Which app is best to invest in mutual funds

A lot of people are interested in investing their money, but they don’t know where to start. The first step is to figure out what kind of investment strategy you want to use. There are many different kinds of investments and each one has its own pros and cons. For example, stocks are risky because they can go up or down and you may lose some money if the stock doesn’t do well. Bonds on the other hand are less risky because they generally pay a fixed interest rate that doesn’t change over time unless there’s inflation.

Mutual funds are unique investments that combine both stocks and bonds into one package so you don’t have to choose between them! They’re also very easy to buy and sell because lots of companies sell them through mutual fund companies like Fidelity or Vanguard which makes it simple for investors everywhere to invest their money safely with low fees by buying shares of these funds instead of individual stocks or bonds themselves.

So now that we’ve covered the basics behind mutual funds let’s get started learning about which app might be best for you!

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Best Mutual Fund apps in India

Zerodha Coin App – Best Mutual Fund Apps in India

The application Zerodha coin is ranked at the top among the best mutual funds investing applications. They let the investors directly invest in the SIP, that too across 34 fund houses.

You can easily invest and save upto 1 to 1.5% more than the actual on direct SIP.

Zerodha is popularly known for its huge active customer base, here also has made a huge customer base which makes this app the first choice among investors. The funds are stored in the Demat format and hence it is easier to offer the leverage for a loan.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.3/5

Important features of the App

  • The one who is using the application can easily search and filter and can buy from more than 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds provided. This is also done by 34 Asset Management Companies (AMC).
  • The equity Brokerage is as low as Rs.20 per order, making it one of the most profitable options.
  • The application keeps the mutual funds in the Demat form which makes it easier to keep track that too electronically of your capital market investments.

Groww App – Top Mutual Funds App in India

Another fastest-growing stock trading platform is Groww. It is safe and secure for trading. It allows investors to sell and the Groww app is the safest stock trading platform. It lets an investor purchase and sell stocks quickly and easily. The investor can easily invest in BSE and NSE stocks.

This is a paperless process that will make it easier to perform and secure as well. The application helps in tracking the performance of your mutual funds and leading mutual funds. This app provides a paper-free investing solution.

The application also helps in calculating the returns via a mutual fund SIP calculator which makes it easier for the investors to decide how much the returns will be. You will be able to access the news related to the share market as well as finance.

The translation at Groww app comes with 128 bits of SSL encryption, which makes it the safest app to invest in direct SIP.

The rating of Google Play Store – 4.6/5

Important features of the App

  • The application design provides the users with the ease of tracking their investments, annualized returns, and total returns.
  • The clients can choose from different options like the STP (Systematic Transfer Plan), SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan), and NFO (New Fund Offer). It gives the convenience of the payment with the help of UPI transfer, which means except for the bank transfer you can use UPI transfer.
  • The application provides you with different opportunities for example to buy or redeem several mutual funds or even create a new SIP.

ET Money App – Best Mutual Fund Apps in India

The application has the most ratings in the play store. ET Money App provides the investors with customized finance strategies via an automated framework.

The application also provides various services like insurance policies, loans, and much more. The payments are secure and fast while investing in the direct SIP, which makes it easier for the investors.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.6/5

Important features of the App

  • The application makes it easier for their clients to look for the best financial instruments, buy them, and manage them. Everything is provided at zero brokerage fees.
  • The clients can easily purchase quick loans and insurance policies . also they can track all their expenditures, and invest easily in direct mutual fund investment schemes.
  • Mutual fund investment is available through both Systematic Investment Plans and lump-sum investments. Investors can easily save their money and taxes with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds.

CAMS App – Best Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

CAMS app Helps in providing many different features that ease the investing process for the clients. The customer care services are seamless. They will assist you with all the doubts and queries put up by the investors. 

They also provide knowledge from basic to advanced to the beginners about the mutual funds, money mantra, and distributor news.

Also using the CAMS app, you can easily manage investments. Also, the safety is top-notch. They don’t hold the information of the investors so the data is private and there are no data leaks.

Also, this application helps the investors to schedule future mutual fund transactions.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.3/5

Important features of the App

  • The application provides the clients with the best financial instruments assistance, you can buy them and manage them just at zero brokerage fees.
  • The users can easily and quickly purchase quick loans and insurance policies. Also, you can track expenditures, and invest easily in direct mutual fund investment schemes.
  • Also, the investment in mutual funds is available through both Systematic Investment Plans and lump-sum investments. The client can easily save all the taxes with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds.

Paytm Money App – Top Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

You can easily open your mutual fund investment account with the PayTm money application. Also while investing in PayTm Money you can earn 1% higher returns by investing in direct SIP here. 

The company’s advisory team also provides on how to maintain the portfolio strategy to the clients who are investing. They make zero commission on buying or selling in the direct SIP so the benefit is complete for the investors and traders. The app provides more than 40 Mutual fund companies where the investors can easily invest. Also, the services provided by them are 24*7 that too real-time services also have a place in the best app for mutual fund investment.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.2/5

Important features of the App

  • It comes with Zero commission fees on purchasing and selling of direct mutual funds.
  • Also, the app incorporates transparent tracking, data privacy, switching from regular to direct plans, management, and automation of Systematic Investment Plans.
  • The clients will be able to easily invest in liquid funds and experience quick withdrawal facilities.

