4D drawing software

Most people want to be able sort things out faster and easier. Those words describe the meaning of efficiency very well. Efficiency is key in a world that requires us to always reduce the time taken by something, in order to face the challenge of doing more things in less time. It’s always a nice thing if your work is faster and becomes more organized. If this is what you’re looking for then you should try 4D drawing software.

4D Drawing software is an application for drawing and this could be used for creating animations and for providing special effects in a movie or a video. This can also be used for engineering and to create new models of engineering and architectural drawings.

4D drawing software is a tool that allows you to draw 4D objects. 4D refers to the fourth dimension, which is time. The software allows you to create drawings that are animated or change over time, rather than just being static images.

4D drawing software is used in many different fields and industries, from architecture to graphic design. It can be used to plan out designs for buildings, houses, or even transportation systems like roads and railways. Architects use it when designing buildings, engineers use it when designing machines and other devices, and graphic designers use it when creating animations for commercials or other types of advertisements.

It’s important for any company looking into purchasing this type of software to first determine what kinds of projects they’ll be using it on before buying any kind of software package or getting involved in any training programs. For example, if your business focuses primarily on creating architectural plans then you’ll need an architectural-specific program that has all the features needed for this type of work such as drawing tools and dimensioning features but if your business specializes in graphic design then you might want something more focused on animation capabilities that allow users to create moving images instead of static ones which can

4d drawing software

Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. announced today that MAXON Computer, developers of the industry leading CINEMA 4D animation and visualization package, will bundle Okino’s PolyTrans product and its most used CAD and non-CAD translators with the new CINEMA 4D “Engineering Bundle.”

With the inclusion of PolyTrans in the “Engineering Bundle”, CINEMA 4D users will have access to dozens of additional 3D file formats. In particular, for those in the Industrial Design and Engineering markets, CINEMA 4D users will be able to import from such native CAD packages and file formats such as ACIS SAT, Alias .wire, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop, IGES (solids, surfaces and bounded surfaces), IronCAD, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer, Raindrop Geomagic, Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS, SLP, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, STEP, STL, XGL, VDA-FS and others. Also, all file formats provided in the base PolyTrans product are available to CINEMA 4D users. Optional add-on modules are available for other CAD formats such as CATIA v4 and CATIA v5.

The CINEMA 4D Engineering Bundle’s customized tool set was designed to create professional-looking visualizations in mere minutes from a myriad of 3D CAD and non-CAD data sources. Users can easily create photorealistic renderings, simulate technical drawings or simulate freehand sketches.

“The new ‘Engineering Bundle’ is an excellent solution, which allows CINEMA 4D users to import 3D data from every major CAD package and file format,” said Robert Lansdale, President of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. “MAXON Computer and Okino have been working together on a friendly, developmental-level basis since 1997, and over those years we have also provided personal, hands-on support to the CINEMA 4D user base who use our PolyTrans product.”

“CINEMA 4D users who are new to Okino and our software should be made aware of a most important (to us) key company philosophy: we strive to provide excellent, fast and personal customer education/help, “hand holding”, all-around friendly customer communications and technical support, for free. If a customer contacts Okino then they will always get an accurate and fast response from me, or one of my senior programmers, to guide them in the right direction for using our software. With 17+ years in the CAD conversion business, we can accurately answer all questions by drawing on a wide range of past and current real-world experience. Rarely does someone need help with using PolyTrans, but with so many 3D CAD formats to choose from it is often easier to learn from Okino and our experience rather to second guess an appropriate file format to use in a specific conversion pipeline.”

“When it comes to importing CAD files we rely on the experience of Okino Computer Graphics. Their team has a proven track record of developing and supporting their CAD converters for nearly 2 deacades. Okino is an ideal partner for MAXON to deliver CAD import functionality for the CINEMA 4D Engineering Bundle. The responsiveness of Okino is also second to none,” says Dirk Beichert, MAXON Project Coordinator.

Available Through VARs:

The “Engineering Bundle” is available directly from MAXON Computer and their network of international dealers and resellers. Four configurations of the “Engineering Bundle” are available from MAXON. If you already own v4.x (or newer) PolyTrans or NuGraf then you will not have to purchase those products again; in addition, if you own PolyTrans/NuGraf but not the CAD/Pack or Granite/Pack, then those add-on licenses can be purchased directly from Okino to bring you up to the same functionality provided in the full “Engineering Bundle.”

Okino’s PolyTrans and NuGraf products can be purchased through normal means from Okino Computer Graphics directly. Fully functional demonstration versions (with minor limitations) of PolyTrans and NuGraf are available through Okino’s Internet Web site at http://www.okino.com.

About Okino Computer Graphics:

Founded in 1991 (Toronto, Canada), with development starting in 1988, Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. is an industry leader in the development and deployment of 3D data re-purposing software that allows professional 3D software users to intelligently and accurately convert/view/render/modify 3D data and assets between most major CAD, DCC and VisSim software packages. Okino software is used the world over by all major Fortune 1000 companies, production studios, and 3D content creation, game development, CAD, engineering and product design companies. For more information about Okino, please visit http://www.okino.com.

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