Accounting software for hedge funds

Accounting software for hedge funds should be more than just a simple transaction processor. At Seed, we create accounting and reporting software to fit any company’s need no matter the size or business model.

Hedge funds are increasing their adoption of accounting software as compared to traditional systems. The number of hedge funds using accounting software has increased by nearly 500 percent in the last 5 years, having increased from only about 5 percent in 2010 to 23 percent today, with most of this increase occurring in 2015 alone. This is according to a report recently released by TechnologyAdvice.

Hedge funds are complex, and keeping track of their finances can be a challenge. That’s where accounting software for hedge funds comes in!

Accounting software for hedge funds is designed specifically for hedge fund managers who want to spend less time managing their books and more time managing their investments. Accounting software for hedge funds automates many tasks that would otherwise take hours, including calculating taxes, reconciling accounts, and generating reports.

Accounting software for hedge funds is also easy to use. It guides you through the process of inputting your data so that you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or missing important steps.

Hedge fund accounting software is a critical tool for hedge funds, as it allows them to deal with all aspects of their financial management in one place.

The software is used by hedge funds to manage their financial records, including all accounting processes and transactions. It also enables them to keep track of their fund’s investments and liabilities, manage investor reports and cash flow issues, create expense budgets and evaluate performance over time.

Accounting software for hedge funds

How can Hedge Funds use OpsCheck?

OpsCheck is a customizable workflow & task management system designed for operational efficiency. Our flexible SaaS-based system elevates your level of control and administrative oversight for all hedge fund operations.


Advanced workflow technology

OpsCheck brings advanced technology to hedge fund–specific operations with seamless management of tasks and workflows, while also strengthening your compliance foundation.


Deep operational visibility

Meet the needs of regulators, clients or C-level executives with clear, detailed access to your ecosystem – clearly displaying processes and helping build a sound operational infrastructure.

Complete operations control

Reduce risk by creating and controlling cloud-based access to day-to-day tasks, workflow and more. Boost efficiency with team coordination and short- and long-term goal management.

An application for Hedge Funds

OpsCheck was designed to give Hedge Fund managers full visibility and control of operations.

workflow management system software - Opscheck
  • Cloud-based Hedge fund operations control
  • Powerful Hedge fund-specific reporting and notifications
  • Flexible workflow and task management solutions for Hedge fund managers
  • Demonstrate operational excellence to auditors, regulators, or clients
  • Stay on track with global compliance regulations like FATCA, KYC, CRS, AIFMD, Form PF & more
  • Greatly improved team efficiency and accountability
  • Coordinate across teams, offices, and timezones
  • Flexible integration with third party applications such as CRM and Capital Raising
  • Centralized communication hub for entire organization
  • Provide transparency to regulators and clients with a clear audit trail

Built for Hedge Funds

As portfolio managers and traders execute investment decisions, the amount of work and responsibility for all non-investment functions becomes increasingly challenging. Whether you perform these functions internally or outsource them, the responsibility to accurately accomplish these jobs remain with the investment advisor. These tasks include middle and back office operations, valuations, performance measurement, management company and fund accounting, investor relations, treasury, compliance, and all other functions to manage business operations. Mitigating operational risk and preventing operational failures are paramount. OpsCheck elevates your level of control and oversight for any and all of these functions.

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