Video Apps For Social Media Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers. There are many apps available for social media, so you can choose which one works best with your business and budget. The bottom line is that if you want to reach people today, then you need to be using video!

In this post, we discuss Video Apps For Social Media Marketing, best video editing software for social media, best free video editing app for social media, and best video editing software for social media.

Video Apps For Social Media Marketing

Video makes your business look more professional, and it’s easier to convey your message through a video than through text. Plus, you can engage with your customers in a new way by interacting with them while they watch your videos. It’s pretty simple: when people like or comment on videos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, their friends see those comments as well. You’ll get even more engagement if you reply to comments within 24 hours!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience and promote your business.

  • Connect with your audience. The live video function allows you to interact directly with your fans, which can help build trust and loyalty. It also gives you an opportunity to answer questions, share knowledge and make introductions that can lead to more sales or leads for your business.
  • Showcase products or services in action. Live videos allow viewers to see what you have made available for purchase rather than simply reading about it online or seeing pictures of the product on social media. Showing customers something they can touch, feel and try out makes them feel more comfortable when shopping from home—especially if they are buying something expensive like electronics or jewelry!


Periscope is a live video streaming app owned by Twitter that allows users to stream anything from concerts and sports events to their everyday lives. It’s similar to Facebook Live, but with a few key differences:

  • The videos can last up to 60 minutes long (compared with Facebook’s 10 minute limit).
  • You can watch and comment on videos in real time. The app also lets you “heart” the ones you like most so they’ll be featured more prominently.

Instagram live

Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your audience and share behind the scenes content. If you have a community of fans on Instagram who are interested in hearing about your business and getting to know you better, sharing live videos can be an excellent way to provide value for them.

If you’re launching a new product or service, live streaming it as it happens is one of the best ways to generate buzz around something new. It’s also worth considering doing this during any sales or discounts so that people who don’t see the news until later aren’t left out!

YouTube live

YouTube Live is a great way to connect with your audience, promote your business and engage with them. You can use it as a platform for live events, as well as for interacting with viewers. This helps you build relationships with the people who are watching your videos, which can later lead to more sales.

You’re probably wondering how YouTube Live works and what makes it different from other video platforms? Well, we’ll answer those questions in this post!


YouNow is a live streaming app that lets you chat with strangers. You can earn money from your videos, followers and sponsorships. Users can also earn money through donations.


Ustream is a video streaming platform that allows you to host live events, provide feedback on your products, give tips and tutorials and much more. It’s a great way to engage your audience and build your brand.

As the world’s largest video platform, it’s not surprising that Facebook uses Ustream to broadcast its own news stories. In fact, almost every social media network has used this platform at one time or another.

Video is great for marketing your business.

Video is a powerful tool for social media marketing. It can build trust, connect with your audience, and show off your products and services. Video also allows you to show off your personality so that people get to know you as an individual.

Video can be used in many different ways:

  • Promotional video – Use this type of video to promote products or services on YouTube or other platforms. You can use it on your website too!
  • Explainer video – Explainers are short videos (usually less than 2 minutes) that explain something complicated or give an overview of something new. If you have a new product or service, try creating an explainer video describing what it is and how it works. You could even include some screenshots if they’re relevant images that help tell the story of what the product does best!
  • How-to guides – Showing step-by-step instructions in text format can be difficult because people don’t always understand what each step means unless there’s visual representation backing up those instructions (like a picture). A how-to guide set up like this allows users’ eyes go straight from one point where they need help understanding something into another place where they might not know what options are available for them yet but definitely want more information about those choices after reviewing all previous steps first before getting started on completing these tasks themselves because otherwise how will anyone else know who knows enough about programming languages?

best video editing software for social media

The ever-increasing role of videos on social media platforms is growing the importance of the social media video editor. Without any technical knowledge when people try to create videos, they have to depend on the social media video maker. It is especially relevant for the small businesses that lack the skills and technical knowledge as well as a budget to hire an expert.

The social media video is a channel that small business can’t ignore. Many people have a wrong notion that creating videos involves huge money. Definitely, it does when you have to hire an expert or outsource the video making work to a freelancer.

But, when you do it yourself with the help of the social media video maker, it becomes affordable for small businesses. In this article, you will learn 10 best social media video makers. In the end, we will also offer 10 practical tips for social media video marketing.

Part 1: Best Social Media Video Maker on Windows

The best amongst the rest social media video maker for Windows, Filmora is the latest launch from the Wondershare Technology. It helps to enhance your creativity by creating flawless videos that can impress your users and draw their attention towards your brand. It has a simple interface, easy to understand features, and can be used by all video creators’ right from beginners to professionals. The features of Filmora include-

Below is a video tutorial about how to make videos for Instagram and Facebook with Filmora. Download the free tiral verison of Filmora and try it today.

