Accounting software for municipalities

For anyone responsible for managing municipal finances, book-keeping software helps in the proper handling of your funds. It also assists with managing incoming and outgoing payments, reducing accounting errors and calculating taxes to be paid.

The people who work in the public accounting industry are always looking for new methods of improving efficiency. While long-term planning is necessary, it is also easy to lose sight of what you are doing if you have multiple projects on your plate. By analyzing all of your available options and using careful financial calculations, you can increase the productivity of your organization and keep your organization ahead of the game.

We are a small company that specializes in providing accounting software to municipalities. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are experts at creating reliable, easy-to-use software that can help your municipality run smoothly and efficiently.

Our team has extensive experience working with municipalities of all sizes, from small towns to large cities.

We will work closely with you to design the perfect solution for your needs. Our software is customizable so that it can be tailored to fit your unique business processes and workflow.

Municipal accounting software is designed specifically for municipalities. It’s designed to help municipalities manage their finances, from budgeting and forecasting to reporting and analysis.

Accounting software for municipalities

What is Municipal Software?

Municipal software helps manage processes for local government agencies and those in the public sector. The software manages utility billing, tax collection, code enforcement, fund accounting, and more.

Municipal software needs to have strong financial management capabilities. Municipalities need to track budget spending to ensure the right amount of money is being allocated to the right departments. You also need to collect taxes and fees associated with services, licensing, and permits. The software gives you the ability to send out timely bills and streamlines money collection processes.

Features of Municipal Software

Utility BillingInvoice customers for utility usage including electricity, gas, and water-based on meter readings and billing rate.
Code EnforcementManage code inspections, report code violations and required corrections, monitor status of violation updates, and monitor citizen complaints.
Work Order ManagementAssign work order tasks and track the status of the assignments.
AccountingTrack invoices/bills and cash receipts in multiple departments. Manage purchase orders. Modules include accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger.
Asset TrackingTrack the current status and location of assets.
Property Tax BillingCalculate taxes based on the property value. Send out tax bills to property owners and record payments.
Fund AccountingTrack allocation of funds and expenditures.
Financial ReportingCreate financial statements for internal and external use.
Human Resources ManagementManage payroll, benefits, onboarding, and applicants.

Municipal Software for Licensing, Permits, and Code Enforcement

Municipal management software assists with managing licensing, permits, and code enforcement.

Municipal governments need to manage many types of licenses including business licenses and animal licenses. The software tracks business license approvals and denials, renewals, and licensing fee collection. Municipal management systems also keep track of the approval and renewal of animal licenses. These systems record information about the animal including the owner, location, license status, and immunization records.

Municipal software manages permit requests, approvals, and denials. The software also assists with calculating and collecting permit fees. Permits include building permits, land use permits, peddler permits, and more. The system also helps assign and schedule inspections for permit requests.

Municipal management solutions also help with code enforcement. Track citizen complaints and municipal code infractions, schedule inspections and monitor the status of violation corrections.

Code enforcement inspections scheduling calendar in American Data Group Enterprise
Code enforcement inspections scheduling calendar in American Data Group Enterprise.

Utility Billing in Municipal Software

The utility billing functionality in municipal software helps you bill customers for utility services including water, gas, and electricity. The software uses records from meter readings and pairs those records with the billing rate to determine how much is owed.

Meter readings are compared to historical values to determine if anything is out of the norm. For example, if the water meter readings are much higher than normal, there might be a leak in the building. The software will notify you of any anomalies, so you can either make repairs or notify the customer of an issue.

Some systems also have a self-service portal that allows customers to pay bills, as well as check account status and utility usage.

Utility billing account maintenance in asyst
Utility billing account maintenance in asyst.

Municipal Accounting

Municipal software assists with financial management including basic accounting, financial reporting, and budgeting. The system keeps track of grant funds and the allocation of those funds. The spending and allocation of funds are closely monitored to ensure municipal departments are staying within budget. Municipal software also creates reports including the statement of revenue and expenditures that follow the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) recommended format.

Fund budget example in CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Municipals
Fund budget example in CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Municipals

Work Order Management with Municipal Software

Municipal software manages work orders to keep tasks organized and make it easy to assign tasks to qualified personnel. Manage schedules and assign tasks for routine maintenance on government-owned assets, as well as unexpected repair projects. Work orders can be prioritized based on the urgency or value of the project. Citizens can submit repair and inspection requests through a website or self-service portal. They can also track the status of the project from the portal.

Reports can be created to monitor productivity and outstanding vs completed work orders. Service history reports can also be generated, so you can see when the last time an asset was worked on, what materials or equipment was used, and the people that worked on the project.

Work orders in AccuFund
Work orders in AccuFund.

Asset Tracking in Municipal Software

Municipal software tracks the location, quantity, value, and condition of equipment, tools, or machinery. The software also tracks historical data including the asset’s age and when maintenance was done last. Preventative maintenance can be scheduled based on the previous service date to extend the life of the assets. GPS tracking is also included in some municipal solutions. This allows you to view real-time locations of your assets, so you can spend less time tracking them down.

Some assets include:

  • Equipment in government-owned buildings
  • Fire hydrants
  • Bridges
  • Streetlights
  • Sewage/wastewater pump stations
  • City-owned trees
  • Parks
  • And more
Asset management in Novo's ShareNet Platform
Asset management in Novo’s ShareNet Platform provides information on asset status, location, and more.

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