Kuvera App – Top 10 Mutual Fund App for Direct Investment

Kuvera app is also known as the best app for mutual fund investment with seasoned investors. The company has several tie-ups with every fund house that help in making the investment easy indirect SIP. It comes with some amazing features like tax harvesting, reports, and trade smart. The application has programs for rewarding investors. The reward points can be easily used for the activated paid features.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.7/5

Key features of the App

  • The application provides goal-based investments which makes it different from others.
  • Also, the app helps the investors in the target goals and the efforts one needs to put in to achieve the goal. The client can easily see the progress curve as you move forward with your investments.

GoalWise App – Best Mutual Fund App

It is another best mutual fund app in India that helps investors to invest in the best SIP. They manage the investment based on the investor’s risk profile.

They put a regular check on the performance of the market and give out advice to the investors on where to invest and how to invest. They provide secure and fast payment gateway security which is great for the investors. The investor can easily choose this app for hassle-free investment in direct SIP.

The rating of Google Play Store – 4.6/5

Important features of the App

  • The app offers proper financial planning with extra returns on top of the regular funds which is an add-on to their key features.
  • They take care of all the processes for you. This includes asset allocation, rebalancing, financial planning, etc.

Piggy App – Top Mutual Fund App

The other best direct mutual fund platform is named as Piggy app. This will help you show all the mutual funds holdings on one platform only. The application provides a very good service for direct SIP along with other mutual funds plans.

Also, the redemption is very simple in the Piggy app which makes it convenient.

Google Play Store Rating -4.4/5

Key features of the App

  • The client can also easily invest in direct mutual funds and digital gold. Except for this, they will get assistance from the AI-enabled technology of this application.
  • The platform also offers the security measure for the encryption technology which helps in protecting the information of a client.
  • Also, the investors can get a detailed analysis of the mutual fund portfolios which will be giving 1.5% extra returns every year.

PaisaBazaar App – Top 10 Mutual Fund App

The policy Bazaar application comes with a wide variety of financial products. It is one of the best apps to invest in mutual funds. They help by directly investing in SIP. the money will be safe using the app. This is one of the companies that is registered with SEBI which makes this app safe to make investments in mutual funds.

The rating of Google Play Store– 4.4/5

Important features of the App

  • The app offers some good solutions for the clients which are related to personal loans, business loans, insurance, and direct mutual fund schemes.
  • They have features where the Clients can have a savings account online, apply for loans, get an insurance policy, or even check their credit score.
  • Moreover, they have the chances of cross-selling and upselling are very high in this application.

KFinKart App – Best Mutual Funds App

The main motive of the company KFinKart is to simplify the journey of a user in mutual funds investments from beginners to experts. The application also provides one-touch login facilities and empowers the clients to invest in a cast multitude of mutual funds.

Google Play Store Rating – 4.2/5

Key features of the App

  • The application offers easy access to live market news and a single view of your investments. Besides, it helps in the management of your portfolio and instant transitions of money.
  • The application also offers ease for the navigation of the Net Asset Value of different mutual funds on a single platform.

CashRich – Top Mutual Fund Apps

Another top mutual fund app in India and also the first mutual fund app which gives investors a dynamic SIP method for earning with higher returns.

The application consists of the high-performing schemes under categories like the long term, short term, save tax, etc.

Google Play Store Rating – 4.5/5

Key Features of the App

  • You can easily review the past performance of the schemes, the CashRich app has everything to offer an investor also the fund calculator helps in the calculation of the funds.
  • They also recommend funds to invest based on the investor’s profile. Also, they have the instant withdrawal of money option.

Fisdom app 

The Fisdom app is an ideal mutual fund investment platform in India, especially for those investors who are new to mutual funds. The app is designed to make the investment process exceptionally simple. Users can also go through some value-based features like ‘risk profiler’ and ‘financial health check’ to ensure that they make the right choice of mutual funds.

Apart from mutual funds, the Fisdom app also allows investors to explore the stock market with a highly competitive brokerage structure and zero enrollment charges. 

Fisdom app enjoys:

  • Android rating – 4.7/5
  • App downloads – 10lakh+

Here are some of the top features of this app:

  • Tailor-made fund recommendations as per individual’s investment capacity, investment horizon, and risk profile
  • Wide range of funds
  • Convenient single-view dashboard for easy tracking of investments
  • Ability to import external mutual fund transactions
  • Free access to advanced research reports 
  • Smooth e-KYC
  • Secure transactions

Other mutual fund apps in India

Some of the other high-quality mutual fund apps in India are:

  1. Zerodha

Zerodha’s Coin is a well-established mutual fund investment app. This is a simple app that allows investors to make mutual fund investments. To use the app, one must have a Zerodha account. The application allows users to invest in mutual funds via Systematic Investment Plans or lump sum. 

  1. Groww

Groww is also one of the mutual fund apps preferred by new investors. This app has basic user-friendly features that allow users to pick their investment choice as per their financial planning needs. With a single dashboard for tracking all investments, users can enjoy convenience while using this app. 

  1. Paytm Money

Paytm is a popular app used by many for day-to-day financial transactions and shopping needs. Paytm has introduced its investment-specific app called Paytm Money which allows users access to various mutual fund schemes and to create a personal financial portfolio.

  1. ET Money App

This app is among the top-rated mutual fund apps. It is suitable for both new investors and also experienced investors. The app also contains some insightful posts for investors to enhance their investment decisions. The app offers personalised investment roadmaps to cater to individual financial goals. 

  1. Kuvera

Kuvera mutual fund investment app comes with a goal-based investment feature. Through its recommendations, it caters to various financial goals of investors such as tax saving, wealth creation, financial stability, etc. The app’s single-view dashboard lets investors easily track their investments at any time and from anywhere.

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