10 best apps for android phones

If you’re looking for a roundup of the best apps on Android, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re interested in the top finance apps or looking for a few tools to make work easier, each app in today’s list was hand-picked to ensure they work on every device, whether that’s a mid-range or one of the best phones on Android.

Whether you’re new to Android or have been here for years, today’s roundup has you covered with a wide selection of beneficial apps worthy of your time. If you’re looking for the best Android games to go with your apps, we have you covered as well!

This roundup is divided into categories including Finance & Money Management, Productivity Tools, Social Media and Communication Apps, Photography & Video Apps and Games.

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Best Android travel and weather apps

Whether you’re heading to the office or a longer family trip, the right apps on your Android phone can help make the journey easier. And a good weather app can make sure you won’t get drenched along the way. For more apps like this, check out our picks for the best travel apps and best weather apps for all mobile devices.

Transit (Free)

Transit(opens in new tab) is a fantastic aid for commutes, helping plan out the fastest public transport routes to a destination. The app provides routes that combine numerous transportation methods — such as trains, buses, and bike sharing — while also factoring in short walks to each stop and wait times. Transit can provide real-time data on arrival times of your bus or train, compare routes, step-by-step navigation, and notifications for service line disruptions. You can even book an Uber or reserve a car2go from within the app if public transit has failed you.

Mobile Passport (Free)

If you’re going to be spending time abroad, you can breeze through a few lines with the use of Mobile Passport(opens in new tab). It’s a U.S. Customs and Border Protection-approved app that helps speed you through lengthy immigration lines by letting you submit your passport control and customs declarations from your phone (assuming you’ve got a U.S. or Canadian passport). By replacing paper forms and providing faster processing in a number of major US airports that support the Mobile Passport service, the app will save you a good amount of time in line. Just remember to bring along your paper passport, as this app isn’t a replacement for that.

Skiplagged (Free)

If you’re traveling light and looking to save a few bucks, check out Skiplagged(opens in new tab), a neat app that can keep your travel costs down by taking advantage of “hidden city flights,” where flyers get off at a layover, instead of at the flight’s final destination. Users enter their origin and target destination, and Skiplagged will show you the cost of a direct flight, as well as any cheaper “hidden city” flights that have your intended destination as a layover. The caveat? Stick to carry-on luggage, as any checked-in bags will go all the way to the flight’s final destination. Skiplagged also allows you to book hotels, including last-minute deals and special offers.

Best Android health and fitness apps

Need a good workout companion? Or are you more interested in tracking your health? Your Android phone can do either, provided you download the right app. And if you’re particularly interested in staying fit, we’ve found even more of the best workout apps and best running apps for mobile devices.

FitNotes (Free)

If you’re looking for a workout log, FitNotes(opens in new tab) is the best there is. Whether you’re into bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just weightlifting in general, this app ought to be your constant companion. It can track reps and weights (with exercises split by muscle group), which is its main goal. You can also add exercises, jot down your cardio stats, see a calendar view of what you’ve done for the month, and get progress reports. It’s simply awesome what FitNotes can do for your gym life. Sure, the design is a bit ancient at this point, but it gets the job done. The app stays out of your way so that you can focus on your workout.

Fabulous (Free)

While there are a lot of exercise trackers and personal fitness apps out there, few focus on holistic body and mind improvement. Enter Fabulous(opens in new tab), a self-improvement app aimed at upgrading mind and body to help make you feel… well… fabulous. Based on scientific principles and incubated in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, Fabulous starts you out with simple goals like trying to lose weight, get better sleep, or improve your concentration; the app helps with simple exercises, scheduled notifications and activities, and other coaching tools designed to build healthy habits for body and mind.

Sleep as Android (Free)

If you want a better sense of how you’re sleeping at night, Sleep As Android(opens in new tab) takes a science-based approach to sleep tracking. The app can work with the sensors on your Android device and even with other wearables to monitor the quality of your sleep, finding the optimal time to wake you up in the morning. Integrations with other apps let you control supported smart light bulbs or incorporate captchas or music from Spotify into your morning alarms. 

The app is free to download, but after a two-week trial, you’ll need to pay up for the full version.

