Doctor Patient Management Software

You’re doing a great job taking care of your patients, but you could be doing an even better job with the help of Doctor Patient Management Software. Our easy-to-use software has a variety of features that can save your office time, money and resources while improving the experience for both you and your patients. With our software, you can create beautiful appointment reminders and patient notes, attach documents such as prescriptions to patients’ records for easy reference, schedule appointments using automatic reminders or available time slots during certain days/times and more.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Doctor Patient Management Software, free patient management software, dental patient management software, and patient management system examples.

Doctor Patient Management Software

You’re doing a great job taking care of your patients, but you could be doing an even better job with the help of Doctor Patient Management Software. Our software has many features that will save your office time, money and resources while improving the experience for both you and your patients.

Here’s how we can help:

Help Your Staff Stay Organized

  • You can create a calendar of appointments and patient visits.
  • Patient records are always available, no matter where you are.
  • The software’s ability to store and organize all your data makes it much easier for you to find what you need when you need it.
  • Scheduling is simple with this software, since it will automatically optimize schedules based on what doctors have planned for the week or month ahead of time. This means that staff won’t end up overbooked because they didn’t know about extra appointments until too late in the day—and neither will patients!

Improve Patient Experience

When it comes to patient experience, our software can help you achieve the following:

  • Reduce waiting times. Our automated appointment reminders ensure that your patients are never left waiting in the lobby.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention. The real-time data visualizations and reports allow you and your staff to keep track of what’s happening at all times, so that any issues can be nipped in the bud before they become major problems.

Make Room for More Patients

The best way to get more patients is by making room for them. This is what you’ll do with this software:

  • You’ll have more time to spend with each patient, which means they’ll feel more valued, and will probably come back.
  • More patients means more revenue for your practice.
  • With less of your time wasted on administrative tasks, you can focus on the things that bring in money or make you feel good about yourself (like helping people).

Be in the Know at All Times, Anywhere

  • Do you ever find yourself losing time and productivity because you have to wait for your patient data to be sent to you?
  • Are the documents that are provided to you by your staff in different formats, making it difficult for you to access them when needed?
  • Do you want a solution that allows for easy access across multiple devices, so that no matter where or how busy (or unbusy) your day gets, all of your data is available at any time?

Give Your Staff the Tools They Need

If you’re on the hunt for a medical practice management software, one thing to consider is how well it will integrate with your staff. Our software allows you to give your staff members access so that they can track and manage patients from start to finish. They can also use the software to check in and out patients, make appointments, update patient records, send reminders, collect payments and more.

Prevent No Shows and Late Arrivals

Some patients are forgetful, and some are just plain lazy. If you have a patient who is constantly late or no-showing for their appointments, you may need to take matters into your own hands.

Use a software to track your patient appointments. With an appointment management software, you can schedule and confirm appointments in real time on any device, including desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets .

If the patient fails to show up for an appointment without giving proper notice , the software will send out reminders via text message , email or voice mail . This helps ensure that all patients are aware of upcoming appointments as well as setting them up with reminders so they don’t miss out on important health care services .

Eliminate Expensive, Time Consuming Tasks

> Eliminate Expensive, Time Consuming Tasks

We all know that every minute of our day is precious. That’s why it is important to eliminate the time spent on tasks that can be automated or done by someone else and focus on your core business. A patient management system is a powerful tool for helping you do this. It will allow you to spend less time on tedious tasks so that you can focus more on what really matters for your business: making a positive impact in the lives of patients and their families.

> Improve Your Bottom Line

When you are able to focus more energy on providing excellent patient care, while at the same time reducing costs associated with administrative work, there are significant benefits to your bottom line. A patient management system allows physicians and practice managers alike to streamline their workflow so they have more time available for their most important job—caring for patients!

Improve efficiency and profitability all while giving a better patient experience.

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve patient experience
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase staff productivity (by reducing turnover)

free patient management software

Fully Open-Source. Free Software, Always and Forever.