Specially designed for the online video creators, the Adobe Rush is a great social media video editor for small businesses, influencers, and YouTubers. It is a comprehensive video editing program built to streamline the motion graphics, audio mixing, and video-editing capabilities of Adobe’s professional software. The features of Adobe Rush are-

Biteable is a social media video editor for slideshow, ads, and more. Although, the free basic plan has a watermark and only be shared using a Biteable link through embed or share, yet it can be considered a powerful social media video maker when used with premium plans starting at $29/month. The features of Biteable are-

Part 2: Best Social Media Video Maker on Mac

For all the Mac users, iMovie is an amazing social media video maker that let you access the advanced video editing features completely free. The online video editors usually don’t provide such advanced features that iMovie video editing tool offers for free. The features of iMovie are-

A wonderful drag and drop social media video maker and editor, Typito is another great video editor for Mac users. Watermark is a common problem in many online video editors where the video editor’s logo is marked on your videos. With Typito, you can remove their watermark for just $5. The features of Typito include-

A better social media video maker than a video editor, Animaker is a great tool for creating animated videos. It has a simple theory of click and choose, drag and drop, edit and play. The free option comes with a watermark but with starting a plan of $19/month, you can get to access many more advanced features. The feature of Animaker are-

Smilebox create stories by adding depth, dimension, and conveying emotion. This social media video maker lets you create amazing video slideshows in just a few minutes. The features of Smilebox are-

Best Social Media Video Apps

Hyperlapse video making tool lets you create excellent time-lapse videos that were earlier only possible with heavy equipment and tripods. When you capture time-lapse videos, the jerks are immediately stabilized and a cinematic view covers the screen. The features of Hyperlapse are-

With Quik, you are just one step away from making a high-quality video. Select the video clips, add beautiful transition and effects, and sync it with the right music. It is a strong app when it comes to social media video maker apps. The features of Quik are-

Animoto is a social media video maker that helps you to create vertical videos for Facebook and Instagram stories and other social media posts. Share it in just one click. The small businesses can easily share small video stories using Animoto social media video editor.

Part 3: Social Media Video Marketing Tips

1. Make Sure your Planning is Ready

Before taking a step ahead, the very factor for very business or organization is to plan. It’s essential ingredient for any biz to prosper. So before hitting the medal, there are certainly some factors you must consider. It clearly indicates creating extensive audience research, compiling ideas, planning for the suitable content and overseeing the budget division should be taken care of.

2. Make Real Videos

The very purpose to prep up a video is to fetch a great number of audiences. While, YouTube stands a great social media video sharing platform but Facebook can get you a mind blowing reach! It has been observed Facebook is home to videos; that works brilliantly as compared to its contemporaries. So, after you get your video done, share it to Facebook! The social media giant Facebook has a whopping number of users base.

3. The Video Content is Important

If the content of your video is lit, you can make it a hit! The prime focus of the video should be rendering quality content. Say for instance, your aim is to hook your audience with an impeccable streak of story, the power of invoking intense emotions can prove to do wonders. It has a deeper impact over the audience you aim to target. Researchers from ‘Harvard Business Review’ state that immensely great story videos projects to a certain amount of oxtytocin- a chemical responsible for a great sense of “bonding” experience. This is indeed needed to get all the limelight and grasp attention of your followers.

4. First 10 Seconds also important

Today’s people have a strict schedule. So, to make an impactful video, keeping it short is the only mantra. While, you aim to create a short video, you must grasp the attention of your audience in the first 10 seconds of the video. Take up an interesting topic, pep up the background nicely so that the video gets to engage your viewers thoroughly. If it falls flat, then you may lose out the league.

5. Prepare Better on Social Media Video

You can’t bargain success overnight. Viral video just doesn’t happen like that. There is a well-crafted strategy to make things happen. So, to get into the edge, it is darn crucial to render quality content to the audience. Now, that doesn’t imply to create a video quality of 1080, it’s about what you convey to your audience. It’s about what message- humor or purposeful, does your video give on the social media networking channels.

6. Short Video is appealing

The lesser, the sassier! As discussed above, the span of shorter content catches the eye of your audience. Now, if you struggle to create a 15-20 minutes video, very few people have the time to watch it. Hence, it is better to hook your customers with the concisely crisp content. Convey the purpose in a brief manner and triumph in the hearts of your audience. Make sure the social media video is imbibed with relevant content.

7. Add CTA

To make social media video marketing impactful, it is imperative to put in constant and serious attention to make heart-swaying message. This tip says you to incorporate a strong and compelling call to action in order to fetch a good ROI from the social media video marketing. This can be executed with the power of getting the maximum reach from Facebook’s Call to Action (CTA) function. It supports biz to get their target audience to get the action. Facebook’s arsenal CTA offers Facebook leverages you with the following options:

This can get your video to the website by employing “Watch More” or “Learn More” call-to-action link.

