Accounting software for creative agencies

Have you ever wanted to know how to find the best accounting software for your creative agency? Even if it’s not a burning question, having the information would be helpful. It can be tough to choose between Freshbooks, Wave and Xero.

Creative agencies need a way to manage their finances. Without it, you are vulnerable to financial risks and pitfalls putting your business at risk. Creative agencies need a comprehensive accounting solution for their financials.

If you’re a creative agency, the accounting software you use is a big deal.

It’s a tool that is both functional and impactful—it helps you manage your finances, but it also has an impact on how you operate as a business.

When we designed

, we knew it had to be different from other accounting software for creative agencies. We wanted to create something that met the needs of all types of creative businesses, from design agencies to video production companies and everything in between. That meant designing a powerful tool that was easy to use and offered features that would help our users get the most out of their work.

Accounting software for creative agencies

Perfect accounting software for creative agencies

Works on any device

Access acclux accounting from anywhere using any of your devices, whatever you are working with your laptop, tablet or from your mobile.

acclux accounting invoices

Create professional invoices and track your payment

Create professional invoices that match your business look and feel. Send your invoices by email directly from acclux accounting software and get paid online. Your invoice will be included in your email body and as a PDF attachment.

You will be able to track your invoices payment so easily with the help of acclux accounting dashboards and reports.

Manage your projects and tasks

acclux accounting provides you with a simple method to effectively plan your projects and setup the budget, tasks and responsibilities for each project. Break down any project into sections and manageable task that can be easily assigned to your team.

Assign tasks with baseline of time to the appropriate team member and keep track the progress of each task.  

acclux accounting dashboard on iPad

Get paid faster with acclux accounting & PayPal

Quick & simple payment process using a complete accounting software that saves your time and let you enjoy your business. With PayPal integration, you will have a secure and fast way of payment.
  Read more about acclux accounting and Paypal

acclux accounting expenese

Manage your business expenses

Record your business expenses and categorize them in a convenient way, you will always know your cash flow status in each month or in any selected period

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