Accounting software for stock market

Are you tired of looking through the cloud of confusion surrounding tax software for stock market? Is it hard for you to decide whether you should use Stockwatch or TurboTax. In an effort to help you get some clarity, we’ve put together this guide to help sort out this mess.

Understanding your finances is an integral part of the stock market. Without it, you leave the odds stacked against you. Most new traders attempt to jump into this complex industry without using any sort of accounting software. This is a huge mistake, and will inevitably lead to failure. It’s very important to manage your finances in the same precise way that a major corporation manages their budget.

Are you looking for accounting software for stock market? Then you have come to the right place. We have been providing accounting solutions for stock market since last 10 years. We have developed this software after a lot of research and development. Our software has many features which will help you in managing your business better.

Our software is very easy to use and can be used by anyone without any prior knowledge of accounting. The most important thing about our software is that it will help you in getting accurate results without any mistakes.

We are also offering free demo version so that people can try before they buy it. If you want to purchase our product then please click on Buy now button below and complete the registration process to get your copy of accounting software for stock market delivered at your doorstep within 2 working days

Stock market trading is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge and experience. The most experienced traders know that the best way to succeed in this field is to have the right tools and software.


software is designed with this in mind. It has all the features you need to make informed trading decisions, such as:

-Live streaming of stock market data from around the world

-Real-time updates on stocks and indexes, including analysis of trends and changes in market trends

-Access to historical financial records for any company traded on major exchanges around the world

-A customizable dashboard for monitoring your portfolio performance across multiple markets at once

Accounting software for stock market

Dealing with stock market transactions every day is no easy task. Keeping track of so many markets, multiple positions in a portfolio and, strategizing for future investments is already a tough job. No wonder, so many professional traders use a stock market accounting software to make sure their share accounting tasks are simplified.

Stock Market is specified market were numerous buyers and sellers can trade in shares and various kinds of securities under a controlled, organized and regulated environment.

The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

Warren Buffet

What is Stock Portfolio Management Software?

Stock Portfolio Management software is used by individual investors, traders and investment managers to monitor and optimize performance of their own and their clients’ investments. It can be a standalone application or part of an integrated portfolio management system that also includes other financial applications such as budgeting tools, tax preparation programs, etc. The main purpose of this type of software is to help you manage your personal finances and make better trading decisions in order to achieve better results with less efforts.

A stock portfolio management software helps you manage your portfolio in a more efficient way than ever before. It allows you to track all aspects of your trading activity including:

  • Your trades
  • Your stock growth rate
  • The amount invested per trade
  • The profit or loss on each transaction
  • Capital Gains/Loss on each transaction
  • The total value of your account at any given time
  • All transactions are recorded automatically into an easy to read format that can be exported for further analysis.

Why do you need a Stock Market Accounting Software?

Stock Market Accounting Software is basically a system which manages your personal stock market portfolio (share market investment) and takes care of your transactions and action report regarding the stock market, which also manages accounting part of it.  

The internet gives you many accounting software options to choose from, but it comes with a cost. Professionals don’t have time to test out software when there are thousands, if not millions, of rupees at stake. 

When a professional starts to shop for software that will ease their workload, it will potentially help them make millions. They want something reliable, functional, and with an easy to use UI. They need a tried and tested tool that will not fail them in the heat of the battle. 

They should be able to get up and running quickly without having to spend hours on end trying to figure things out or getting frustrated by bugs. The last thing they want is to waste precious time searching through forums and blogs looking for answers to questions about how to set-up their new software.

Invest Plus has been designed keeping all these points in mind. Try our free demo version and see for yourself. 

Lifetime free version of Invest Plus Software available for Download

What makes Invest Plus better than other Stock Market Accounting Software?

