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Twisted Web is a high-performance and highly concurrent HTTP server. It provides multithreading, asynchronous I/O, chrooting, and CGI support through a single interface (a “reactor”) in the WSGI framework. Twisted’s reactor is capable of handling thousands of connections per second, over a thousand connections simultaneously per thread. Twisted can be used as a stand-alone application, or can be deployed within other Python applications (such as Pyramid).

Twisted Web is an asynchronous web server for the Python programming language. Twisted Web wants to make it easy for programmers to write networking programs in Python.

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Twisted Web Server Site

Twisted is a networking engine written in Python that started in 2001 as an experiment in asynchronous programming. It has since become a mature and robust framework for developing networked services.

Twisted is an event-driven framework, where the main loop is not assumed to be running continuously. Instead, it runs asynchronously, waiting for events to happen on the network or elsewhere in the system.

Twisted provides two distinct APIs for writing networked services:

TWS API – Twisted Web Server API (formerly known as ‘Tornado’). This API was designed from scratch with HTTP in mind. It includes support for HTTP proxies (e.g., Squid), authentication, HTTPS/SSL support, and other features that are specific to web applications including HTTP cookies and multipart/form-data uploads.

Asyncore API – Asynchronous Networking Core API This API is based on Python’s standard library module “asyncore”. Asyncore has been around since Python 1.5 and provides a high-level interface to sockets without requiring knowledge of select(). The Twisted Asyncore API adds support for SSL sockets (through the use of OpenSSL), connection timeouts (using timeouts), SSL client certificates (also through OpenSSL)

Twisted is a Python programming framework and asynchronous networking library. It features an event-driven architecture capable of acting as a server, and includes a number of components useful for developing web and Internet applications.

Twisted is written in Python, and runs on Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, Sun Solaris, Windows NT and other platforms with a functioning Python interpreter.

Twisted provides an event-driven networking engine that can be used with different protocols (including HTTP) to build servers, clients and other tools. Twisted also includes many protocols that can be used for networking or IPC; the most notable one is twisted.web.

Because Twisted is written in Python it is easy to use and extend. The codebase has been optimized for extensibility by supporting separate “subprojects” so that new functionality can be added without affecting existing code.

Twisted is a networking engine, application framework and Python programming language.

Twisted is an event-based framework that includes a wide variety of protocols and services. Twisted’s emphasis on asynchronous networking makes it ideal for writing high performance servers. Twisted also supports many protocols, including HTTP, FTP, IRC, LDAP, IMAP, P2P file sharing, XMPP/Jabber, Telnet and SSH.

Twisted provides an integrated development environment that simplifies the process of writing network programs so that developers can focus on the code they want to write rather than on the protocol details needed to make their programs work across multiple platforms.

Twisted is a networking engine written in Python. It’s a framework for writing servers, and has been used to create many Internet protocols.

Twisted is a networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source.

The Twisted API provides a way to write asynchronous clients and servers, with a focus on being able to write both sides of the connection i.e. client code can be reused for server code (and vice-versa) by changing some variables at the top of the file.

Twisted is an event-based framework that includes support for many different protocols including HTTP, IMAP, SSH, DNS, FTP and others. It also has an object-oriented interface to TCP/IP sockets, which allows it to support the Jabber protocol out of the box through an external module.

Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python. It was designed to be scalable, lightweight, and easy to use. Twisted currently supports all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. Twisted has been used extensively to implement client/server protocols such as IRC, NNTP, SSH2 and IMAP4rev1.

Twisted is also a popular platform for writing networked games which need high performance and low latency.

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Twisted provides a rich set of APIs for network programming, including:

A high-performance TCP/IP stack with support for both IPv4 and IPv6

A simple yet powerful actor framework that allows developers to easily write concurrent code

An expanded version of the standard Python library that includes protocol clients for all of the above protocols as well as support for SSL/TLS connections over sockets

Support for various network transports (e.g., TCP, UDP)

Twisted is a networking engine which can be used to build servers, clients, and other applications.

Twisted is written in Python and has been ported to many different platforms. The core features are:

Asynchronous event-driven I/O

A comprehensive set of protocols (DNS, HTTP, IRC, NNTP, SMTP…)

Support for multiple transport protocols (HTTP 1.1, SSL/TLS, IPv6…)

Flexible authentication modules (LDAP, SQL…)

Twisted is a networking engine written in the Python programming language, but it can also be used from other languages. Twisted is heavily event-driven and asynchronous, so you can use it for all sorts of things, including writing servers and clients.

Twisted comes with a number of high-level protocols built in, including an SMTP/POP3 server, an IRC client and server (including support for IPv6), a Finger server, a DNS server, and many more. There’s also support for SSL/TLS and HTTP2.

Twisted has been used to build many large Internet applications, including the Apache web server itself (it was originally developed by Twisted developers), the OpenSSH remote administration tool, and numerous other Open Source projects.

Twisted is a networking framework written in Python. It aims to make it easier to write networked applications that are more scalable than simple sockets.
Tornado is a full stack web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed. It is written in Python and runs on CPython, PyPy and Google App Engine.

Twisted is an asynchronous networking framework written in Python. Twisted supports TCP and UDP with various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and others; integration with other network services such as IRC; SSL/TLS transport security; IPv6 support; multiprocessing; unit testing; and much more.

It uses an event-based framework for building applications that can scale up to thousands of connections through the use of non-blocking socket I/O and producer/consumer design patterns rather than relying on threads or processes for concurrency.

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