voice editing and formatting.  The Dragon Anywhere app is considered one of the best mobile apps for teaching online because it provides a platform for detailed assessment of student work, is a faster method of creating and compiling lesson plans, syllabi, and other lists, and allows for more effective management of communication.

4. Evernote (Free/$7.99 a month Premium/$14.99 a month Business)

On the move, with no time to sit and take notes? Here’s where Evernote can help.  With the ability to sync up to two devices (more if you decide to go premium), this mobile application for teachers makes it easy to collect ideas, research, and notes anywhere!  While the primary use of the app is to record and file audio, increasing productivity for dictating lectures, and lesson plans, it can also be used to scan documents, save web pages, and apply rich formatting to your notes.  An extra interesting feature of this mobile app for teaching online is the ability to connect to other apps!  Consider clipping notes from Slack into Evernote or sharing information to collaborate and organize on Microsoft Teams.  Integrating your email with this app can improve workflow, and keep you efficient while on the go.  No one can deny that instant email access is essential for the best mobile applications for teaching online.

Mobile Meeting Apps – Synchronous & Asynchronous

Are you starting to sense a theme?  Stay connected with your classroom remotely by hosting live or recorded sessions now available through a variety of online formats since a major shift to online learning in 2020.

5. Google Hangouts (Free)

Google Hangouts and Google Meet are perfectly accessible tools for directly connecting online with students.  They not only let you create free video conferences for up to 10 people, they also record sessions via YouTube and turn conversations into archived presentations for other students and later viewings.  While in the past the recording feature has been a part of the Enterprise GSuite package, it is currently free for schools due to the tidal conversion to virtual learning because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Google Hangouts is one of the best mobile apps for online teaching because you can sync chats across all of your devices, keep records of your conversations, and stay connected with your students whenever and wherever possible.

6. ZOOM Cloud Meetings (Free)

ZOOM is one of the best mobile apps for teaching online that almost every business, group of friends, or classroom utilizes.  This on-the-scene high-speed app is available for free to those interested in video conferences of up to 100 people for 40-minute periods of time, and unlimited one-on-one video meetings.  Local recording is available in the free version of the app so that you can record your video conference to upload onto a different platform (see, “I’m Not A Cat”).  The mobile app is currently only available to both iPhone and Android users, making it an incredibly accessible tool to teachers providing meetings and lectures, and students working collaboratively on projects and assignments.

7. Flipgrid ($65/annual)

A highly accessible and interesting mobile app for teaching online is Flipgrid.  This video discussion application allows for an abundance of creativity in classroom discussions, presentations, and more.  The primary mission of the mobile teaching app is to engage your community with discussion topics which are answered with short video “stories” from your audience.  It is simple to provide your students with feedback to their presentations, inspire a collaborative class flow, and make the most of working through discussion topics and problems remotely with this best app for online learning.

Which app is best to teach online

1. Discord

Online teaching apps

This was probably not the online teaching app you were expecting to see first on this list. But, if you are looking for an app that facilitates seamless communication between you and your students and even between your students, Discord will suit you well. 

Be it text, audio, or video communication, Discord is a great platform for students as it produces a space where they can collaborate. On Discord, groups are called “servers” and can only be accessed by people who have an invitation. These can be created for a class, study group, or project group. This proper segmentation ensures that conversations related to one topic happen in one place and doesn’t get lost.  You can then create multiple text channels within that server to keep your community organized.  

Discord’s live feature allows you to teach up to 50 people remotely. Students will only be able to see your screen. You can ask questions and pick a student out to answer you, just like a normal classroom. 

2. Google Classroom

Online teaching apps

This is a free Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to manage their online classroom, track student progress, and communicate with students and parents. It also enables teachers to facilitate collaboration between students. If needed, you can also integrate other apps with Google Classroom to enhance the learning experience. It is included as part of the G Suite for education which is freely available for eligible educational institutions. This app is very easy to set up whether you are a teacher or an admin. This, combined with other G Suite apps such as Calendar and Keep, makes it a holistic learning solution. Here are some of its most important benefits: 

  • The Announcements feature helps you send out important notices simply by posting an announcement. 
  • You can create assignments with a title, description, and a due date. You can also attach multiple files to this.
  • Use the questions feature to ask questions in multiple formats and receive scores immediately.

3. Classdojo

Online teaching apps

This is an online and remote tool that helps connect students and teachers through an all-in-one communication platform. Teachers can not only send messages but also share lesson plans, give out assignments and hold interactive teaching activities including video, photos, drawings, etc. Boosting interactive participation is critical for keeping students engaged in an online learning environment. Parents can also share with teachers what their kids are learning. Below are some of its most useful features. 

  • It comes with an Inbuilt messenger that is very similar to WhatsApp in terms of functionality.
  • It has its own social page like Facebook, where parents can keep themselves informed about what’s happening with their kid’s education.
  • Remote computer monitoring 
  • Interactive quizzes 

4. Nearpod

Online teaching apps

This is an online teaching app designed to make lessons more interactive for students. Interactivity is critical to keep students interested in lessons. It is always better than making them do nothing other than staring at the screen throughout the session. The basic version of the app is free. To get features like increased storage, more students per session, and other features, you will have to upgrade to one of the Gold, Platinum, or School & District plans. The following are Nearpod’s most-loved features: 

  • The collaborate feature allows teachers to create a prompt similar to an open question. Teachers can approve answers to be shown to the whole class. 
  • Using Matching Pairs and Quizzes, teachers can build interactive learning activities.
  • Students can also be taken on virtual field trips using Virtual Reality to some of the most famous locations around the world.
  • Session reports allow teachers to review all data collected during a session. This report includes sessions from quizzes, polls, and other activities. Teachers can also dive deep into individual student’s responses.

5. Kahoot

Online teaching apps

This app has been around since 2012 and is very well known for gamified learning. It hosts thousands of quizzes, live games, and more that can help improve student’s engagement in the virtual classroom. It is so popular that more than 50% of educators in the US use it. 

At the most basic level, Kahoot offers a quiz type comprising questions and optional multiple-choice answers supported by rich media like images and videos. As students answer questions, everyone, including the teacher, can see scores and who the top performers are. Although optional, Kahoot also considers the speed at which students answer questions to rank them. Some of its other features include: 

  • Ghost: This allows students to play against their own previous high scores. This is to improve performance.
  • You can freely make use of the quizzes created by other educators. Combining multiple Kahoots is also an option. 
  • Use videos from YouTube directly or add your own images and videos to make your learning session interesting. 

6. Zoom Education 

Online teaching apps

You were most likely expecting this to come on this list, even though it cannot be considered a dedicated teaching app, weren’t you? Considering how much Zoom has taken over the online conferencing space, it is only natural for it to be on this list too. That being said, there is no denying that Zoom is one of the best in the business. Zoom Education allows you to share schedules and tutoring lessons and communicate with multiple students. To keep your student’s attention on your classes, you can make use of amazing features like one-click content sharing, digital whiteboarding, etc. 

7. Your own branded online teaching app from Learnyst

Now that you have seen all the top online teaching apps from the internet, how would you feel if you could have your own app for your academy instead of relying on these 3rd-party platforms? Thanks to Learnyst, it is possible now. 

We are a Learning Management System (LMS) with a difference. Our platform not only lets you create courses from scratch in multiple formats but also hosts them on a mobile app custom-built for you. You can also easily integrate third-party tools like MailChimp to run marketing campaigns. 

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