OpenEMR is the most popular open source electronic health records and medical practice management solution. OpenEMR’s goal is a superior alternative to its proprietary counterparts with passionate volunteers and contributors dedicated to guarding OpenEMR’s status as a free, open source software solution for medical practices with a commitment to openness, kindness and cooperation.

ONC 2015 Cures Update Certified!

OpenEMR is ONC 2015 Cures Update Certified! More details on how the OpenEMR community completed this feat can be found on our blog article. The ONC 2015 Certification Transparency and Disclosure Requirements for OpenEMR can be viewed here. Additional costs may apply and the additional costs disclosure can be viewed here.

A feature-rich solution

Our vibrant community of volunteers and contributors have maintained critical OpenEMR features for over a decade. With over 30 supported languages, many customizations, and full data ownership, OpenEMR’s features shine. On top of this, users in need of support can take advantage of our volunteer support network as well as over 30 vendors in over 10 countries.

Who uses OpenEMR?

Help Needed

OpenEMR is in need of funding for new development efforts that will benefit outpatient and inpatient users alike. Features include hybrid inpatient/outpatient support, advanced billing, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) integration, modern cloud offerings, ability to perform quality reporting, low-cost medical devices connectivity, and other commonly requested solutions. Our vibrant community is dedicated to responding to user needs and setting our priorities to be consistent with the requests of our colleagues abroad.


Open source software has changed the world for the better. OpenEMR is a leader in healthcare open source software. Costly proprietary EMRs are no longer the only option. Learn how to start contributing today!

dental patient management software

Adit simply offers the industry’s most comprehensive, easiest to use practice management platform, at an unbeatable value.

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Adit’s Tool Box

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Integrated VoIP Calling

Adit’s all-in-one VoIP platform integrates with your EHR to centralize communication (text, emails, fax) with AI-driven call tracking features, intelligent call flows, and more.

Integrated Patient Forms

Go paperless with Adit’s customizable Patient Forms. Adit integrates with your EHR/PMS to save your front-desk time and digitize the patient experience. Build new forms with our easy-to-use form builder, or transfer existing forms in a snap.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Increase bookings by over 50%. Finally, a scheduling app that allows new and current patients to book appointments directly into your Practice Management Software. Use Adit’s Online Scheduling tool on your website, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Practice Analytics

Get the data and tools to take back control of your practice. Adit’s Practice Analytics module empowers you with KPIs, finds hidden revenue, fills your schedule, and guides your staff to make the best data-backed decisions throughout the course of their day.

Adit Pay

Give your patients more payment options. Digital transactions are easier to track and transfer and are also more seamless and safer payments to make than cash or checks. Adit gives your patients so many ways to pay:

Mobile App

Take your practice on the go with our fully integrated mobile app. Available on App Store and Google Play store.

2-Way Patient Texting

Improve your patient’s experience and limit no-shows with HIPAA compliant 2-way texting. Now you can text your patients directly from within our platform!

Email Campaigns

A fully customizable email platform enables your team to build brand recognition. Inspired by some of the most robust email platforms on the web, Adit has developed the most customizable, yet easy-to-use email designing platform.

Smart Patient Reminders

Our integrated platform sends customized, automated text and email reminders at optimal times to help you to minimize patient no-shows.


Take emergency consultations immediately online. Save a weekend trip to the office and care for your emergency patients virtually from your own home. Use your laptop or tablet to talk, see, and engage with your patients.

Call Tracking

You spend time and money advertising your practice, but do you know which marketing campaigns are driving inbound phone calls? Call Tracking quantifies patient acquisition, so you can pinpoint which campaigns are actually successful.

Internal Chat

Whether you have one practice location or one hundred, your team can gather and communicate in one virtual space at the office or on the go.

Patient Review Tool

Our integrated patient review tool will jump start your practice and generate positive reviews faster, so you can grow your practice and rank higher on search engines.

