Abacus case management software

Abacus is the leading open source case management software solution in the legal industry. It helps with managing a wide range of cases including personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability, and employment law cases.

Abacus is a software solution for the delivery of social services. Abacus develops and delivers integrated, secure case management systems for organizations providing social services such as housing, behavioral health, and employment support. Our software assists service providers with accounting for and ensuring the success of individuals who are chronically homeless or who are working to find an alternative to incarceration.

Abacus Case Management Software is a solution for managing cases, contacts and other information. It helps you to store and manage your case data in one central location.

The software has been designed to help you improve the way you work with your customers and suppliers. It provides a number of features including:

-Manage customer information such as contact details, emails, phone numbers and more

-Record all communication between you and the customer so that it’s easy to find later on

-Keep track of payments made to each customer so that you can see when they’re due for renewal

-Automatically send reminders about payments that are overdue

Abacus is a case management software that allows you to keep track of your cases, tasks and projects.

Abacus is designed for attorneys, accountants and other professionals who need to manage their cases or clients efficiently. It has tools that allow you to create client profiles, documents and tasks. You can also record notes on the clients’ activities, create visual charts to convey key information about the cases, organize your work in folders and subfolders, set reminders for important events such as filing deadlines or appointments with clients. The software supports multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish) so you can use it regardless of your native tongue.

Abacus case management software

Abacus Accounts is a double-entry bookkeeping application, suitable for any business/company accounts or for clubs, charities, personal accounts etc.. It is powerful, but easy to use. Various types of accounts can be set up, to suit your organisation. It can be used by VAT registered or non-registered businesses.
Please note that it does not currently have the option to connect to HMRC, as required by UK MTD VAT. However, it does allow for the exporting of VAT Return data, which can then be uploaded to HMRC using a ‘bridging’ application. See below for more information.

Selections are made using clearly labelled buttons or menu options, whilst transaction entries are made through popup panels, which present the user with the appropriate data fields.

It supports accounts for up to 10 companies/businesses, simultaneously.

You can also set up regular (monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.) payments/deposits from any bank account.You are also able to create and print (or email) customer invoices, using your own logo as a header.

The essential bookkeeping requirements are covered, such as viewing account registers, reconciling bank accounts, tracking customer/supplier balances, VAT (or GST, HST etc.), if required, and end of year reports (see below).

Should you have specific requirements or questions, please contact us, using the link below.

The program is flexible enough to be used worldwide, as VAT / GST / HST / Tax rates can be customised. However, it was designed with the aim of being very quick and easy to use. If you are running a business and want to do your own bookkeeping, this program should meet your requirements.

Although it helps to have some previous bookkeeping experience, a detailed description of how to use the application is included in the help pages.

Technical support is also available by email, free of charge.

    Some of the features:

  1. ★    Easy to use double-entry accounting package.
  2. ★    Supports Multiple Companies (up to 10).
  3. ★    Currency symbol, decimal point and ‘thousands’ separator are selectable to suit your country.
  4. ★    Chart of accounts defined by the user (including bank accounts, credit card accounts, asset, liability, equity, income and expense accounts).
  5. ★    Track bank accounts, credit cards, income, expense, assets, depreciation, liabilities etc..
  6. ★    Ability to delete (void) or edit transactions.
  7. ★    Enter customer and supplier invoices/credit notes.
  8. ★    Enter & print customer Pro Forma invoices.
  9. ★    Track customer and supplier payments/balances.
  10. ★    Protect entries using a ‘Closing date’.
  11. ★    Reconcile bank accounts/credit cards.
  12. ★    Recurring Bank Payments & Deposits, with selectable frequency.
  13. ★    Journal entries.
  14. ★    VAT / Tax calculated automatically, based on rate defined.
  15. ★    Supports VAT Flat Rate scheme.
  16. ★    Comprehensive Reports (see below).
  17. ★    Export reports to CSV files.
  18. ★    Print (or email) customer invoices/credit notes (using your own logo or headed paper).
  19. ★    Backup and Restore function.
  20. ★    Detailed Help pages (including video screencasts).
  21. ★    Fast email support.


  1. ★    Balance Sheet (3 alternative formats)
  2. ★    Profit & Loss (alternative formats for companies, clubs, charities etc.)
  3. ★    Trial Balance
  4. ★    All / Selected Accounts
  5. ★    Debtors / Creditors
  6. ★    Customer / Supplier Reports
  7. ★    Customer Sales Report
  8. ★    VAT Report / VAT Detailed Report (Accrual or Cash basis)
  9. ★    Journals Report
  10. ★    Cash Flow Report

Requirements: MacOS 10.9 or later. 64 bit Mac.

To purchase, please visit the Mac App Store ‘Finance’ section.

To View in the App Store click here.


In order to meet the requirements of MTD VAT, in the UK, a VAT Return export facility has been added.

This allows the user to export the VAT figures to a file, which can be transmitted digitally to HMRC by a third-party ‘bridging’ application.

One such application is MTDfVAT, by Digital Filing Solutions Ltd. The interface to this software has been tested and confirmed to work correctly.

For more information on this ‘bridging’ application, please go to www.mtdfvat.co.uk or click the Image (to the right).


Trial Version

A free version of Abacus Accounts is available for evaluation. It is functionally the same as the full version, but it is limited to saving a maximum of 30 transactions.

Please visit the Mac App Store, ‘Finance’ section, to download the trial version (Abacus Accounts Lite).

Should you decide to purchase the full version, you can transfer the accounts, customers and transactions you have created (using the backup/restore options).

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