Accounting software for psychologists

The introduction for your accounting software for psychologists should be short and to the point. Mention the company name, purpose of your product/service, and what your product does. Note that you do not need to specify whether your service is online or offline.

If you’re a psychologist, therapy can be a lucrative business. You are the one responsible for treating your clients and helping them cope with their unique problems. Clients often come to you through recommendations from friends or may find you through your website or blog. The problem is that if you don’t do proper accounting and bookkeeping, it will be difficult to track your income and easy to miss deadlines. That is where online accounting software for accountants can help.

Accounting software for psychologists

Outsourcing your bookkeeping can be a great way to save time and money, but it’s not always the best solution. With the right tools, you can do your own accounting in no time. [company name] offers accounting software for psychologists that lets you get rid of the hassle and do what you love: helping people.

Our system is easy to use, so you won’t have to waste time learning how to use it or waiting for someone else to show up. You’ll be able to focus on doing what you love with confidence that your books are in order.

Accounting software for psychologists is a necessity. Accounting is a complex process and many people find it difficult to understand. However, accounting software makes it easy to keep track of all your finances. This helps you manage your business better, which in turn leads to more profit.

If you are a psychologist, then you need accounting software that can help you with all the tasks related to your practice, such as keeping track of clients, billing them and making payments. You also need an accounting system that can handle multiple currencies and currencies from other countries too.

Psychologists have many different types of clients: children, teens and adults; each client has their own set of needs and wants when it comes to treatment plans so it’s important for them to have access to quality advice from professionals who understand their needs as well as possible treatments available so they can choose what works best for them while still getting help from a psychologist who understands how they feel when dealing with certain issues or situations in their lives.”

Accounting software for psychologists

Accounting, bookkeeping, and managing the financial aspects of a psychologist’s private practice is a challenging task. Psychologists always try to be fully focused on helping clients and make an impact on society.

Thus, you, as a psychologist, always need a way that can make your bookkeeping easy and effective so that you have your books ready when the tax time knocks at your door. You have to search a lot to find a solution that has it all to make your psychology practice business grow.

Moreover, there are very few accounting software that are specific to a single industry that makes it even harder. Therefore, we are here to help you find the best accounting software for psychologists that will make you feel solid and confident.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of the best accounting software for psychologists so that you can choose the best solution for your practice business. 

Top 6 Best Accounting Software For Psychologists

BrandStarting priceBest for
1. QuickBooks$8 – $17/monthNumerous unmatchable features
2. FreshBooks$13.5 – $45/monthUser-friendly accounting tools
3. TopNotePad$12.5 – $25/monthSimple solution for accounting and bookkeeping activities
4. SlickPie$39.95/monthSimple and user-friendly accounting
5. LessAccounting$24 – $36/monthAccurate and up-to-date bookkeeping
6. Odoo$30/monthSend invoices within seconds

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks boasts about having 4.5 million customers from across the globe. It tops the list of the best accounting software for psychologists because it offers numerous unmatchable features. You can take your private psychologist practice business anywhere with the help of this remarkable tool as all QuickBooks plans include free iOS and Android applications that enable you to handle your financial data from the office, commute, or from the comfort of your home.

QuickBooks’s astonishing apps let you do any bookkeeping task very easily such as online receipts, online payments, sending invoices, etc. Moreover, it offers customer support that is among the very best in the business. When you contact them through the QuickBooks Online program, ask a question, and provide a cell phone number, you are contacted as soon as possible for a detailed answer to your question. 

Key features

  • Offers free iOS and Android apps that make your financial record keeping exceptionally easy and allows you handle your private practice business data from anywhere, anytime with the help of mobile applications that run smoothly. 
  • Provides customer support that easily exceeds your expectations. Its customer support is every ready and waiting to assist you online as well as on the phone.
  • Ensures secure cloud storage that is an important feature to store your data safely in the cloud. It eliminates your worries to keep your data secure by providing bank-level security. 
  • Also allows you to let your accountant access the account if you want to share your books.
  • Its other remarkable feature is that how it presents customizable reports to observe how your business is going. 
  • Also allows you to send unlimited invoices to ensure nothing stands between you and your money.


QuickBooks offers a free 30-day trial to check its usability to its customers. Free trial is available on all three plans.

  • The Simple Start plan starts at $8 per month 
  • The Essentials plan starts at $12.50 per month
  • The Plus plan starts at $17 per month

QuickBooks is the best option for your private practice business as it offers very competitive prices and a 30-day free trial serves as icing on the cake. You can begin with a free trial to see how it helps you. Afterward, you can buy a Simple Start plan and scale up to other plans with the growing needs of your business. Finally, we are recommending this accounting software for psychologists because they can get features according to their own needs at very reasonable prices. 

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2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks has all the strengths to make its place in the list of the best accounting software for psychologists. It is among the most user-friendly accounting tools available in the market and that also makes it the best option for psychologists who have negligible knowledge of accountancy as well as computer systems. Moreover, FreshBooks offers unique invoicing features such as customizable invoice formats, recurring invoices, etc. 

FreshBooks lets you do accounting activities ranging from simple to complicated activities. Besides invoicing and income/expense bookkeeping, you can reconcile your bank account, create numerous reports, manage projects, manage and track time, avail automatic payment and fess reminder, and various other remarkable features. You can also get your payment process more efficient and effective through FreshBooks’s option to pay bills through invoices.

