Accounting software with receipt scanning

Accounting software has come a long way. Today you can use modern accounting software to not only manage your finances, but also to check your stock’s price in real time and even make cheap phone calls to international destinations. But what if we told you that some accounting software even allows you to scan receipts with your smartphone?

In this post, we’ll look at the best receipt scanning apps and software for Android. There is a wide variety of products available, but in our opinion the best way to quickly scan receipts and save them as PDFs on your phone is by using third-party apps.

With Accounting Software with Receipt Scanning, you’ll have a single place to manage your finances and record all the receipts and expenses that come with running a business.

The software is easy to use, allowing you to enter new transactions, search through your old ones, and export reports in a variety of formats. You can also add photos of receipts if you’d like more proof of purchase.

The software will automatically do tax calculations for you, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out how much money goes into each tax category.

When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep track of your receipts in order to keep your books balanced and make sure you’re getting paid for the things you sell. Receipt scanning software is one way to make sure that process goes smoothly—and we have the best!

We have a wide selection of receipt scanning software, so whether you need a simple system to digitize invoices or want something more robust with features like inventory management and email integration, we’ve got it. Our products are designed by accountants, so they’re easy to use and they’ll help you spend less time managing paperwork and more time doing what matters most: growing your business.

Accounting software with receipt scanning

Compare the top Receipt Scanner Apps reviewed here and scan your receipts using the best Receipt Scanning Software:

organizations offer their employees the facility to reimburse various types of fees, including network fees, vacation fees, along with others. Employees are required to share the receipt of the expenses on the dashboard and send it to the manager in charge to get it verified.

To scan such receipts and manage the transactions, specific applications are available in the market, these are called receipt scanners, and these make the scanning process easy.

So in this article, we will discuss the best receipt scanner applications.

What are Receipt Scanners

Best Receipt Scanner Apps

Receipt scanners are specific applications that allow users to scan their receipts and share them with the respective authorities. These receipt scanner applications are equipped with a character reading feature which allows them to create a digital print of the receipts received.

So users can share these digital prints on the receipt submission portal, and once the receipts are submitted, the manager can approve them, and thus, the amount is reimbursed.

Uses of Receipt Scanning Software

There are various advantages of a receipt scanner that make it useful for users, and some of them are discussed below:

  • Cloud StorageThe receipt scanners come in with a cloud storage feature, so all the scanned reports are saved in a cloud database, making them easily accessible.
  • Easy Management and Reimbursement: The process of receipt management has become effortless with receipt scanners, as they have made it easier to integrate employee information and bank details to complete reimbursements.
  • Report Creation: When the employees scan their receipts using the application, it converts them into a digital copy, creates a report, and shares it with the manager.
  • Tax Deduction: Some receipt applications also provide tax deduction tips, which makes it easier for the users to increase their profits and marginalize their expenses.
  • Fast Approvals: When applications create instant reports, it’s easy for the manager to check the receipts and approve them for instant payments.

Market Trends: The Mordor Intelligence reports show that the global receipt scanner market will offer an exponential rise of over $1 billion in the coming years. As expected, there would be around a 5.2% increase in the demand for document scanners and the countries contributing the maximum to it would be mostly Asia-Pacific.


Expert Advice:

  • Small-scale businesses can opt for open source applications as they are cost-friendly.
  • Some receipt scanners can be expensive and can provide tax reduction suggestions, but you need to look for the long run.
  • It’s beneficial to take a month’s trial plan before investing in premium versions.
  • Always ask for a customized quote if you need it for thousands of employees.

FAQs About Receipt Scanner

Q #1) What is the best app for scanning receipts?

Answer: Expensify and Wave Accounting are some of the high in demand receipt scanning and management applications. Furthermore, there are various applications that provide users with the feature of scanning receipts, and you can always choose the best one based on your requirements.

Q #2) What is the fastest way of scanning receipts?

Answer: The scanning and processing of documents depend on the application used by the user, so if you use the fastest application as per your requirements, you will get quick results. Also, users have claimed that Expensify and Zoho expense are the fastest and useful applications.

Q #3) Which is the best document scanner?

Answer: There are various document scanners, but Office Lens, Google Lens, and Adobe Scan stand out as the best document scanners.