Woebot (Free)

It’s good to talk to somebody every now and again, even if that someone is a bot. Woebot(opens in new tab) aims to help you exercise some self-care using techniques that draw on cognitive behavioral therapy. While it’s no substitute for a real-live therapist, Woebot offers tools and reassurance for those times when you’re feeling anxious or down, helping you to develop the skills to take care of your mental health. The app shines with daily mood augmented by regular check-ins so it can spot patterns that might escape the attention of other people — even you. And the app makers promise that whatever you share with Woebot stays with Woebot.

Clue Period Tracker (Free)

Clue Period Tracker(opens in new tab) is a useful mobile addition to the tech-savvy woman’s reproductive health toolkit. The app serves as an all-in-one period tracker, allowing you to record period dates, flow heaviness, and menstrual products used; you also can log other factors such as sexual activity, birth control use, cervical fluid, and more. 

With that info, the app provides in-depth info about the menstrual cycle, complete with references. Clue also includes a learning algorithm that can help predict your period cycles, PMS, and related fertility data. To make the most out of that feature, though, you’ll need to subscribe to Clue’s premium tier, starting at $0.99 per month.

Best Android entertainment apps

Find great shows to stream, podcasts to listen to and things to read with the help of these Android apps.

Libby (Free)

Your Android phone is a fine device for reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks, and if you know where to go, you don’t even need to pay a cent to do so. Libby(opens in new tab) works with your local library to provide a digital media management platform for borrowing and returning ebooks and audiobooks. Just sign in and connect your library card. After that, you can browse your local library’s digital offerings. Libby lets you use multiple library cards, sample books, download or stream content, tag titles, and sync data across devices.

Pocket Casts (Free)

The Play Store contains a lot of podcast apps, but the best one by far is Pocket Casts(opens in new tab). A long-time player in this game, Pocket Casts has helped get people into podcasts over the course of its lifespan. It sports an attractive design, tons of ways to listen, several playback options, cloud syncing, auto-download, and much more. 

To get all of the features, however, including the use of desktop apps, you’ll need to be a Pocket Casts Plus member, which costs $0.99/month or $9.99/year. If you’re hooked on podcasts, this app is for you.

Podcast Addict (Free)

Android isn’t exactly hurting for good podcast managers , but when it comes excellent free options, Xavier Guillemane’s Podcast Addict(opens in new tab) is a great choice. It covers the basics with automatic episode updates and downloads, as well as automatic deletion features to save space, variable speed playback, silence skip, volume boosting, a sleep timer and other neat features. 

A podcast search tool allows you to quickly find individual episodes or search through a variety of databases for new podcasts and trending shows. In addition, the app also supports video podcasts, YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio and other media sources.

JustWatch (Free)

Finding an online TV show or movie to stream used to be simple: go to Netflix for almost everything. But as streaming market becomes more competitive and producers and networks scramble for exclusives to make their own streaming service stand out, it can be a pain keeping track of where to go to watch a particular show or movie series. 

Enter JustWatch(opens in new tab), a service that keeps track of the latest offerings from 37 different streaming services, showing you where and when to watch a particular TV show, covering big names like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video. You can search for a particular series or browse through what’s new. The app also offers latest movie trailers and showtimes, complete with one-click Fandango bookings for your local cineplex.

Best Android music apps

There’s life beyond the now dead Google Play Music. Check out the top Android music apps to add a little melody to your Android phone.

Poweramp ($3.99)

Turn to Poweramp(opens in new tab) if you need an Android music player that can support a wide variety of audio formats, while also offering premium features like a 10-band graphic equalizer and support lyrics. The app also includes a tag editor, fast library searching, home and lock screen widgets. You can try out Poweramp for free for 15 days, but it will take $3.99 to upgrade to the full version. It’s well worth price for music lovers.

IDAGIO ($9.99 per month)

best android apps idagio
(Image credit: Idagio)

IDAGIO(opens in new tab) taps into an overlooked market — high-quality classical music streaming. IDAGIO subscriptions cost $9.99 per month, allowing users to stream lossless FLAC audio of new, exclusive and rare recordings of concerts and opera performances, all searchable by composer, soloist, ensemble or orchestra so that you can easily track down and compare recordings and performances. Users can check out curated playlists or create their own, and they can stream music through Chromecast or Sonos, as well as download music for offline play.