Our Clients See Results Fast!

Take back control of your practice. Finally, an analytics solution that provides Instant feedback & recommendations to improve your practice & increase production.

patient management system examples

Patient management software is critical for improving patient outcomes, patient participation, care coordination, and efficiency in clinical settings. One survey found that 75 percent of doctors who were asked about their electronic health record (EHR) system say it allows them to better care for patients.

But there are more types of patient management software than EHRs, including software for billing, collecting patient data from wearable devices, prescribing medications, or using data and analysis to help diagnose or treat a patient.

By using these types of software, healthcare organizations can streamline processes and avoid duplicating efforts, like when the referring physician orders comprehensive blood tests — and so does the specialist who is seeing the same patient.

Here’s a roundup of the five best patient management software tools to help you run your practice more efficiently. Some of these products are all-in-one with EHR capabilities included, and some are products that can be used alongside EHRs to make it easier to input or extract information.

The easy way to collect sensitive patient information

Jotform Enterprise offers a HIPAA-compliant option that makes it easy to create online digital forms and keep patient information private. Contact the Jotform Enterprise sales team to start your journey today.

1. Jotform

There are times when healthcare organizations may not need to invest in a brand-new EHR or practice management system but need an add-on for their patient management software. Jotform lets you create customized forms for patient intake that can be tailored to your exact clinic needs. You can also use Jotform for appointment requests and scheduling purposes.

In addition, you can use Jotform to collect patient feedback, patient consent, and payment for services rendered, which is particularly helpful when offering telehealth services. It’s a simple solution, but one that serves a variety of needs for patient management.

HIPAA-compliant forms are available with Jotform Gold plan. A business associate agreement (BAA) is also available.

2. AllegianceMD

One all-in-one patient management software tool is AllegianceMD. This product includes EHR, practice management, billing, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and self check-in capabilities. It’s all web-based, meaning that you don’t need to install it on computers in your office or on a server.

The patient engagement features — which include the patient portal where patients can update their personal medical histories or review test results — also includes a patient kiosk for pre-check-ins, patient messaging for billing or medical questions, and an appointment reminder. Patients can also schedule appointments online.

3.Picis Perioperative Suite

Designed for operating rooms and surgical centers, Picis Perioperative Suite’s patient management system handles scheduling, preadmission testing, case documentation, surgery notes, and patient discharge. It’s all integrated into a single patient record to streamline the process before and after surgery.

Some of the features in the suite are an anesthesia manager that simulates a paper record, integrations with surgery scheduling software, and patient tracking. There’s also a mobile patient tracking app that lets healthcare providers update physicians, staff, and family in real time.

4. CareCloud Breeze

For practices that want to add on modules as needed, CareCloud offers several medical software solutions for billing, EHR, and patient management. CareCloud Breeze is the patient experience module that provides electronic intake, online preregistration, and automated appointment management.

In Breeze, you can set up cancellation fees, send notifications to patients regarding appointments and payments, and itemize charges. It also lets practices set up a retail portal. For example, a chiropractor might use it to sell knee sleeves or other rehabilitation items to patients.

Pricing for CareCloud Breeze starts at $199 per provider per month. Pricing for other CareCloud programs is listed on the website as well.

5. WebPT

Designed for outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy clinics, WebPT is essentially an EHR system that offers patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and a way of tracking patient outcomes as part of different modules. Users can decide what features they need and build WebPT to meet their practice’s requirements.

Some of the more patient-centric features include the ability to create a portal with a home exercise program (HEP) for patients, as well as create automated email campaigns to reach patients post-treatment. WebPT also lets you collect and track patient feedback.

What’s best for you?

While most patient management software is part of an integrated EHR suite, it doesn’t have to be. An add-on that lets you conduct patient intake, manage scheduling, and collect payment can be just as effective. As you’re evaluating software, consider the technology your practice actually needs to ensure you pick what will fit your requirements and help you better care for your patients.

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