Q #4) How do you digitally organize receipts?

Answer: There are various ways to do so, either save your receipts in Google Drive and organize them or you can use receipt scanners, which sort and organize tickets based on their category.

Q #5) Can I scan my receipts for tax purposes?

Answer: Yes, numerous receipt scanners can scan your receipt for tax purposes and then create a report.

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List of the Top Receipt Scanner Apps

Enlisted below are some popular receipt scanning software:

  1. Expensify
  2. Wave Accounting
  3. Smart Receipts
  4. Shoeboxed
  5. Neat Receipts
  6. Evernote Scannable
  7. ABUKAI Expenses
  8. QuickBooks Online
  9. Zoho Expense
  10. Veryfi

Comparison of the Best Receipt Scanning Software

ToolsBest ForPriceRatings
ExpensifyIt is an all-rounder app that can perform various scanning tasks as per the requirement.For Business
Collect $5/user/month with an Expensify card
Control: From $9/ user/month with Expensify card
Wave AccountingWave is most suitable for small businesses or self-employed people.Payments(Pay-per-Use):
Bank Payments: 1% (minimum fee $1)
Credit card payments: 3.4
Tax Service states: $35 monthly base fee
Self Service states: $20 monthly base fee
Smart ReceiptsThis receipt scanner is the best choice for generating custom reports.Free
Zoho ExpenseThis application is most suitable for automated processes.Free
Premium: $5/active user/month
Enterprise: $8/active user/month
Neat ReceiptsThis application is most suitable for team working and team collaboration as it manages team receipts and gets them approved by a manager.Neat Files $25/month ($300 billed yearly)
Neat Books $36/month ($432 billed yearly)

Detailed review:

#1) Expensify

Best for an all-rounder app that can perform many scanning tasks for specific requirements.


Expensify is a one-place solution for all the receipt scan issues faced by the users, as it is a cloud-based working platform that makes it easier for the user to make it accessible. Also, it comes with features to directly scan the rates and input the receipts in the system. This application is easily affordable for the corporate sector as it becomes easier to track billings.


  • It stands as the most used and highly rated receipt scanner application.
  • Also, this application has an easy next-day employee reimbursement feature, which makes it easier to settle receipts.
  • It also generates a different expense report, making it easier to keep track of employee expenses.

Verdict: This is a handy application as it comes in with many features like an easy scan of the receipts and following day employee reimbursement features. But various Android and iOS users have complained about application crashes.


For Business

  • Collect (Custom coding, accounting, integration): From $5/user/month with Expensify card
  • Control (Multilevel approval, custom reporting, expense policies, access control): From $9/ user/month with Expensify card

For Individual/Self-Employed

  • Track (Send invoices, make payments, split bills, track mileage): Free up to 25 intelligent scans/month
  • Submit (Send expenses reports, share payments, and invoices): Free up to 25 intelligent scans/month.

Website: Expensify

#2) Wave Accounting

Best for small businesses or self-employed people.

Wave Accounting

Wave application makes it easier for small business people to integrate their expenses and ensure easy accounting as they offer various free features and free applications. Users can link their Wave accounts to other Wave applications and quickly set up receipt management, making it easier to integrate accounts.


  • It is a free receipt scanning software, making it affordable and valuable.
  • It integrates with other Wave products to provide complementary services.
  • It also provides the offline scan feature and uploads the receipts into the software when you are connected to a network.

Verdict: A wave is a handy tool as it helps small businesses minimize their expenses and increase their profits. Also, it integrates with other Wave services to provide complimentary features.


Accounting: Free

Payments (Pay-per-Use):

  • Bank Payments: 1% (minimum fee $1)
  • Credit card payments: 3.4%+30 cents per transaction from American Express 2.9%+30 cents per transaction from Visa, Mastercard, Discover


  • Tax Service states: $35 monthly base fee + $6/active user+ $6 per independent contractor paid
  • Self Service states: $20 monthly base fee + $6/active user+ $6 per independent contractor paid

Website: Wave Accounting

#3) Smart Receipts

Best for generating custom reports.

Smart receipts are an open-source application; therefore, it is the most affordable pick. It is an open-source application, so users can change the application’s code and customize it for themselves.