Best Android photo and art apps

A good Android camera app can give you more control over the pictures you take or add terrific effects to what you’ve already shot. And the art apps available at Google Play can unleash your creative side.

Pixtica (Free)

For a feature-packed alternative to the built-in camera app on your Android phone, try Pixtica(opens in new tab). You’ll find many shooting features and camera controls in a single package. You can fine tune details like ISO, shutter speed and focus using Pixtica’s manual camera controls, and you’ll also be able to access extras such as live filters with real-time previews, panorama and hyperlapse modes. 

You can use the app for free if you don’t mind ads, but signing up for a Pixtica subscription gets rid of those ads and unlocks all filters and photo resolutions, removes watermarks on live filters and GIFs and lets you record as much video as you want.

Glitch Lab (Free)

Plenty of apps in Google Play promise to add digital glitch effects to your photos. But few do it as thoroughly and simply as Glitch Lab(opens in new tab)\. You’ll find more than 100 effects in the app organized into categories such as color, streaking and retro. The app support infinite undos and redos and you can even save images to reuse as masks. 

Unlock the pro version via a $6.49 in-app purchase and you get even more effects, plus valuable features including higher resolutions and lossless file saving.

Canva (Free)

Whether you’re creating a holiday card or a stirring Instagram story, Canva(opens in new tab) can help you produce something memorable. The design and video editing app can create just about everything from social media posts to invitations, logos and photo collages. 

You can start building your creation from scratch or turn to one of Canva’s many free templates, and the app has a library of photos and illustrations for your use, assuming you don’t want to turn to your own images. When you’re done editing images and adding text, you can share your finished work, either via email, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Best Android social media apps

You probably know about Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, but there are other Android-compatible social apps that are well worth your time.

Slowly (Free)

The old-fashioned pen-pal gets a modern take with Slowly(opens in new tab), a social app that’s intended for a slower, more deliberate messaging experience that might otherwise get lost in our modern age of instant gratification. Users set up a simple profile with an avatar, location and a list of interests; Slowly will then match you with users with similar interests. 

Unlike traditional messaging apps, Slowly adds a time delay element to your messages, encouraging longer-form writing at a more weighty, deliberate pace. In addition, the app has a stamp collection feature, with each message coming with stamps based on the sender’s location, as well as special seasonal stamps or premium ones available as in-app purchases. You can also share a limited number of photos per day if your pen friend has agreed to receive them.

Signal (Free)

Open Whisper Systems’ Signal(opens in new tab) is a fantastic messaging solution for security conscious mobile users. It is an all-in-one messaging and voice call solution that uses end-to-end military grade encryption. You can send text, voice, group messages, media and attachments. Ease of use and strong, open source, audited encryption makes it a favorite of the security conscious, with accolades from the likes of Edward Snowden and other privacy advocates. It’s one of the many top encrypted messaging apps we’ve looked at for mobile devices.

Unfold (Free)

Unfold(opens in new tab) is a clean and easy to use creative tool that focuses on creating slick and polished Instagram Stories-ready presentations, with an arsenal of sleek and elegant templates that you can apply to your photos. It’s a no-guff approach that focuses on the simple and stylish, eschewing the wacky for the elegant, with 25 free templates and 5 fonts, applicable on photo and video presentations, with more available as in-app purchases.

15 best Android apps available right now


Price: Free / $1.99

1Weather is arguably the best weather app out there. It features a simple, paginated design that shows you the current weather, forecast for up to 12 weeks, a radar, and other fun stats. Along with that, you’ll get a fairly decent set of lightly customizable widgets and the standard stuff like severe weather notifications and a radar so you can see the storms approaching. There is also a video element with two or three-minute weather updates for your region. The UI is logical and reasonably easy to navigate as well. The radar occasionally hangs while loading, but it’s usually not too big of a deal.

The free version has every feature with some mild, inoffensive advertising. The single $1.99 in-app purchase removes advertising. Most will also likely enjoy the range of weather fun facts as well when you open the app. We have a list of the best weather apps and widgets if you want more options.

Google Drive

Price: Free / $1.99-$299.99 per month

Google Drive screenshot 2020

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on Android where all new users get 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. You can, of course, buy more if needed. What makes Google Drive so special is the suite of Android apps that are attached to it. They include Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. It just covers so many bases, and it’s so cheap that it’s impossible not to recommend it to just about anybody.