8. Choose the Right Platform

While you are amidst the planning process, there is one thing you should plan before. Don’t forget to opt for a right platform. Depending upon your purpose, opt for the channel that has to give you the results you are looking forward to. For example, if Instagram is your priority, you need to take care of 60 seconds video length. For Facebook, the liberty of posting up to 240 minutes is there.

9. Don’t ignore Long Form Video

Generally, we encourage users to share short videos. However, if you want to provide a great piece of information, sticking to longer form can be considered. You can make use of various social media channels like Facebook, Periscope-go live or share vital information using this video marketing technique.

10. Subtitles are the must

Did you know the subtitles make a huge difference in your videos? It is not limited to provide foreign viewers language with language barriers. Moreover, it is a great option for any users with the hearing impaired ailments. The Facebook videos automatically start on mute – this implies one has the chance of carving a great hold of their audience. Hence, viewer gets to see the subtitles of the video posted in your social media handle long before hearing it.

best free video editing app for social media

As per the Wyzowl studies, 86% of businesses use videos in their social media marketing regime. This content form also accounts for more than 80% of the web traffic!

All thanks to the right social media tools that make editing and publishing any video a child’s play. But how do you find the perfect one?

Although it depends on your personal preferences and the intent behind using video tools, it is critical to determine if it has the following features.

Enhanced Editing Capabilities

It is best to choose a video tool that allows you to edit sounds, images, and videos creatively. You should be able to add animations and effects to your videos hassle-free. The editing possibilities are important for creating impactful social media videos.

Formatting Possibilities

Format refers to the shape of the videos or animations. Popular social media video tools allow users to produce videos in landscape and portrait formats efficiently. Moreover, they give you complete control over clip optimization for making it shareable on different social media platforms.

Direct Importing Channels

Video tools that allow direct importing to different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or others save you from menaces. Hence, they are some of the best solutions that you must use.

User-friendly and Interactive

Some video tools are mainly built for professionals. You need to be skilled enough to use them. However, several other tools are relatively easier to use, devoid of steep learning curves.


Last but not least, your best video production tools must strike the delicate balance between the quality of services and affordability. It is by no means a right choice to go for expensive social media video tools when cheaper alternatives are available.

Let’s find out such video tools that provide all of these features and much more!

Top Social Media Video Tools for Social Media Marketers

Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox by Wistia is a simple chrome extension that allows you to record, edit, and share videos for efficient social media marketing. It only takes a few seconds to install the extension in your browser, and you are good to go.

Soapbox enables you to be super creative about producing thumbnails. It can easily accommodate high-quality videos up to 4K. The analytical tools are quite insightful and give you very clear metrics and results. Moreover, it allows you to edit or record three videos each month for free. So, if that’s your target, you can stay with the free plan.

I like the ability to record both yourself and the computer screen at the same time – then share it out. It’s a lifesaver when trying to do quick product explainers. It allows me to use a personal touch in addition to showing complicated products on screen.

Export – often doesn’t work properly. Meaning that edits made in Soapbox are often not reflected when we export them to Wistia Editing – although it’s a pro, it’s also a con. Hubspot’s video platform has the same functionality (even slightly better) and makes more sense as an add-on. Soapbox pro – I hate that we can’t do everything on one platform. It makes no sense to have a Soapbox and then a Wistia account. Did I mention their support is horrendous? They aren’t helpful at all, don’t take ownership over outages, and are just generally awful.


Moovly enables you to create amazing social media videos, promotional videos, explanatory videos, tutorials, training videos, and any other type – whatever suits you best. It has customizable templates for different events and scenarios such as personal, professional, and educational.

The most important Moovly features include subtitles, the ability to remove color, custom colors and fonts, white labeling, and text-to-speech capabilities. Moovly is undoubtedly one of the best social media video tools.

This has been an incredible tool compared to many I tried before settling with MOOVLY The Quality of the templates is top-notch! The fact that you can immediately start playing around with the tool without sign-ups etc. I have little experience with video editing, but the ease with which I was able to start editing the template within a day or 2 was, for me, very incredible.

When I signed up, there was a technical problem with adding audio. Although the issue was resolved in a timely manner, my first video had to be published without audio attached to it. That was my only con so far.


Typito It is a web-based tool that is simple to use. It has a drag and drop interface to make it easily accessible. It enables you to add graphics of your choice as well as text to the videos the way you want.

Typito is cloud-based software, so there is no need to download any software. All you have to do is to open it on the browser, upload media, add textures, styles, and animations, and upload it on the social media platforms in just a few clicks!