This application also provides users with the features to sort receipts based on various filters. It allows them to save the reports in multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, and others.


  • It is a free open source software which makes it convenient to use.
  • It helps you make thorough, customized reports on various expenses and convert them to the desired formats.
  • It provides various sorting factors, making it easier to sort and assemble expense reports.

Verdict: Smart Receipts is a free, open-source application that makes it easier to save reports in various formats and create customized reports.

Price: Free

Website: Smart Receipts

#4) Shoeboxed

Best for tax purposes, as it makes it easier to manage tax reports.


Shoeboxed is a perfect pick for a saving business plan as it allows users to manage the receipts and convert them into digital receipts easily. It is an outsource receipt managing company, so they focus on providing their best services to users and give suggestions on tax deductions based on over 20 tax categories.


  • It allows easy categorization by the tax category.
  • It also provides you with suggestions on how you can deduct tax.
  • It provides outsourced paper-receipt printing and also offers unlimited online document storage.

Verdict: Shoeboxed is a handy application for tax-saving purposes, but is a bit expensive than other league applications.

Price (Billed annually)

  • Startup: $18/month
  • Professional: $36/month
  • Business: $54/month

Website: Shoeboxed

#5) Neat Receipts

Best for team working and team collaboration as it manages team receipts and gets them approved by the manager.


Neat is a handy tool as it comes in with various features, which makes it easier for a team to send receipts and retain reimbursements. This application provides users with unlimited document storage, which further simplifies the process of collecting and sorting receipts.

This tool also includes the feature of line itemization, which allows users to mention each expense in their receipts quickly.


  • It allows users to sync their bank accounts, and credit cards to manage expenses efficiently.
  • It makes it easier to share reports with respected authorities and manage documents.
  • It provides unlimited document storage, making it easier to sort documents, and also it allows users to itemize each line of their receipts.

Verdict: This is an easy-to-use application that provides users with various features to manage receipts of a team but it is a bit expensive compared to other service providers.


  • Neat Files: $25/month ($300 billed yearly)
  • Neat Books: $36/month ($432 billed yearly)

Website: Neat Receipts

#6) Evernote Scannable

Best for being handy and is best suited for iOS users.

Evernote has always been remembered as a note-making application that made it easier for users to make notes and even create documents. It also provides various other services that allow users to scan receipts and label them accordingly.


  • It allows users to label and tag receipts, making it easier to manage and sort them.
  • It allows users to edit receipts and add text and audio to the receipt.
  • It makes it easier for the users to manage and sort receipt storage.

Verdict: This application makes it easier for the users to manage receipts, but it is highly preferred for iOS devices.


  • Premium: $5.99/mo, $49.99/year

Website: Evernote Scannable

#7) ABUKAI Expenses

Best for newly started businesses as it is quite straightforward.


ABUKAI has made it easier to scan reports and share them in the portals for reimbursements. This application directly mails the reports to the emails, so users don’t have to open the submission portal again. Overall, this application is easily navigable, and also it simplifies the process of receipt management for the users.


  • This application is straightforward to use with accessible navigation features.
  • This application shares report directly to the mentioned email.
  • There is no need to pay for storage services as receipt reports will reach directly in your email.

Verdict: This application is costly compared to its features, but it can be beneficial for you if you rarely scan receipts.

Price: Free

  • Individual: $99/year
  • Standard Corporate: $99/year+ $49 one time setup
  • Custom Corporate: Request quote depending on the requirements

Website: ABUKAI Expenses

#8) QuickBooks Online

Best for small businesses.


Quickbook is an application that provides its users with many features, making it easier for them to manage regular working. It allows for features like profit management and bookkeeping. So this application is an all-in-one application for small-scale people in business.


  • It supports various formats of images to upload receipts in multiple formats.
  • It helps you generate statements and account receivables, making it easier to manage expenses.
  • It helps you manage books for your expenses and create tax categories for them, too.

Verdict: This application has various features, but it is expensive compared to other applications in the same category.


  • Easy Start $10/month
  • Essentials $20/month
  • Plus $30/month

Website: QuickBooks Online

#9) Zoho Expense

Best for automated processes.


