After school management software

After school management software that helps you manage your after school program.

The after school software market is one that is lacking in innovation and something that is not designed with children in mind. Teachers and parents are frustrated by the lack of functionality, usability, and user interface. We believe that a change in mindset is required when considering how children will interact and learn to use technology. If a child cannot operate the software your children are not going to have any interest in using it. Instead children will spend their time using Minecraft, watching videos on YouTube or playing games on their tablet or phone.

After School Management Software

School is out, and your students are in charge. But what if you could have a little more control over them?

With our after school management software, you can track attendance, grades, and even their location. You’ll feel like your kids are never out of reach again!

If you’re worried about how to keep tabs on your students during their after-school hours, we’ve got the solution for you. Our after school management software allows you to see where your students are at all times (even when they aren’t in class) and how well they’re doing academically.

We know that keeping track of your students can be difficult when they’re not in school – especially if some of them have unreliable transportation or live far away from their campuses. With our after school management software, you’ll be able to see exactly where each of your students is at any given moment, so that no matter where they go or what they do during those precious hours between classes, they’ll always be safe and sound in your hands!

After School is a web-based management software that helps teachers and students track their work and make sure they’re on track, so they can enjoy their after-school lives.

After school management software

Managing an educational institution is a daunting task, even for the experienced management team. Hundreds of students, dozens of teachers and groups of other staff, make it challenging to keep track of all their records. Because of an apparent lack of technology; administrators and other stakeholders have a hard time achieving their designated goals in the given time. As a result, the institute begins to lag, causing them to lose the desired candidate’s attention. And these are problems without considering the needs of the parents of the students. This is where the school management software comes into ease the difficulties. 

Integrating a software system with the administrative functions of the school will change so many aspects for the better. Reduced workload, easy communication, attendance management, tracking of payments, creating report cards and notices are just a few of the benefits that the system can offer. The impact of these changes will bring about new advancements for the institution, and we can keep up with the rapidly evolving world. 

Before School Management Software

The implementation of technology in educational sectors is not a very old concept. Only recently, most of the schools have decided to run their institutions with such software. Some of the problems they used to face before using a school management tool are discussed here- 

1. Communication gap

With no universal communication medium or no convenient way to send messages to all students; the staff had to carry messages to every single class to convey a message from the principal or the teachers. There would be no way to send these messages to students who were absent that day. Moreover, parents want to see the test scores and talk to the teachers regularly to evaluate precisely how their kids are faring academically. With no particular communication medium, parents would have to make time out of their work hours to go and meet the teachers personally.

2. Use of pen and paper

Schools have to buy pen and paper in bulk to keep records of various functions of the institution. Ranging from the accountant keeping track of income, expenses, fee collection etc. to the teachers maintaining records of students, their grades, the exam mark sheet, attendance and so on; all activities require some written form of documentation. 

3. Data Collection Issues

Collection of accurate information of the students, teachers, staff etc. is essential to maintain and regulate school functionalities. So much information has to be recorded about one single person that collecting the data of every individual turns out to be a massive challenge. There is also the issue of storing the data with proper security, and it has to be accessible to the right person at the right time.

4. Manage attendance & exams manually 

Teachers of every school must maintain the attendance of their students and also keep track of everyday tests, homework and other marks. The period after semester finals keeps the teachers very busy because they have to check the scripts of all the students and write down their marks manually. These tasks are somewhat clerical, and teachers have to give up their valuable time and effort to note down such data with pen and paper. 

5. Manual Fee Collection 

An accountant of a school has so many big and small tasks on his plate. He has to look over the fee collection activities as well as all the income and expenses of an entire institution. Keeping proper records of all this data is surely troublesome and is more prone to mistakes. A small financial mistake can accumulate to considerable misunderstandings in some cases. 

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