Small Law Firm Management Software

Legal practice management software is an important aspect of law office success. The correct legal document storage, file sharing and case tracking software can help take the pressure off of your staff, reduce costly mistakes and improve efficiency around your firm. In this post, we review the aspects of Small Law Firm Management Software, legal practice management software comparison, best legal case management software, and What is most popular legal software?

In this post, we review the aspects of Small Law Firm Management Software, legal practice management software comparison, best legal case management software, and What is most popular legal software?

Small Law Firm Management Software

Running a law firm can be a tough task. You have to deal with case management, billing and accounting, all while maintaining your clients’ trust. Thankfully, there is software out there that can help you manage all aspects of your small law firm. Below we’ve outlined some of the best tools for managing your practice and keeping track of client files and invoices:

Email Integration

Email integration, in general terms, allows your small law firm management software to communicate with other systems. This can include email servers and SMTP relay services. Email integration allows you to send and receive emails from your small law firm management software so that you can respond directly from the system without having to switch between programs or clients.

Email is one of the most common features included in small law firm management software because it’s such a useful way for lawyers to stay connected with their clients.


Collaboration is the ability to share and discuss documents with team members. This can be done through an internal document library, where documents are shared between users and team members, or through a social network-like platform where documents are initially created by one user and then shared with others.

As you might expect, collaboration is a key feature of a good law firm management software. A strong collaboration platform will help keep everyone on the same page as they work together on cases, which makes it easier for them to complete tasks more quickly than they would otherwise be able to do on their own. Collaboration is also essential for multi-location law firms: it allows lawyers who are in different offices or jurisdictions to collaborate on projects without having to travel back and forth constantly.

Secure Document Sharing and Access

As your law firm grows, so does the number of people you need to share documents with. However, not all information is meant for everyone in the office—and some may even need a specific level of access. For example, when a client sends over important information about their case, you want to make sure that only those who need to see it are able to do so.

This can be confusing and time-consuming if you don’t have the right software in place. With secure document sharing features available as part of an integrated platform like Clio (which has been used by more than 70% of small law firms), you’ll be able to:

  • Share documents with your clients and colleagues
  • Share documents with the right people at the right time
  • Share documents with people who need to see them
  • Share documents in a secure way

Time Tracking and Billing

It is critical to track the hours you and your team work. This will allow you to bill for the time spent on client work, track productivity and make informed decisions about hiring more staff or getting rid of less productive employees.

You can do this manually, by opening a document and entering start/end times each day. Or you can automate time tracking by installing software that logs when your staff are working, keeps track of their hours and sends reports directly to your accounting software (more on this later). You could even use an app like Toggl that does both!

File Management

  • Create, organize and store documents.
  • Share them with clients and colleagues.
  • Keep track of version history.
  • Import and export documents from other programs.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

There are many benefits of using accounting software for your law firm, including:

  • Increased efficiency. Accounting and bookkeeping software helps you streamline your processes so that you can focus on other areas of the business.
  • Improved accuracy. With a comprehensive accounting system in place, it’s much easier to keep track of income and expenses, reducing errors and ensuring more accurate financial reporting.
  • Better cash flow management. By eliminating manual data entry and streamlining your billing process, accounting software makes it easier to manage cash flow—which is critical for small businesses with limited resources like law firms!

legal practice management software comparison

“Most things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done” – Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice.

Well, the quote can be very well applied to the legal trends prevailing and the legal software associated with the law industry.

A less apparent, yet equally important, is a well-designed law practice management software that allows any attorney to deliver core functionality that enables meaningful growth and benefits every year such as more efficient data entry, more effective data retrieval, fewer data errors, better case management, enhanced bar and public access to case information and others.

Benefits –

Law Practice Management Software streamlines your daily operations and manages all aspects of your firm like matter records, documents, appointments, schedules, targets, deadlines, due dates and accounting. And if as an attorney you are trying to manage everything manually along with your team or with several other legal software, having all in under roof i.e., under a single legal management software can certainly transform the way your firm operates.

Myths about having a Law Practice Management Software –

Despite the fact that the law practice management software has been in practice since decades, there are still myths hovering around them. The reasons for this could possibly be attorneys not interested in making their law occupation as prime business and taking it ahead as a business venture. This in turn may be due to dis-streamlined process management (old truths about older case management software) or even the resistance to change that comes natural to lawyers.

It becomes quite important to chase away the myths and make law firms realise the importance and benefits of the law practice management software, else there’ll be a risk of being left out.

Some common misconceptions about the software could be and not limited to –

Having said that, you might want to verify and evaluate the software you are going to install for your firm. And might also want to ask few questions before having one for your law firm –

To help you understand and find best software solution and a law practice software that will be viable for your law firm, we at LawKPIs have researched and come out with top 5 Law Practice Management software –

1. Clio

Clio is a cloud-based law practice management software solution that provides several general practice management features, such as time and billing and client management for the legal firms and their practice.

