Test Cases For Database Testing

Test cases are meant to be used in a variety of situations and they’re going to vary based on the type of testing being done and on the type of product or service being tested. Today we are going to focus on test case example for database testing, specifically. But first, let’s talk about the types of testing that occur during development.

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Test Cases For Database Testing

Database testing is the process of testing the application’s data store. It is also known as data-store testing or database verification.

A database contains a lot of information, which can be accessed by different users at any time. Thus, it is important to ensure that the data is stored in a secure manner and no one can access it without permission. There are multiple ways in which you can test your database while performing software testing. Here are some of them:

Database Testing in Manual Testing

In manual testing, you can test your database by using SQL queries to check whether all values are correct or not. You need to run the following queries on your application’s database and check if there are any errors or warnings:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE column = ‘value’


UPDATE table SET column = ‘new value’ WHERE condition = ‘Y’

Database testing is a type of software testing that involves the automated testing of the database. The purpose of this is to ensure that data stored in the database is accurate and consistent.

A database can be tested by using various methods, such as executing queries and comparing their results with expected values. It can also be tested by inserting new records into tables and then checking whether they have been inserted correctly.

Database testing is performed as part of black box software testing. This means that it only considers the functionality of a program, but not its internal structure or source code.

There are many different types of databases, each with their own features and limitations. Some databases are designed specifically for storing data while others are designed to support processing operations on that data. Some databases use SQL queries (Structured Query Language) to manipulate and retrieve data from a database while others use their own proprietary query languages or even no query language at all!

The database is the core of any application. It is the place where data is stored and retrieved from. In order to ensure that the data in the database is correct, it should be tested at every stage of development.

Testing a database can be done through various approaches like manual testing, automated testing etc. Manual testing is one of the most common approaches used by testers to test databases. Manual testing involves using a third-party tool or an in-built tool present in your IDE for testing purposes.

In this article, we will be discussing about Database Testing and its types along with some examples and tools used for testing purpose:

Types Of Database Testing:

Manual Testing: This type of testing involves executing queries in order to verify if there are no errors or bugs found in your system. It also checks if all the functionalities are working properly as per requirements or not. Manual testing gives more control over how you want to test your system but it might take longer time than other types of testing methods such as automated testing because it needs human intervention while running queries on a database.

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Automated Testing: Automated Testing involves running queries on a database through an automation tool known as SQL (Structured Query Language). This method saves time

Database testing is a type of software testing that is used to test the database systems. The database is one of the most important parts of any computer system. It stores all the data related to the users and their accounts. It also stores data related to companies, products, sales, etc., which are necessary for running the business smoothly.

Database testing is done after all other types of testing are completed. The main purpose of database testing is to check if the databases are working properly or not. This type of testing ensures that all the data in your database is safe and secure from any kind of damage or loss due to any reason.

Database Testing Techniques:

There are different types of techniques that are used for database testing such as functional testing, unit testing and integration testing etc., By using these techniques, you can ensure that your database works in a proper manner without any issues or errors at all times.

Database Testing is a set of test cases which are used to verify the functionality of a database. The database testing covers all aspects of database testing including the data structure and design, data integrity, and performance.

Database Testing is a subset of software testing. It is done to ensure that the database application performs as expected, and meets all the business needs. This means that you will have to check if all the functionalities of your application are working properly. You should also check if your application can handle any changes in its environment (such as hardware, OS etc.) without causing any problem for the users.

Testing Database at different levels:

Database Testing is done at different levels such as Unit level, Integration level and System level. Each level has its own set of test cases which need to be executed before moving on to the next stage of testing. The following diagram shows how each level of testing is performed:

Unit Level: Unit tests are written by developers while they develop their code modules or programs under test. It involves testing individual units of code either by itself or with other units which interact with it during runtime. For example: When you write a function in C++ which accepts an integer array as input parameter then write unit tests for it where you pass different values.

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