Accounting software with inventory control

To run a business, you need to have good accounting from the day you start. However with the development of mobile industry and the internet, Accounting software is made easy with inventory control features in various packages.

If you are an accountant with no control over your inventory and your accounting software, would you hire someone to help? Sure, you could if you absolutely had to, but chances are you wouldn’t because that person might make more of a mess than is already there.

Accounting software with inventory control is a powerful business tool that helps you keep track of your supply and demand.

It allows you to make better decisions about what products to order, when to place them into inventory, and where to store them. You can also use this software to track the cost of each item in your inventory, which will help you keep an eye on your profit margins.

Inventory control is a vital part of the accounting process.

It can help you to ensure that your inventory is properly tracked, and that your records are accurate.

All too often, businesses fail to maintain complete and accurate records of their inventory. This can lead to a number of problems, including lost sales opportunities, higher costs for goods, and increased risks for fraud or abuse within the company’s supply chain. By using an accounting software program with inventory control features, you can make sure that all of your sales are accounted for accurately and consistently—no matter where they come from or how they are made.

Accounting software with inventory control

Free Inventory Management Software For Your Trading Business

Say hello to ProfitBooks which helps you manage your stock, purchases and sales orders using one powerful interface.

100% FREE inventory software. No strings attached.

Free Inventory Management Software For Traders

Track All Your Orders At One Place

Stay on top of sales operations

Create Sales Orders

Efficiently Manage Sales Orders

Easily create the Sales Orders and manage the entire order workflow. You can fulfil the orders partially and create invoices only for the delivered items.

Organise Orders According To Projects

You can easily categorise all the orders according to the projects. This way it becomes super easy to track the fulfilment status of a specific project.

Never Miss A Single Payment

Create professional invoices & track receivables

Create Invoices With Payment Links

ProfitBooks lets you create professional invoices with the payment gateway integration. You can track the receivables with in-depth reports. Multiple currencies supported.

Get Customer Insights

Find out the high-value customers with few clicks. All the transactions related to a specific customer are shown on the customer screen.

Create Invoices & Manage Customers

Take Complete Control Of Your Inventory

Watch how ProfitBooks can help you manage inventory & systemise the operations

Simplify Purchase Workflow

Create Purchase Orders and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase.

Stock Control & Adjustments

Record stock transfer between warehouses, stock wastage, raw material consumption and production of finished goods – All from a super simple interface.

Maintain Product Batches

Organise products in different batches and specify batch numbers, manufacturing date and expiry dates. This helps a lot if you are a manufacturer or deal with perishable goods.

Create Multiple Users

You can add multiple users and even assign them specific roles. For example, an employee with ‘inventory manager’ role can only access the inventory function.

Maintain Multiple Warehouses

Create multiple warehouses to store inventory. You can even call them as Store, Location or Godown as per your business needs.

Support Multiple Currencies

ProfitBooks Trade supports all the major currencies. You even get a report that shows gain or loss due to currency fluctuation.

Completely FREE Inventory Management Software

No free trial. No demo download. No gimmicks.

Totaly Risk Free

There is no risk of losing your data for failing to renew your account. You can even export your entire data anything.

Unrestricted Features

We’ve not restricted any features. You get to use all the features that are essential to run a business.

Forever Free

Your ProfitBooks account will never expire. So, no need to remember those renewal dates.

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