Overview of Salient features of Clio –

2. Rocket Matter

With Rocket Matter you can automate and streamline your legal case management workflow with matter templates. An online legal billing and law practice management software that completely integrates with popular cloud applications like Dropbox and Evernote. It includes iMac, iPhones, iPads and Droid. Rocket Matter caters to small to mid-sized law firms and is available on month-to -month subscription with no contract required. There is an unlimited support available with all subscriptions.

Overview of salient Features of Rocket Matter –

3. Practice Panther

Is a general management and billing legal software that is powerful but easy-to-use leading solution in law practice management software. The company’s SaaS Solution is designed to be robust, intuitive and user friendly and has included capabilities such as client and case management, time tracking, billing, expense management, payment processing, calendaring and much more that a law firm needs.

Overview of Salient features of Practice Panther –

4. MyCase

MyCase is a cloud-based law practice management software that offers attorneys with small and mid-size firms to manage communication with clients and carry out daily operations. The solution also provides functionalities for accounting and scheduling purposes.

Overview of features of MyCase –

5. HoudiniEsq

HoudiniEsq a cloud based legal software was developed to assist small firms with their business-related functions such as organizing documents, setting schedules and appointments, making calendars and more.

Overview of Houdini Features –


The Law Practice Management Software are the choice for the law firms or for the individual law practitioners. This software seamlessly consolidates your front end and back-end operations. A law practice management software increases the overall efficiencies as they have the capability to retrieve, archive and store client’s case history and data, case management, case dates, time history i.e., the time spent on case or client, associate time history and much more.

As the legal practice management software are cloud based, they are accessible anytime, anywhere and the software are suitable for all types of law practices and are upgradable and expandable to cater to the needs of any law firm and to suit each firm’s growing needs.

best legal case management software

Legal case management software is an excellent choice for lawyers who are looking for easy-to-use solutions to oversee their practice. These tools allow them to create a database for past and ongoing case details and clients. From including document assembly for case details to time tracking and storing notes on the opposition when applicable, legal case management systems also integrate with legal billing software so law practices can easily process fees from clients and track man-hours. Below are you can find the top five legal case management software pieces together with their pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Legal Case Management Software

Clio is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive cloud-based legal matter management software that includes features such as client management, document and bills management, time tracking, appointments, reporting, accounting, and much more. Clio integrates well with hundreds of web apps used in law practices and offers a secure client portal as well as detailed reporting and dashboards so you can get a complete insight into the performance of your firm.

Lexicata is an all-in-one CRM and client intake solution that comes complete with lead tracking, email templates, and analytics features. The law firm CRM allows law practices to store their contacts, track the source of their leads, and schedule tasks and reminders. Moreover, Lexicata is a good option for those looking for a reliable solution for e-signatures.

Overview: MyCase provides a flexible solution to suit various workflows in the legal practice and its main features allow you to create calendar events and predefined lists of tasks that you can easily apply to a matter. The software integrates with Google calendar and has the ability to link to various trust accounts and accept payments from clients online. A mobile app is available for iPhones or Android to allow clients to check on their cases and make payments.

A case management and attorney CRM solution, LexisNexis is a quick way to control legal spending while managing your relationships with clients to grow your business. This legal CRM solution comes with multiple features, which include, among others, billable hours tracking, enhanced calendar controls, and a 360 degrees’ view of your law practice that lets you manage all your billing and documents in the same place.

A powerful and easy to use legal case management software, Actionstep is a cloud-based solution that automates you emails, processes, documents, and more. Available with a free trial, Actionstep is a good way to play with a free legal case management software before committing. The software is available for both web and mobile devices on iOS and Android, and includes live online training and lots of documentation and webinars to help you get started.

How to Choose Your Legal Case Management Software?

Choose your legal case management software by considering the specific needs of your law firm practice. Not all firms are created equal, so you may not need always all the bells and whistles of a complex legal case management software.

Some of the typical features included in the software solutions include case or matter management, calendaring, contact management, time capture, billing, and trust accounting. If you’re not sure what the best solution is for you, go for a free legal case management software first to test the waters.

When choosing your legal case management software, try to define the objective of your management, as well as the integration you need for different types of document formats and any pre-existent billing software. Moreover, think about the future and flexibility if you are a small firm, in order to account for business growth and more users.

What is most popular legal software?

Top 10 Legal Practice Management Software

  • MyCase.
  • CASEpeer.
  • CosmoLex.
  • Zola Suite.
  • Rocket Matter.
  • Lawmatics.
  • PracticePanther.
  • PCLaw®

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