Some of the features of these apps include live collaboration, deep sharing features, and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents. It’s easy to use, you get 15GB of free storage for your documents, and the cross-platform support is pretty good. You can find more cloud storage apps here and more office apps here if you want something different.

Google Maps screenshot 2021

Google Maps virtually owns the navigation apps scene and it remains of the best Android apps ever. It gets frequent, almost weekly updates that seem to only add to its incredibly generous list of existing features. Aside from the very basics, Google Maps gives you access to places of interest, traffic data, directions to things like rest stops or gas stations, and you can download maps for offline use.

If you add to that the Waze experience, which includes tons of its own features, and you won’t need another navigation app. Ever. Google also owns and operates Waze so we list them together. Both navigation apps work on Android Auto and usually, they work better than car navigation systems. Of course, we have more GPS apps options as well here if you need them.

Google Search / Assistant / Feed

Price: Free

Google App screenshot 2020 best android apps

This is one seriously powerful app. It also works on most Android devices. You simply download the app and then enable it. From there, you can ask it whatever you want. It also supports a variety of commands. You can control smart home products, ask it just about any question, and it can even do simple math problems for you. It’s included with a variety of products such as Google Home speakers.

There is also a second Google Assistant app for those who want a quick launch icon on the home screen. The hardware stuff costs money, but Google Assistant is free. There are other decent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, and you can check them out here.


Price: Free / $12 per year

LastPass is one of those must-have Android apps. It’s a password manager that lets you save your login credentials safely and securely. On top of that, it can help generate nearly impossible passwords for you to use on your accounts. It’s all controlled with a master password. It has cross-platform support (premium version only) so you can use it on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or whatever.

There are others, but LastPass seems to be one step ahead most of the time. Additionally, the premium version is reasonably inexpensive. You can also grab LastPass Authenticator to go along with it for added security. There are other options for great password managers here and some free LastPass alternatives if the new, more restricted free version isn’t doing it for you. LastPass also has an authenticator app for additional security.

Microsoft SwiftKey

Price: Free

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard screenshot 2022

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most powerful and customizable third-party keyboards available. It hit the market several years ago with a predictive engine unlike anything any other keyboard had and the app has grown a lot over the years. It’s a free download with free themes so you don’t have to pay a dime.

Other features include a dedicated number row, SwiftKey Flow which allows for gesture typing, multiple language support, cross-device syncing of your library, and much more. It’s about as good as it gets in the keyboard space. It’s true that Microsoft now owns SwiftKey, but so far they have managed not to mess it up. Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, is also exceptionally good and the only reason it’s not on the list is to avoid having three consecutive Google apps here. There are some other great Android keyboards here as well.

Nova Launcher

Price: Free / $4.99

Nova Launcher - best android apps

Initially, we weren’t going to put any launchers on this list. Nova Launcher seems to be extending beyond what normal launchers are. It’s been around for years, it’s been consistently updated, and thus it’s always been a great launcher replacement option. It comes with a host of features, including the ability to backup and restore your home screen set-ups, icon theming for all of your Android apps, tons of customization elements for the home screen and app drawer, and more. It was purchased by an analytics company, but so far no bad changes have been made.

You can even make it look like the Pixel Launcher if you want to. If you go premium, you can tack on gesture controls, unread count badges for apps, and icon swipe actions. Those looking for something simpler may want to try Lawnchair Launcher or Hyperion Launcher. Of course, we have a list of the best Android launchers with even more options as well. We also have a tutorial specifically for Nova Launcher if you want to learn more.

Pocket Casts

Price: Free / $0.99 per month / $9.99 per year

Pocket Casts screenshot 2022

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcast apps. It received some ire years ago for moving to a subscription model. However, changes since then have made the app more or less usable by anyone, even without a subscription. The app houses a ton of podcasts, good sharing options, and you can set things like auto download and playback speed. The UI is clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate. There isn’t much Pocket Casts does wrong.

The subscription is mostly optional and includes cross-platform support, more themes, 10GB of cloud storage to store podcasts, and more. We used to be quite against subscriptions, but since most podcast players now do it, but I’m able to use this without the subscription without much issue. Podcast Addict and CastBox are other excellent options in this space, and we have a list of even more great podcast apps here.


