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It is really hard to be a 1st year medical student, especially when you are new to the whole system. The first thing that comes into our mind when we hear the word “medical school” is that we need to memorize everything and become a doctor as soon as possible.

But let’s take a look at what are we going to do in our future as doctors? We will be spending most of our time on computers and mobile phones, so why not use them for something useful? Here are some of my favorite apps:

1) Quizlet: It allows you to create flashcards using different subjects. You can even make your own flashcard decks with your own content. It has an amazing feature called syncing which helps you keep all your devices updated with your flashcards so that you don’t have to create them again when you switch between them!

2) Google drive: This one should be pretty obvious but it’s important nonetheless! It allows us to store all our documents online so that they’re accessible from anywhere

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First year of medical student which app is best to study?

First year of MBBS can be hard and overwhelming. You have nothing much to worry about if you study everyday (for sometime at least) and attend your classes & practicals regularly; and be disciplined. You’ll get by. 🙂

Coming to apps/websites that are useful-

1- Online medical dictionary– very helpful! I used to refer to Taber’s that I had purchased. But it’s not required these days, if you’ve access to the internet.

How to use it?

Whenever you come across a new word, search for it online. Break down the word and learn the meaning. Make a mental note of it. Keep referring back to them till you retain it.

2- YouTube– especially useful for embryology and osteology. Others as well. And there’s Google of course.

Whenever you’re not sure of what you’re reading or don’t understand something, don’t ignore it. Try to find out more about it online. Watch videos which have highest views, for starters.

3- physiologyGURU app– It’s a free app by Dr Vivek Nalgirkar, a physiology faculty. Might help in clearing few tough concepts.

Other general advice-

  • Don’t start studying for PG entrances in first year. Give yourself a year to adjust to this new curriculum and college life. Meet new people, make new friends, participate in all the fest events, get to know your seniors, explore your college premises and nearby areas. Have fun!
  • Don’t ignore studies. Don’t postpone studying to the last minute. Studying for sometime each day makes it much easier than cramming things up at the last minute. And the latter is not cool at all. It makes things harder and worse.
  • Study smart, not just hard. You’ll eventually realise that no matter how many hours you decide to sit down and study, you’ll never be able to complete anything cover-to-cover, even once! And you don’t have to read everything or remember everything. Know what to skim through once & what to revise repeatedly. Learn to manage your time and resources well.
  • Become friends with good seniors, who give you the right guidance. They’ll guide you about how to read, what to read and so on. I remember, even to this day, how sweetly a senior had calmed me down when I was apprehensive about my first university exam. And we are good friends even today 🙂
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors about anything. And don’t shy away from asking questions when you have any.
  • Before you decide to buy any book, search for that book in your college library. Read it to check if you can understand whatever’s given, and if you really need to buy it. Few books can be very expensive and are seldom used later, due to their complex language.
  • If you don’t understand a concept from one book, try to read it from another book by a different author, from the library. Try to find an easier book to read from. Don’t cram.
  • Repeated revision is the key to remembering anything. Use active recall and spaced repetition method.
  • Try to make crisp notes of important topics. Personally, writing or making my own notes helped me to remember & recall easily. Do what suits you best. Be it studying in library or in groups, or studying while walking. Practice diagrams and flowcharts.

Best apps for 1st year mbbs students quora

  1. InSimu : Best app to diagnose and practice real life simulated cases. You can choose systemic examinations, almost all lab tests, imaging, special disease panels and finally you write submit your diagnosis in ICD-10 Codes. There are challenge modes like limited time, limited resources, etc. Almost every other person in our college has it and there’s no going back.
  1. Touch Surgery : Best app for learning surgery. There are 3D Simulations of every step in the surgery starting from painting draping till discharge. As a UG, I used to practice these virtual dissection surgeries before attending real OTs.
  1. CIMS India : The drug prescription assistant for Indian medicos. I love it because here, the drug doses are listed according to their indications !!
  2. 3D4 Medical : All Anatomy Apps from this segment of Elsevier like Complete Anatomy, Essential Anatomy are visually pleasing + informative. Such apps are best used with iPads/Tablets as small mobile screens defeat the purpose of these apps.
  3. Epocrates : Everything about the medical field at one place. I don’t use it frequently but just to complete the list.
  4. Marrow : For PG Preparation, it’s the best app out there. The interface & content is rich as it’s a Bengaluru based firm. I do not recommend Prepladder or Unacademy for the same. Other apps like DAMS eMedicoz and DBMCI eGurukul are best used in conjunction with classroom courses.

Best app for first and Second year MBBS students 

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy is one of the most important subjects in MBBS. It is very well explained in the best possible way. The instructor, Dr. Monalisa, is a World renowned faculty member of Human Anatomy and has been teaching this subject since many years now.



Assistant Professor Anatomy

Rama Medical College UP

Ex SR Lady Hardinge Medical College New Delhi

Ex Resident AF Medical College PUNE 

Xoom Academy app offers students a safe space where they can learn, ask questions, and receive feedback on their progress—all while having access to resources like recorded video lectures, live interactive sessions, slides and notes so they can make sure they are ready to pass exams with excellent grades. 

The lecture slides provided by Dr. Monalisa and high yield notes that contain important information about various topics covered at each lecture session so that student can quickly review what’s been learned before going to exams. Students can practice their knowledge with mock exams to know areas of weakness and improve 


Human Physiology is one of the most important subjects in MBBS curriculum. It is covered by Dr. Mustafa Sadiq, who is a well-qualified faculty member in Human Physiology. 



Internal Medicine

Instructor for Internal Medicine & Clinical Physiology

All topics are very well explained by the instructor in recorded video lectures followed by live interactive sessions with the instructor where students can ask him for clarifications on any topic in real time and clear their doubts. 


Xoom Academy app has a section on biochemistry which is taught by Professor Dr. Hasan Raza, one of the best instructors in Biochemistry.


Professor of Biochemistry 

Islam Medical College, Sialkot

All topics are very well explained by the instructor in recorded video lectures followed by live interactive sessions with the instructor. Xoom Academy app allows students to ask questions and get answers in live interactive sessions with their instructor—and they don’t need to worry about missing lectures or feeling overwhelmed by all their coursework.

Xoom Academy app is the best resource for first year MBBS students.

Xoom Academy is the best app for first year MBBS students. It provides all the resources that you need to succeed in your medical education and career. Xoom Academy has various features including recorded videos, live interactive sessions, slides, notes and quizzes that will help you prepare for professional exams. 

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