Acoustica audio editing software

Acoustica Audio is the number one audio recording and mixing software on the market today. This powerful software features advanced sound recording, editing and mixing capabilities that allow you to get creative and have fun with audio files.

Acoustica is one of the best programs to use for editing audio files, which allows you to convert audio from one format to another, edit MP3 tags and even record from an audio CD.  

Acoustica audio editing software is the best way to edit your audio files. It’s easy to use, affordable, and has a ton of features.

Acoustica is the best way to edit your audio files because it’s so easy to use. You can drag and drop files into the program, start editing them right away, and save them as new files when you’re finished.

It’s also affordable—the basic version is just $30! And if you want more features like noise reduction or pitch adjustment, there are paid upgrades available for purchase.

And Acoustica has a ton of features. You can cut out parts of the audio file that you don’t want with the “cut” tool; add in sound effects with the “effect” tool; adjust volume levels with the volume slider; remove noise with the noise reduction tool; and much more.

Acoustica audio editing software

Acoustica 7.4 — now with new ARA2 Plug-in

Acoustica 7 is the perfect solution for audio editing, podcast creation, mastering and audio restoration on both Mac and PC. The application is available in a Premium Edition and a lower cost Standard Edition. Both include a powerful and sample accurate clip editor that lets you navigate and edit single track audio with pristine quality. You can also create multitrack sessions where you can import or record audio clips to separate tracks that you can mix and process.

Acoustica 7 Screenshot

The Premium Edition adds advanced features such as spectral editing with powerful retouch algorithms and multi-channel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2. The new Acoustica ARA plug-in offers the complete functionality of Acoustica’s clip editor and can be seamlessly integrated into digital audio workstations (DAWs) with ARA2 support. A large collection of plug-ins are included and seamlessly integrated into the application. With the Premium Edition, you can also use these in other host applications supporting VST, VST3, AAX or Audio Units (Mac only):

  • Mastering Suite consisting of Equalize 2, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit and Dither.
  • Verberate 2, our renowned natural sounding reverb plug-in
  • Restoration Suite 2 with four plug-ins for audio restoration: DeNoise 2, DeHum 2, DeClick 2 and DeClip 2.
  • Extract:Dialogue automatically reduces background noise in dialogue recordings
  • DeWind:Dialogue automatically reduces wind noise from dialogue
  • DeRustle:Dialogue automatically reduces clothing rustle and microphone bump noise from lavalier recordings
  • DeBuzz:Dialogue automatically reduces buzz and hum noises such as neon light buzz, AC power hum, RF transmission interference from dialogue recordings
  • DeClick:Dialogue reduces mouth clicks and lip smacks from recorded dialogue
  • DePlosive:Dialogue reduces unwanted plosive sounds from recorded dialogue
  • DeBird reduces bird noise effectively and automatically
  • Transfer, an AAX plug-in that makes audio transfers between Pro Tools and Acoustica a breeze.

The Standard Edition also includes a wide range of processing tools integrated into the application. Both editions offer VST, VST3 and Audio Unit (Mac only) plug-in support and a Remix tool based on deep learning that can split a complete mix in up to five stems and remix them in real-time. You can also import a complete mix into a multitrack session and let Acoustica create separate tracks for each stem automatically.

The flexible user interface with docking window panes gives access to an arsenal of real-time analysis tools, including EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness metering, true peak level metering, phase correlation measurements and spectrum analysis. You can save and load workspace files that contain the list of open files, the content of the processing chain and the window layout.

Acoustica is available free of charge for up to 30 days. Please use one of the download links on the right-hand side of this page to download your trial now.

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macOS | Version 7.4.7

Buy Now Full Versions Acoustica Premium Edition 7.x
US$199.90 Acoustica Standard Edition 7.x
US$59.90 Upgrades (license key required) Upgrade to Standard Edition 7.x
US$19.90 | From Standard Edition 5.x or 6.x Upgrade to Premium Edition 7.x
US$79.90 | From Premium Edition 5.x or 6.x Cross-Upgrade to Premium Edition 7.x
US$159.90 | From Standard Edition 5.x through 7.x Press Reviews Tremendous-value feature-rich suite of restoration and audio-editing processors with a fantastic new stem-separation tool. MT Choice Award and MT Value Award.
MusicTech Magazine | April 2020 I unhesitatingly recommend Acoustica for its quality results.
Tape Op Magazine | Issue 143 Features 5/5 | Ease of Use 4.5/5 |
Value for Money 5/5 | Review 2020 Even the standard edition offers incredible functionality for little money. Top! 5.5 / 6
Beat 02 | 2018 Wow! I’ve never started a review with ‘Wow!’ but this product really deserves it.
Australian Videocamera | August 2017 Acoustica 7 is all about getting audio editing tasks done quickly, efficiently and with excellent sound quality — BRILLIANT 95%
Bedroom Producers Blog | August 28, 2017 Testimonials Finally a stereo and surround audio editor which is elegant, fast and has great plug-in support. Acoustica is now a backbone of my workflows. The built-in tools are also of very high quality.
Nirto Karsten Fischer, NSONICS I have been in search for an audio editor with a minimalist UI, streamlined workflow and professional feature set for quite some time now — the wait is over!
Amadeus Paulussen, kubus media

Ultimate Audio Quality

Acoustica offers support for state-of-the-art audio resolutions up to 32 bit and sampling rates up to 384 kHz, ensuring that all of your work comes across at the highest quality. Acoustica Premium Edition even supports multi-channel audio recording and editing such as 5.1 surround or 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos.

Audio Restoration

Integrated audio restoration tools help you get the most out of recordings impaired by background noise, clicks, crackle, clipping or missing high frequency content. The Premium Edition contains the same set of professional tools as our Restoration Suite.

Spectral Editing (Premium Edition only)

The new spectral editing mode in Acoustica Premium Edition 7 allows precise restoration work since processing can be limited to isolated regions in time and frequency. Selection tools such as brush, freehand or magic wand are available. The retouch tool removes noise based on a freely selectable reference from the surrounding audio.

Multitrack Editing

Mix audio from different tracks in real-time, insert audio effects or create cross-fades easily in multitrack sessions. You can loop or time stretch clips directly from the multitrack timeline and automate volume, pan and send levels.

Processing Tools, Chains and Plug-ins

High quality processing tools ranging from a new suite of dynamic processing tools to EQ and effects like reverb and chorus are integrated along with sample rate conversion, time stretching and pitch shifting. You can create chains of audio processors and apply or store them for later use. A powerful batch processor is included and VST, VST3 and AU (Mac only) plug-ins are supported.

Analysis Tools

Analysis tools such as spectrum, spectrogram and wavelet analysis are available. Real-time analyzers visualize your audio output (EBU R-128 loudness, level, spectral and phase correlation).

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