Accident management software

Accident management software is used to store, manage and document all the details regarding an accident or injury that a staff member suffers. Accidents are correlated with insurance claims, but in regards to insurance claims processing, accident management software does not have any role. The main purpose of accident management software is to document the time, date and place of an accident with the names of people who were involved in the incident, content of medical documents attached on your android device and finally, create records for the medical history of specific staff. It is one part business software and it also serves as a personal diary for any injuries or issues that can speed up in future.

Accident management software helps you to manage and reduce the risk of accidents. By reducing the risk of accidents you are able to improve productivity, have a safer work environment, be a role model for best practice and save money. 

Accident management software is designed to help organizations manage the aftermath of a workplace accident. This type of software allows users to document and track all activities related to an accident, including medical treatment, workers’ compensation claims, insurance claims, and other relevant information.

Accident management software can also be used to help employers comply with laws and regulations pertaining to workplace accidents. For example, many states require employers to report any accidental death or injury on their premises within 24 hours. Accident management software can help employers comply with this requirement by automatically generating reports based on input from the user.

Accident management software allows you to manage your employees’ accident claims in a streamlined and efficient manner. You can also track their safety record and make sure they’re always informed about any new safety regulations or procedures.

All of this helps you keep your company’s risk of accidents low, which is important for all businesses.

Accident management software

Incident Management Software

The BIS Incident Management Software is a powerful incident software that lets organizations collect comprehensive incident data, create an accurate picture of the event, identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the chain of command. It was developed and enhanced by safety professionals, for safety professionals, and provides a complete EHS incident management software solution.

BIS includes many invaluable features that will help you quickly and effectively realize the benefits of an incident management system:

  • Track incidents and identify trends
  • Review the workflow for each incident investigation
  • Understand why, when and where incidents occur
  • Prevent, report and resolve incidents
  • Easily provide updates to senior management
  • Protect your company and workplace

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Incident Management Software on a Tablet

What is Incident Management?

The term “incident” refers to a work-related event in which an injury, illness, or fatality occurred or could have occurred, regardless of the severity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that almost 3 million injuries, and approximately 4,500 deaths, occur on the job every year in the U.S. alone. OSHA requires employers in the U.S. to conduct investigations of all incidents (including both actual accidents and near misses) to identify the root cause and to keep similar events from happening again.

It is vital to the safety of your employees that all incidents, regardless of size or impact, are properly investigated and reported in order to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Incident Management involves all the steps your company takes to investigate, report, and analyze an incident, as well as in the development and implementation of corrective actions required to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

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