Accounting software for families

The best accounting software for families is an essential household bookkeeping tool that keeps your finances in check so you can make informed financial decisions. 

There are a ton of great financial planning and accounting software options that local businesses can choose from. It can be quite overwhelming when choosing which solution to use for your business. Some solutions are too complex and bulky as they have been designed for corporations, not small local businesses. Local businesses want something simple to use and at the same time provide everything that is needed. Most importantly, you need to understand that accounting software for families is not only about automating your individual family finances.

Accounting software for families is a great way to keep your personal and business finances in order.

It’s no secret that keeping track of finances can be a huge headache, but it doesn’t have to be! With accounting software for families, you can keep track of everything from income to expenses and even get reminders when bills are due.

There are many benefits of using accounting software, including:

-Ease of use – It’s easy to set up, use and update your data so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any information or making mistakes while entering data.

-Time saver – You’ll save time by automating many aspects of your accounting process, such as balancing your checkbook, calculating taxes and even creating reports on your financial status.

-Security – Your sensitive data is protected from theft by strong encryption technology.

Accounting software for families

Complex investment accounting and reporting made simple.

Aggregate, track and report investment details across family entities quickly and easily with
family office software from FundCount.

Improve operational efficiency

Eliminate manual work with automated processes and integrated workflow tools that increase productivity and reduce operational risk. Direct links with custodians minimize time-consuming data entry and reconciliation errors. FundCount posts transactions from any investment and investor activity immediately into the general ledger, which dynamically updates in the chart of accounts.

FundCount is available as an on-premises installed solution or a hosted solution, so valuable support resources can be used wisely and according to the needs of your firm.

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One platform,
one integrated view of wealth

Whether you’re a single or multi-family office, managing disparate investments and consolidating information into timely, client-specific reports just got easier.

FundCount aggregates all portfolio and partnership accounting activity through a real-time general ledger. Access to a consolidated view of wealth is instantly available for accurate investment analysis and reporting.

Shine a light on complex entity structures

Spreadsheets cannot properly track cash flows and investments across complex family structures or linked transactions. FundCount auto-reconciles nested entities to eliminate manual errors and save time. Automated P&L and cash flows across trusts, corporations, partnerships and holding companies ensure fast book closing and accurate look-through reporting.

Create consolidated reports and drill down to underlying details. With full transparency into all structures, it’s easy to understand the contribution of any entity or holding to a family’s total financial wealth and performance.

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