Key features

  • Enables you to generate professional invoices and also makes invoicing very easy that takes only a second.
  • Organizes your income and expenses effortlessly and helps you remain always ready for tax time.
  • Presents insightful time tracking and generates invoices for exactly what you deserve. 
  • Also empowers you to manage projects as it keeps your conversations, files, and other relevant data in one place. You can also synchronize your team and projects on schedule.
  • Brings automatic depositors and eliminates the chase of clients for checks.
  • Ensures to make reports as simple as possible to be more understandable for you while quite powerful for accountants for professional use.
  • Its iOS and Android apps empower you to remain in contact with your clients from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Integrates with other 100+ apps and enables you to streamline your business, connect with your customers, and run your business in a better way.


FreshBooks offers four pricing plans to help writers manage their business’s financial aspects.

  • The Lite plan starts at $13.50 per month
  • The Plus plan starts at $22.50 per month 
  • The Premium plan starts at $45 per month
  • The Custom pricing plan is also available for writers with more advanced businesses. 

All four plans come with different features. You can start with the Lite plan at the very outset of your private practice business and scale up to other plans with more advanced features when your business requires it. Overall, FreshBooks is among the best accounting software for psychologists because of its remarkable features and flexible pricing plans.

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3. TopNotePad

TopNotePad is feature-rich but simple and tailor-made accounting software for psychologists. If you need the simplest solution for accounting and bookkeeping activities like recording and tracking income/expense, invoicing, quoting, etc. then TopNotePad is the perfect solution for your private practice as a psychologist. It also automatically generates all the required reports for tax compliance. TopNotePad simplifies, streamlines, and also automates your accounting, bookkeeping, estimating, invoicing, payment collection, bank reconciliation activities and lets you focus on your practice.

Key features

  • Its prefilled invoicing and quoting templates make your estimating and invoicing really simple.
  • Allows you to link purchases and expenses on each invoice so that you can view the whole picture at one glance.
  • Creates real-time tax and compliance reports to let you ever ready for tax duties and audits. 
  • Integrates with all popular online payment gateways in order to get payments quickly.


TopNotePad offers a free plan with limited features. Other pricing plans include;

  • Pond plan starts at $12.50 per month or $120 per year 
  • Lake plan starts at $25 per month or $240 per year

TopNotePad’s prices are the most competitive in the industry. Its free trial helps you analyze its usability and then decide whether you want to continue with it or not. You can also upgrade to paid plans whenever you want to meet the accounting needs of a growing private practice business. Finally, TopNotePad is among the best accounting software for psychologists because it’s custom-built for psychologists, offers a free version, and the most affordable prices. 

4. SlickPie

SlickPie is another accounting tool that can easily book its place in the list of the best accounting software for psychologists. It is one of the simplest and user-friendly accounting software that is a good choice for those who don’t know much about bookkeeping. The most praiseworthy feature of the SlickPie is its automated data entry. Its MagicBot, a built-in app, automates the recurring invoicing process as well as automatically adds receipts and bills.

Key features

  • Comes with MagicBot that automates data entry and other transactions. 
  • Creates quotes and estimates to help you bid on different projects. 
  • Allows you to reconcile bank transactions and lets you receive live bank feeds.
  • Empowers you to run your business on any sort of device besides offering other numerous remarkable features such as late payment reminders, recurring invoices, transaction history, and much more.


SlickPie is one of the best free accounting software for psychologists. It also offers a paid plan for advanced accounting features. Pro plan starts at $39.95 per month that is slightly expensive as per industry standards but it offers some unique features to help you thrive in your private practice business. 

5. LessAccounting

LessAccounting is another worthy accounting tool to be included in the list of the best accounting software for psychologists. It promises more accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping to help you focus on your private practice and thrive in your business. LessAccounting is a user-friendly tool that lets you handle your accounting and bookkeeping activities without stress and frustration. 

LessAccounting comes with a lot of commendable features and is the easiest tool to implement. Its user-friendly interface presents a better picture of your business’s financial data. You can easily switch to different transactions, even different businesses, with just one click of the mouse. LessAccounting is also the best solution as it lets you categorize your income and expenses. Moreover, its exceptional customer support service makes it the complete package for psychologists. 

Key features

  • Generates beautiful proposals with built-in templates. You can edit them as well to create personalized proposals and even turn those proposals into invoices to send to your customers. 
  • Sends multiple invoices in seconds and also tracks payments.
  • Also enables you to set up recurring invoices and payment reminders.
  • Allows you to receive payments from all banks, credit cards, and PayPal.
  • Helps you generate reports like a balance sheet in just two clicks and get ready for your tax filing duties.


LessAccounting’s free plan offers a lot for the private practice business of psychologists. You can avail numerous features for free. Its paid plans include;

  • The Lite plan starts at $24 per month
  • The Team plan starts at $ 36 per month

LessAccounting offers very competitive and reasonable prices. At the start of your practice business, you can choose a free plan and then scale up to paid plans whenever your business requires. 

6. Odoo

Odoo is a suite of business management tools including accounting and bookkeeping. It is a beautiful accounting tool that can create and send invoices within seconds. Odoo also synchronizes transactions every hour and instantly reconciles. It also comes with a remarkable feature of creating reports ranging between legal statements and executive reports. Odoo’s mobile application is also extremely user-friendly and lets you handle your bookkeeping activities on the go. 

Key features

  • Enables you to synchronize your bank statements with the bank and even import files. 
  • Empowers you to create professional invoices, set up recurring invoices, and also get paid quickly. 
  • Also manages supplier invoices and gives you a clear picture of your future bills.
  • Comes with a smart reconciliation tool that ensures easy and instant reconciliation. 
  • Creates professional reports such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, earnings reports, etc. and assists you in managing your private practice business. 


Odoo suite includes 30 different applications and a 15-day trial is available on all of them. Besides the free plan, it has a paid plan also. Odoo accounting software’s paid plan costs $30 per month. We have included Odoo in the list of the best accounting software for psychologists because it offers a lot of applications that can synchronize with each other and because of its competitive prices. 

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