We believe that investing is a very complex process and requires a lot of attention and effort. We understand that most people who invest in stocks either start off small or even lose money because they lack knowledge and experience. This is why we created Invest Plus – A user friendly, simple yet powerful solution to keep track of everything related to your stock market portfolio. Some of the powerful and advanced features include: 

Stock Market Portfolio Manager

Stock Market Portfolio Management Software will help sellers and buyers to keep track of bought-sold stocks. Basically, the stock market portfolio manager will keep data of all the transactions, which will remind you or guide you of your daily expenses over the stock market and savings, earnings over the stock market with various reports like stock valuation, short-term gain report, long-term gain report, speculation report and many more.

Auto Update Stock Rate (Bhav Copy)

Auto rate update will give your portfolio valuation of current market rate. Invest Plus will update your investment portfolio with the livestock market rate. That also provides EOD (end of the day) Bhav Copy to check valuation at the end of the market to the current date.

Almost Entry Less

Invest plus is almost an entry less software (no manual data entry required) where you can directly import data from more than 300 stock market brokers, future and option, bank statements and mutual funds. Once the statements and bills have been imported, everything else will be taken care of by the software and accounting entries will be made to their respective accounts.

Multiple Demat Account

You can manage multiple Demat accounts of your stock market portfolio. You can add as much number of demats as you wish. All the details regarding each account including name, address, phone no., email id etc. will be stored in the database. All the information regarding your Demat accounts will be kept in the database.

Corporate Actions

When a company offers dividends, refunds or interest to the investors, it might be difficult to keep a track of them. With Invest Plus, the investors would be benefited with the corporate actions, and all the benefits would be directly credited to the investors account or Demat holders account.

Future and Options

The hardest part of the stock market portfolio is to manage Future and Options inventory and accounting. With Invest Plus you can do it with just one click. It helps you to save time and energy. You will be able to track your future investments, options contracts and other financial instruments in a single place. The software also allows you to create reports for all these items at once. This way you will have an overview over your investment strategy.

Generates Customized reports

Reports are basically the snapshots of the processed transactions till the date. Invest Plus helps you generate more than 300 reports like Opening-Closing Stock, Broker Bills, Daily Stock (share market) Rate, Corporate Actions, etc. We generate customized reports as per customer’s needs by importing all the financial transactions from single or consolidated files.

Data Storage and Backup

You can keep storing the data over a period of time. So you can create multiple portfolios, categorize backup/restored according to a year without worrying of losing them. 

Data Security

Even if it is a small-time investor or a family business, when we talk about all the personal and financial data on a software, security is a must, to be taken care of. Invest Plus will eat up all your financial problems and worries regarding stock portfolio (share market investment) and will keep your data secured and safe. As the software is not connected to any third-party security, you may trust it completely.

Invest Plus Stock Market Accounting Software for Indian Investors

Invest Plus stock market accounting software is developed for the Indian investment community. We have designed it keeping in mind the needs of our customers who invest through mutual fund, insurance companies, banks, pension plans, trusts, family offices, brokers, brokerages, hedge fund managers, private equity firms, venture capital firms, asset management firms, wealth management firms, corporate treasurers, government institutions, individuals, etc.

We understand how important it is for them to get accurate information about their portfolios so they can make informed decisions regarding their money. This is why we provide detailed reports which include historical data, graphs, charts, tables, etc., along with real-time updates. 

Can Financial Advisors use Invest Plus – Portfolio Management Software?

Invest Plus has been designed to help financial advisors manage investments and make informed decisions. It provides a complete solution for all aspects of investment management, including portfolio analysis, asset allocation, risk assessment, performance measurement, reporting and reconciliation. The system also includes an integrated trading platform that allows users to trade in real time on their portfolios.

Final Thoughts 

Invest Plus is a powerful portfolio management and personal accounting software designed specifically for individuals, investors and traders. It helps you plan, monitor, analyze and report on all aspects of your portfolio’s performance in an easy way. With easy to use interface and the above-listed features, Invest Plus clearly stands out as one of the most downloaded stock market accounting software.

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