Best apps for 50 year olds

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to exercise and keep fit, fitness apps could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

From tracking workouts with ease, to following along to customized low impact exercise routines, there are a whole host of apps that we think are fantastic for people over 50.

A lot of people over 50 are looking for something that’s easy to use and doesn’t require them to spend hours at the gym each week. There are lots of apps available that can help you achieve your fitness goals without spending too much time or energy on them!

With these apps, you’ll get all the information you need in one place so that there’s no need to carry around a huge manual or keep track of multiple sheets of paper. They also make it really easy for you to set up your own workout schedule and follow through on it consistently.

One thing that we love about Fitbit is that they have a great range of different types of workouts available with simple instructions on how to do each one correctly. You can choose from walking and running programs as well as strength training workouts so there’s something for everyone!

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Best apps for 50 year olds

Find My iPhone

If you have a habit of misplacing your phone, then the free Find My iPhone app is a handy tool worth installing. Using your smartphone’s built-in GPS capabilities, it will track the geographical location of your phone, allowing you to detect the exact location of a device even when it’s powered off.

For example, one of my clients worried that someone had stolen her new iPhone, for which she’d just paid nearly $1,000. Using the app, she logged into her account on my device, and we traced the location of her phone to her daughter’s house. This app is a real time-saver.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS

AARP Now (Free)

Run by its titular organization, AARP is a trustworthy source for senior-focused news, recipes, reviews, and membership information. To take full advantage of this app, you’ll need an existing AARP membership, which costs $16 annually. Whether you are a member or not, the app also runs an exciting rewards program that earns you points for taking quizzes and watching educational videos. These points can be redeemed for the likes of sweepstake entries, local deals, discounted gift cards, and donations.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS and Android


The Life360 app allows a user to share their location with a network of caregivers. Similar to a medical alert system, this app can be programmed to send alerts to loved ones when it detects movement to or from certain areas. It also gives users access to Life360’s 24/7 emergency response team. While the base plan is free, if you want features such as 30 days of location history, battery monitoring, and priority customer support, make sure to subscribe to the platinum plan.

Safer Driving: Life360 helps caregivers keep an eye on their loved one’s driving behavior, showing you their top speed and whether or not they’re texting while driving, ensuring that they demonstrate safe driving practices.

Price: $4.99 – $19.99 per month
Availability: iOS and Android


If you live in a metropolitan area, then there’s hardly a more convenient way to get around than through a ride-hailing service like Lyft. Detecting your location through your phone’s GPS, Lyft allows you to schedule a pickup and dropoff to any location where a car can go, which is especially convenient in areas with limited parking.

In my experience, it usually takes less than fifteen minutes for a ride to arrive, and my drivers have always been skilled and courteous, often offering water and advice on the surrounding area. With the Lyft app, you can also schedule rides for other people. This comes in handy when one of my clients needs a quick pickup from the grocery store.

Price: Free to download; The cost of each ride will vary.
Availability: iOS and Android

Park ‘n’ Forget

This GPS-based car finding app is ideal for those of us who have trouble remembering where we parked our cars. Whether at the mall, grocery store, or anywhere else, Park ‘n’ Forget tracks your movement from the car to your destination. Upon departure, the app’s built-in map helps you retrace your steps. If you’re parking in a metered place, the app will even update you 15-minutes before your parking ticket is about to expire, saving you from the frustration of parking fines.

Price: $0.99 per month
Availability: iOS


Who doesn’t love a good discount? Older adults, especially, can benefit from using this free senior discount app. If you are 50 years or older, the app presents to you a range of great discounts on everything from food to home services and health. To find discounts, you can either search for a certain type of business, or you can activate alerts. With Sciddy alerts, I receive a notification on my phone any time I enter my local movie theater and pizza parlor, two places that offer senior discounts.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

Today Weather

For those of us who like to keep tabs on the weather, the easy-to-use Today Weather app is a must-have. It presents detailed, hourly, local forecasts from reliable meteorological sources. It even shares updates about the air quality, UV index, and pollen count. Often, I turn to this app before planning any of my outdoor activities.

While the full app can be used at no cost, this free version requires you to view ads periodically. The premium version of this app comes with no advertisements for a smoother experience.

Price: Free with ads; $2.99 per year or $6.49 for a 6-month subscription (ad-free)
Availability: iOS and Android


If you’re retired and living on a fixed income, then it’s imperative to budget carefully. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through a financial app like Mint. Mint allows you to monitor your bills, bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments, all in one place. Depending on your spending habits and savings, it also helps you budget for your monthly/weekly expenses, giving you suggestions on what to cut-back on.

For example, with Mint, I was able to see that a majority of the prior month’s expenditures were on restaurants and takeout, letting me know that I could cut back on this area of spending.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

Magnifying Glass with Light

By the age of 65, one in three people will have some sort of issue with their vision. Be it reading the text on medicine bottles or checking to see if your makeup is on right, the Magnifying Glass with Light app can help. Using your phone’s camera, this app magnifies (6x) the visual and also shines light on it in case the ambient light isn’t bright enough.

I find this app particularly helpful in dimly lit restaurants while reading the small text on menus. This app’s base features can be used for free, you need to pay for advanced features such as an image stabilizer and high contrast modes.