Price: Free trial / $4.99

Poweramp screenshot 2022

Poweramp is one of Android’s most popular and functional local music players. It has basically all of the features, including hi-res audio support, Android Auto, an equalizer, gapless smoothing, and support for virtually any audio codec you can find. The UI has a tiny bit of a learning curve, but it’s one of the better-looking music players as well with optional themes in the Google Play Store.

There are other great music apps here, but the top slot arguably Poweramp’s title to lose. Poweramp also has an equalizer app (Google Play link) if you want a better equalizer app.

Solid Explorer

Price: Free trial / $2.99


File browsing is something everyone inevitably has (or wants) to do, so you might as well do it with a capable, fantastic file browser. Solid Explorer is pretty much as good as it gets in the file explorer apps realm. It features Material Design, archiving support, support for the most popular cloud services, and even some more power-user stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDav, and SMB/CIFS support.

It looks great, is incredibly stable, and just works well. There is a 14-day free trial with a $2.99 price tag at the end of it. Other file browsers have more features, but few blends together looks, ease of use, and features like Solid Explorer does. If this doesn’t work for you, here are some other outstanding file browsers

Tasker and IFTTT

Price: $2.99 and Free, respectively

Tasker screenshot 2022

Tasker and IFTTT are two of the most powerful Android apps. They are automation apps where you can create various triggers to perform actions when specific things happen. For instance, you can use IFTTT or Tasker to automatically turn your Philips Hue lights on at night and off in the morning. Generally speaking, Tasker is the power-user option and has a much steeper learning curve than IFTTT. IFTTT is not only easier to use, but there is a boatload of fun things you can do with it. 

Tasker is free on Google Play Pass. IFTT is free for most stuff but there is a subscription if you want a few extras. There are some other great Android tools and utility apps, but none of them can step up to Tasker and IFTTT.


Price: Free / $4.49

Textra SMS screenshot 2022

Textra is arguably the best and most stable texting app for Android. It comes with a variety of themes, most of which are editable by you. It does basically everything you need an SMS app to do without much hassle. It even has a tutorial built-in that makes it work with Android Auto better than most other texting apps. We like it for its simplicity. It’s better than most OEM SMS apps and we’d easily recommend it over most of those.

Messages by Google (Google Play) is another great option and it even has the ability to stream your texts to your computer (via web browser). We have a full list of excellent SMS apps here as well if these don’t work for you.


Price: Free / $27.99 per year

TickTick screenshot 2022

TickTick isn’t as popular as other to-do list apps. However, it may be the best one. It covers the basics like recurring tasks, reminders, push notifications, various organizational features, and categories. The app also lets you share tasks and entire categories with other people. This makes it great for family use, small teams at work, or other such groups. It’s also great for stuff like grocery lists, honey-do lists, or any other list.

You get all of the features for free, albeit in a somewhat limited capacity, such as two reminders per task (premium makes that infinite). Our only major gripe is the lack of Wear OS support, which we hope to see the developers add eventually. Some other excellent options in the space include Todoist and Microsoft To-Do. Yes, we also have a full list of the best to-do list apps too.

YouTube and YouTube Music

Price: Free / $12.99+

YouTube Music screenshot 2021

We don’t typically recommend streaming services to people. After all, everybody has their own preferences and there are plenty of great options out there. However, we really like the combination of YouTube Music and YouTube. For one price, you get unlimited music from YouTube Music with more than enough tracks to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. However, you also get ad-free YouTube along with background video play and offline downloads..

That one-two punch is right up there with the Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ bundle for $12.99 per month as one of the best deals for video and audio streaming. Other music streaming services are usually better, but ad-free YouTube without the need for sideloading is excellent. Audiophiles may want to check out Hi-Fi options like Tidal or Deezer even if those services come at a premium or one of these music streaming apps as well.


Price: Free / $0.99 per month / $4.99 per year

Last, but certainly not least on our list is Zedge. This is a wallpaper, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones app that gives you an unbelievable number of options to customize the most basic parts of your device. On top of having an exhaustive collection of things, Zedge also promotes various items during holiday seasons making it easy to theme your phone up for Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays.

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