Agenda management software for government

There are so many agendas, meeting minutes, and surveys floating around among the staff of your local government. How are officials able to effectively manage all of this data in a seamless fashion? If you want to know more about the agenda management software used by many government agencies, keep reading.

Agenda Software Pro is a Web-based public policy making management system that enables collaborative development of critical legislative agendas and other strategic documents. Agenda Software Pro helps officials at all levels in state, county, and city governments to maximize the effectiveness of their public policy-making processes by providing essential core functionality that is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Government organizations are often tasked with managing large amounts of data, from employee information to important project plans.

This can be a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why many government agencies have turned to agenda management software to keep track of their projects, meetings, and more.

Agenda management software allows government agencies to organize their events, meetings, and other activities into an easy-to-use interface that lets them access important dates at a glance. In addition to helping you keep track of upcoming events, agenda management software also allows you to create reminders so that you never miss another deadline again!

Government agencies today face a unique set of challenges. Agencies need to be able to collaborate with other departments, manage their workloads effectively, and stay organized.

But for many government agencies, this is not yet possible. They’re still using old-fashioned paper agendas to schedule meetings and events. And when they do use software solutions, they tend to rely on a single platform that doesn’t work across the entire organization.

That’s why we built

, a comprehensive agenda management software solution designed specifically for government agencies. [Product name] allows you to:

-Collaborate with other departments

-Manage your workload effectively

-Structure your documents in an intuitive way

Agenda management software for government

Become the Hero of the Public Meetings Process

Ensure public meetings run smoothly, increase internal efficiency, and document decisions proficiently so policymaking is open and available.

Simplify Your Work Life

With easy-to-use tools that simplify your most time-consuming tasks, Granicus solutions help you get the job done. Watch the video to learn more.

Streamline the Entire Meeting Process

Save time and paper by automating agenda approval and meeting minutes management. Streamlined workflows make it easy to juggle changing priorities.

Collaborate From Any Device

Clerks and council members can access meeting materials on any device to view and edit agenda items in real time.

Provide Convenient Access for Citizens

Offer citizens and interested parties digital access to meeting agendas, live webcasting, video recording, and minutes​ in a central, searchable portal.

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