Price: Free; $1.99 for the premium version
Availability: iOS

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Top Workout Apps for Women Over 50

1. Future

Future is the new workout experience that pairs you one-on-one with your own fitness coach. With Future, you’ll get unlimited personal training and all the support you need to stay on track. Your coach will map out a plan based on your goals, build the workouts to get you there, and keep you accountable every day. Future has over 3,000 5-star reviews in the App store. Future members love the experience and say this is the most consistent they’ve been with their fitness in years. With your own personal trainer, you’re closer than ever to the results you want.

2. Yoga Wake Up

With the Yoga Wake Up app, you might be swayed to become a morning person — even if you aren’t right now. These easy routines are ones you can do right from your bed and range from stretches that get the blood flowing, those that energize you, ones that increase your mindful breathing, and more.

3. MapMyFitness by Under Armor

The MapMyFitness app is free and essentially turns your phone into a personal trainer. Using your phone’s GPS capabilities, MapMyFitness monitors your favorite activity and delivers performance feedback. You can plan routes in Google Maps, listen to music, and receive encouragement via instant messages from friends from within the app. You can even sync your workouts with Under Armor smart shoes, allowing you to track everything from pace, stride length, and cadence, plus get personalized coaching tips along the way.

4. Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses offers you 250 yoga poses with accompanying video demos, modifications for beginners, and explanations about the benefits you can experience with each pose. This free app is ideal if you’re more comfortable exercising or learning new poses in private.

Best Fitness Apps for Women over 50 - Yoga at home

5. Openfit

Openfit offers live and on-demand classes led by real personal trainers. Whether you’re traveling or at home, you can join a live exercise group day and night. Choose from classes that run 15, 30, or 40 minutes long that are easy to fit into your busy schedule. Tap into a library of pre-recorded classes 24/7 at any fitness level. With Openfit, it’s like having a personal trainer to collaborate with to help you reach your fitness goals.

This app works in tandem with the MyXFitness Bike, which offers next-level fitness from the comfort of your home. 

Woman on a MyX Fitness Bike, workout bike, at-home workouts

6. Daily Burn

Daily Burn lets you seamlessly track both your caloric intake and your exercise output in one interactive place. The app includes a calorie counter that enables you to scan a food’s barcode and get instant nutritional information. You can also stream more than 1,000 workouts ranging from beginners to advanced.

7. Stay on Track

Stay on Track is a calorie tracking app that will help you start a new active lifestyle, improve your health, reach your target weight, and build healthy habits. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain it, Stay on Track will calculate the optimal daily calorie budget for you based on your goals.

Get the appAndroid and iOS 

8. You Are Your Own Gym

Working on the premise that you don’t have any equipment, You Are Your Own Gym is packed with 200 bodyweight exercises that tap into just your own body’s weight to be effective. Available for Apple and Android devices, this app also includes how-to videos and modifications so you can customize the exercises to your fitness level.

9. 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout app lets even the busiest women squeeze in exercise routines that are short yet effective. Using a combination of cardio and strength training exercises that don’t need any special equipment, the 7 Minute Workout also tracks your progress to keep you both motivated and challenged.

10. Couch to 5K Running App

If running a 5K is on your bucket list now that you’ve surpassed the half-century mark, it can be more than a little intimidating knowing how to get started. That’s where the Couch to 5K Running App comes in. Ease into training with a nine-week program that has you running three times a week for 30 minutes each time. Choose from four virtual coaches with their distinct personalities to keep you motivated.

The best fitness and wellness apps for older adults

1. Mighty Health

When you download Mighty Health, you get a health coach that not only keeps you motivated, but also creates a plan just for you. You’ll have access to low-impact exercises that are easy on your joints, as well as heart-healthy nutrition plans. Everything is also backed by doctors and trainers, helping you reach your goals in a safe and effective way. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

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The Best at-Home Spin Apps That Turn Your Living Room Into a Cycling Studio

2. Flip50

The Flip50 app has one mission: helping every person fifty and older create a healthy lifestyle. The guided lifestyle program gives you weekly plans tailored to your needs, including custom weekly menus, activity plans, and stress relief/self-care tips from experts. You also get access to gyms and classes, as well as discounts on things like massages and acupuncture. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

3. MapMyWalk

You don’t need to do high-intensity workouts in order to stay in shape. Really, all you need to do is get outside and walk. MapMyWalk allows you to track your walks and progress, as well as find fun new routes to take. You’ll also get motivational feedback that helps you reach the personal goals you set on the app. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

4. Noom

Noom is a behavior change app designed by psychologists that doesn’t focus on short-term goals. Instead, it focuses on life-long results. While the app is meant for all ages—helping people get fit and eat healthy through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques—it’s been shown to help the older generation in a big way. A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Diabetes followed 14,767 of Noom’s participants and found older adults were able to safely and effectively lose weight during the program, which can help decrease their risk of diabetes and other health issues. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

5. SilverSneakers GO

The SilverSneakers GO app is tailored to older adults at every fitness level. When you’re doing a workout, you can adjust each easy-to-follow exercise based on your comfort level by tapping your intensity level of choice: easier, standard, or harder. There’s also different programs you can do—including strength, walking, and meditation—in order to reach your fitness and health goals. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

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