This application is handy for travel expense flow as it allows users to manage their working and receipt sharing in the most organized way. Also, Zoho provides the feature of unlimited scanning and sharing of receipts through the application.

Besides this, the application works distinctly for employees and employers as it collects receipts from employees and converts them into reports for employers to view and approve.


  • It is the most secure application for managing your receipts, as it is equipped with SSL-level security.
  • It makes it easier to create reports with the receipts attached, making it easier to get approved.
  • It provides users with a dashboard to monitor the updates on the receipts provided.

Verdict: This is a handy application that makes it easier for the users to automate a specific process, but it takes some time to get habitual to it.


  • Free
  • Premium: $5/active user/month
  • Enterprise: $8/active user/month

Website: Zoho Expense

#10) Veryfi

Best for ensuring top-level data security and privacy, so it is best to keep your data secure.


Veryfi is a beneficial and fast application that makes it easier for the users to keep track of expense receipts and comes equipped with a complimentary time tracking feature. Also, if you have a client with sensitive information, then Veryfi can be very useful for you, as it has robust data privacy algorithms that ensure that your data remains safe and secure.


  • It is a quick application that can extract user data instantly and make sure that you get immediate results.
  • It is beneficial for sensitive data as it follows strict data privacy guidelines.
  • It also provides a time tracking feature at affordable prices.

Verdict: Overall, this application is beneficial as it comes in with expense management, time tracking feature, and ICR (Intelligent Character Reading), making it easier to scan receipts.


  • Expense Management $13.75/active user/month
  • Time Management $5 /active user/month

Website: Veryfi

Other Notable Applications

#11) Clear Scanner

The clear scan is an easy-to-use application with a healthy polished interactive interface, making it easier for the users to access its services efficiently. It has an intelligent document detection technology that makes it easier to scan particular documents from an image.


  • It has an automatic Document Detection technique that allows users to place a document, and then the application will crop the document part.
  • This allows you to edit documents with various options available in them.

Price: $2.99

Website: Clear Scanner

#12) Office Lens

Microsoft developed an application to make it easier for its users to scan receipts and share documents. This application has various modes depending on the document which needs to be scanned. Also, the application allows users to enhance and trim the documents to be shared.


  • It has a unique border feature that allows users to view the magnified borders when they trim the selected image.
  • It is a product by Microsoft, so it easily integrates with Microsoft products, enhancing its accessibility.

Price: Free

Website: Office Lens

#13) Genius Scanner

Genius Scan is a product by Grizzly labs that focuses on providing users with top-notch products to make their work easier. Genius Scan has various features, which make it the top pick for any bulk work, and also it is entirely affordable for small-scale businesses.


  • It can scan a great bunch of documents instantly, which makes it easier to handle bulk work.
  • It provides users with features that make it easier for them to apply various filters and trim effects on the scan to make it clear.


  • Basic Free
  • Plus $7.99 (one-time fee)
  • Cloud $2.99/month

Website: Genius Scanner

#14) Next Prepare

Next Prepare is a handy application as it allows users to manage their receipts and create expense reports from the same. It will allow users to produce bank statements to integrate with major accounting applications easily. Also, it sorts documents in costs, sales, and banks, which makes it easier to manage documents.


  • It extracts information from the receipt line items, making it easier to label them accordingly.
  • It easily integrates with various accounting software, making it easy to export data to those applications.

Pricing: (Billed annually)

  • Business $20/month
  • Premium $40/month
  • Enterprise $60/month

Website: Next Prepare

#15) Freshbooks App

Freshbooks is a handy application that makes it easier to create record books of all the expenses made by the user. Also, it has some extra features like invoice raising an invoice payment which helps the users to manage it easily.

This application is handy for corporate use.


  • It can get easily synced with your mobile phone and your system, so you can access data quickly.
  • It makes it easier to keep track of all the expenses made by the employee.


  • Lite $4.5/month (5 billables)
  • Plus $7.5/month (15 billables)
  • Premium $15/month (unlimited billables)
  • Custom: Ask for a quote

Website: Freshbooks App


Office expenses need to be handled in an organized manner, otherwise, one can lose the right to reimburse and wait for the next payment cycle to get the amount released. So there are various applications known as receipt scanners that make this task easier by providing excellent features and services.

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