Typito saves my team time and money. Can’t recommend Typito enough. Plenty of creative templates and transitions and a wonderful selection of free-to-use images and videos.

Limited text animations to choose from. Video preview window lags if you don’t have a good quality computer that can handle it.


Renderforest is one video tool for social media that has made animated video creation easy and fun! The tool allows you to post the videos directly to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

In the free version, you are unable to access all the features. However, the plan that costs you around $49.99 per month gives access to all of them.

Renderforest is used by us to create short video advertisements and intros for various campaigns or for business proof of concept projects and presentations. So far, besides a slightly high cost, it has been a great platform.

Frustrating. Presumably, I can add voice and animation, but I don’t know how.


Shakr is a targeted video-making tool that helps to promote video marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It is a drag and drop video platform that enables you to create high-quality videos with more than 2000 templates and designs.

It offers a vast music library that you can easily navigate and choose from. However, it is a bit expensive option as its plans start from $99 and go up to $349 per month. Therefore, many marketers do not consider it as one of the best social media video tools.

I have found that it is a fairly intuitive video editor because 1. It is very easy to select the design for the type of video you need: either for Facebook, YouTube, or Snapchat and from there, you can modify it to suit your needs. 2. Collections allow you to select videos based on a particular theme or format. 3. Once you have selected the theme and format of your video, it allows you to choose the aspect (be it square, horizontal, etc.), the length of the video, the environment of the video (high or low energy), and the medium to use.

It’s a little expensive – you do not have many edit choices in the templates. For example, you cannot change the font of the template – you cannot have the chance to do a video from a blank slide.


Many people do not have the idea, but Hyperlapse is Instagram’s own app that allows you to speed up the videos up to 12 times. The advantage is that you can record in real-time and hasten it at the required speed.

Hyperlapse is a simple and easy-to-use free social media video maker that allows you to publish the video directly to Facebook and Instagram. The limitation is that it is not available on Android at the moment.

Hyperlapse is free, and there is no premium or professional plan. However, it is not available for Windows, and Android users, which does not make it a recommended choice.

Really good time-lapse app. Can choose from a variety of playback speeds. I have used my own already recorded video from my phone and turned them into time-lapse video clips with this app. It also will record a new video from the app in time-lapse. I’ve used it twice so far and been really happy with the results.

This is a good app, but most of my stuff gets wiped away by just one touch of my phone! I suggest maybe to have a draft section where you have saved drafts. Some of my stuff is really important that I need to do, and when it wipes away after all my hard work, then I have to do it again!! There is nothing more annoying. Please try and fix this!!


Magisto is one of the best social media video tools available that makes editing videos fun and easy. It really makes the process magical. The app is available as a web-based tool for PC and for Android and iOS devices as well.

You can easily choose the video clips and images and make changes to them by selecting an editing style and adding music. Magisto is super automated, and once you select the style and music, it will automatically adjust the video. It can easily post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Youtube.

I love this program. Definitely my go-to out of all the apps out there. It is an awesome software to edit and create videos. You’re able to add effects and filters. Cut and trim the video to your liking.

They restrict users to ratio sizes like 1:1 or other ratios that do not allow users to get the full view of the images they’re using, like the common 16:9 or even 4:3. Quite limited features!


Lumen5 allows you to generate a short video in minutes quickly. It transforms your content into a text video after you import it. You can change the font style and color to match your brand’s personality.

Lumen5 also includes a vast library of photos, GIFs, music, and short movies that you can add to your video with a simple drag and drop. While this application provides a free plan, it has some limitations regarding video quality and the number of videos that may be uploaded. You can still go for their paid plans, as they are quite affordable.

Lumen5 makes your content look like it has been professionally curated. You can take written content and make it into a video or start from scratch.

Lumen5 is a really simple tool, so compared to many other video editing tools, you’re limited in terms of what you can achieve. Limited for text, transitions and features.


Promo is a top-rated video creation platform for businesses and agencies. It helps users create loads of visual content and unlimited videos to promote anything they want effectively.

It helps you promote your business or products, improve brand awareness, widen your reach, and engage your customers. You even get access to over 100 million images from Getty Images and iStock for a hassle-free video creation process. Promo also has ready-to-use templates that can be quickly edited to match your brand taste!

I love using Promo because it has tens of thousands of images and videos that can quickly be dropped into a template, enabling you to create a new video in minutes!

Some features are quite limited, and you are required to use one of their pre-designed templates.

Veed is not just an online video editing tool. It is a tool that allows teams to collaborate on video projects, edit audio files, create text transcriptions of video and audio, compress video files to reduce size, edit subtitles files, translate the video and audio transcripts, and so much more.

Veed is a tool that allows you to grow your online presence – create engaging content and grab people’s attention. Also, our servers run on 100% Renewable Energy, so you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact

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