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Text Editors for WordPress – Any professional blogger will tell you how important it is to make sure your blog posts look clean and structured. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a simple text editor that doesn’t have any frills or extra columns where you can add headlines or navigational links. Creating a high-quality blog that is easy to digest won’t take very long if you use the right editing tools. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best text editors out there.

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Text Editor For WordPress

WordPress Editor is a FREE plugin that allows you to edit your website’s content. It is fully compatible with the new Gutenberg editor and can help you take advantage of its features.

The plugin adds a text tab to the visual editor which allows you to write and format your text using Markdown syntax.

Key Features:

Rich Text Editor – A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor with formatting options like bold, italic, underline etc.

Markdown Editor – A Markdown editor with live preview and keyboard shortcuts for faster writing.

Live Preview – See how your post will look before publishing it live on your website.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and you can use it to make your own website. But, WordPress comes with only a basic editor. This WordPress text editor plugin helps you create nice looking content without having to write HTML code. You can also use this plugin to convert HTML code into rich text or vice versa.

The plugin supports many languages, including Arabic, French, Russian and more. It also supports various formatting options like bold, italic, underline, highlight, subscript and superscript.

The main features of the free version are:

– Convert HTML into Rich Text

– Convert Rich Text into HTML

– Convert Markdown into Rich Text

WordPress Text Editor is a powerful, yet simple, text editor for WordPress. It allows you to use the full power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create posts and pages in WordPress.

Template/theme developers can use this plugin to edit the templates directly from the frontend.

Key Features

– HTML editor with color picker and font selection

– Code syntax highlighting for major programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

– Outline view of code

– Quickly navigate between elements using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+O / Ctrl+F) or menu items (Edit > Go To Element)

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If you are looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful text editor for WordPress, then you need to try the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin. This free plugin makes it easy to add a text editor to any WordPress page or post.

In fact, it’s possible to add a text editor directly into the WordPress editor window itself by simply clicking on the “TinyMCE” button at the top of the screen. The plugin also allows users to choose where they want their text editor to be displayed on their website (see image below).

This is especially useful if you have multiple pages that require different types of content editing. For example, if there are several different types of pages in your website and only one needs an image gallery feature, then this can be easily added without affecting any other pages.

You can also customize the settings for each individual page using this plugin so that users can only edit specific areas of the page using a built-in WYSIWYG interface rather than having access to all elements at once.

WordPress Editor is a full-featured editor for the WordPress platform. It works in the Dashboard and the Customizer, and it supports all post types, fields, and media.

It’s fast, secure, lightweight and easy to use!

WordPress Editor Features:

– Full featured text editor

– Works on the frontend as well as in the Customizer

– Supports all post types, fields and media (images, video and audio)

– Lightweight and fast with no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks (except jQuery).

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