Accounting software for individuals

Individuals don’t have accounting teams like a lot of companies do. Therefore, they are responsible for ensuring their records are well-kept. If you’re an entrepreneur who runs his/her own business, this can be rather difficult to accomplish without the proper set-up and tools necessary.

Did you know that 76% of small businesses in Australia use an accounting software? That’s right, a whopping 76%. It’s clear that majority of business owners are using online accounting software. But what if your business is different? What if you’re a one-man army — trying to figure out everything yourself — and this means your bookkeeping is on the to-do list? Well, there’s good news for those who want a more affordable option with better features and functionalities. I’m an entrepreneur myself, and so I understand how challenging it can be when starting a business. Because of this, I’m always on the lookout for affordable tools that can help my fellow entrepreneurs. In this post, I’m going to review a cloud-based solution called Xero.

Accounting software for individuals and small businesses.

Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software for individuals and small businesses. It allows you to track and manage your business finances, including income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Accounting software for individuals is a tool that helps an individual manage their finances. This type of software allows individuals to keep track of their income, expenses, and other financial data. The most common features offered by this type of software include the ability to enter transactions manually or import them from bank statements and credit card statements. Some businesses offer this type of software as part of their accounting packages.

Accounting software for individuals


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With FreshBooks, you can easily create invoices, monitor expenses, generate financial reports, time track projects, and more. FreshBooks will free up your time so that you can focus on what you do best, developing exercise routines for your clients. Try it for free! 

Bookkeeping Software Built for Your Personal Training Business

FreshBooks is a cloud-based online accounting software solution that provides your company with a host of features. FreshBooks will give you everything you need to manage and keep track of your small business transactions. No accounting experience necessary, no math required.

You can invite team members to collaborate on projects, enter their own hours, and log expenses. The FreshBooks’ dashboard will give you a snapshot of your company’s income and expenses. And financial statements are a snap – one click and FreshBooks will generate your company’s general ledger or a host of other reports.

Let us show you why the best accounting software for small business is FreshBooks. 

Save Time

We know you would rather spend your time focusing on your clients and their fitness needs, not on accounting details. FreshBooks will automate tasks for you, such as tracking project hours and sending payment reminders. 

Look Professional

Our customizable invoice, estimate and proposal templates will impress your clients! You can add your logo, adjust the colours and fonts, and email them instantly to your clients, through FreshBooks. 

Get Paid Faster 

You’ll never lose track of an invoice again with our easy to navigate website. As well, FreshBooks provides the option of allowing your clients to make secure online payments. 

FreshBooks Accounting Software Testimonial Videos

Invoicing Software and Time and Expense Tracking for Personal Trainers

Invoicing is simple; choose a template, enter the details, add your logo and you’re good to go! FreshBooks will calculate the tax and send it via email to the client for you. 

With expenses, you can log each receipt through FreshBooks’ supplied list of categories, or create your own. You can also mark an expense as billable to a client, and then automatically have that information added to an invoice. 

Expense Reports

See how much money you’re spending on your personal training business, and where you’re spending it. Just click on “expense report” to see all your costs, grouped by categories. 


Is a payment overdue, but you’re too busy to notice? FreshBooks will send polite late payment reminders to your clients. You’ll be notified too, in your dashboard. 

Late Payments Fees

You have your choice – charge a flat fee for a late payment, or a percentage of the amount you’re owed. You decide in advance when to charge it, FreshBooks does the calculation and applies the amount for you. 

Recurring Profiles

Have a lot of repeat clients? You can set your account up so that FreshBooks automatically generates and sends invoices to these customers, saving you time. 

Accounting App for Personal Trainers That Offers Secure Online Payments

FreshBooks offers secure online payments through credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), as well as payment services Stripe and Apple Pay. You can also set up a billing schedule so that a client’s credit card is charged regularly. Taking advantage of these services means you can get paid faster.  

Choosing an Accounting Software for Personal Trainers

You want an accounting software that does the heavy lifting for you. But how do you know if FreshBooks is the right one? Simple. Give us a try, for free, for thirty days. In that time, play with one of our invoice templates, do up a proposal or estimate, and see how easy it is to generate a report of your choosing. At the end of the trial period, we think you’ll agree that FreshBooks is the online accounting software solution that small businesses have been looking for. 

Try FreshBooks for your business today!

Accounting Software for Personal Trainers

FreshBooks is available online for both PCs and Macs, as well as through our mobile app on Google Play or iTunes. The FreshBooks’ desktop accounting software will sync automatically with the app, so you can access your small business finances from anywhere in the world. We offer a number of different accounting packages to choose from, with competitive pricing

Advance Your Business with Double-Entry Accounting on FreshBooks

You help your clients get fit and healthy, but is your business accounting healthy as well? Of course by that we mean that all of your numbers are in order and that you know that your business is thriving.

Benefits of FreshBooks Double-Entry Accounting for Your Personal Trainer Business

If you aren’t sure, we can help. At FreshBooks, we’re obsessed with giving small business owners exactly what they need in order to take control of their accounting and bookkeeping. That’s why our accounting software now includes double-entry accounting – an industry standard feature that helps you keep all of your debits and credits in check all in one place.

These new double-entry accounting features include:

  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accountant
  • Access
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Sheet
  • And Other Income

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