Adverse event management software

Adverse Event Management Software from First Data Resources, Inc. is a single software solution to maintain regulatory compliance and reports, identify compliance and performance trends, and act as an audit trail for Adverse Event Investigations. ADE-Track’s strong reminder feature allows the user to enter reminders, and the automatic reminder will send the user an email with instructions, step-by-step guides, or other specified messages. The reminders can be sent at any time and users are free to use their own words, directly from the email client they are most comfortable using (Outlook or Gmail).

Adverse event management software is crucial to effective health care facility administration. It replaces or complements paper-based methods with electronic systems that enable efficient and timely receipt of medical records, audit trails, and electronic submission of compliance information.

Adverse event management software is an essential tool for healthcare providers. It enables them to manage and report on adverse events that occur in a hospital or clinic. An adverse event is anything that causes harm to a patient, whether it be from a drug reaction or from a surgery error. The software helps hospitals keep track of these errors so they can improve their safety procedures.

There are many different types of adverse event management software. Some are used internally while others are used externally by third parties such as insurance companies or regulatory agencies. These programs allow healthcare providers to easily track patient complaints and ensure the quality of care they provide their patients.

Adverse event management software is a way to track, monitor and manage adverse events in healthcare settings.

Adverse events are a type of safety incident that can lead to injury or death of patients, staff and visitors. They are preventable events that can occur at any stage of care, from pre-operative through to post-discharge. Sometimes adverse events occur after an intervention has been implemented and the outcome is not what was expected.

Adverse events may occur as a result of medical error or negligence. For example, if there is a delay in diagnosing a condition or administering treatment, this can lead to an adverse event happening. Adverse events can also occur due to faulty equipment or poor communication between staff members and patients/carers/visitors.

Adverse event management software helps organisations keep track of these things so they can prevent them from happening again in future – saving lives and money!

Adverse event management software

Adverse event reporting system

As side effects can happen with almost any medicine, it is important to have the optimal adverse event reporting system. Report and manage negative side effects of medication at hospitals, pharmacies and other health care facilities with Synergi Life’s Adverse Drug Reaction Management software.

Use simplified or advanced report forms, with the adverse reaction management software. With Synergi Life’s user-friendly system, you can manage classification, perform causes analysis and take actions and measures.

The Adverse Drug Reaction Management software tool gives you:

  • Internal reports covering adverse event reporting
  • External reports covering adverse event reporting
  • Statistics/reports for analysis
  • Feedback
  • Experience transfer within your health care organization

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