Scala Plugin For Eclipse Luna

Scala Plugin For Eclipse Luna is a set of tools for developing and deploying Scala applications. It allows you to edit your Scala code and see its output in a single view, as well as compile and run it with no configuration.

Scala Plugin for Eclipse Luna is an easy to install plugin that supports all of your Scala development needs. With integrated tools, great user interface and a variety of editor customizations, Scala Plugin makes your life easier while you are building awesome Scala applications.

With Scala Plugin, you can create applications in a modern type-safe programming language, Eclipse Luna. It allows you to write and refactor your code with an easy-to-use editing environment, and extend Scala with modern tools for building large applications.

Scala Plugin For Eclipse Luna

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to set up the Eclipse IDE for Scala. This tutorial is for those who are new to Scala.

Requirement for Installation

  • Eclipse (Install link) if you don’t know how to install Eclipse then refer to this article.
  • JDK 11 (you may use JDK 6 onwards)

Note: If you do not have JDK installed, you may get them from this link.

Installing Scala IDE for Eclipse:

Follow the below steps to install Scala IDE for Eclipse

Step 1: Open the eclipse and click on the “Help” and select “Install New Software”

Install New Software

Step 2: Now click the “Add” button to add the new repository.

add new repository

Step 3: Add Scala IDE update site, You can use the most recent Scala update site

Add Scala IDE update

Step 4: Select Scala IDE for Eclipse to download it, you can choose which Scala IDE you want to download

 Select Scala IDE for Eclipse

Step 5: After installation, the system will ask you to restart the Eclipse.

Testing Scala Installation in Eclipse IDE: 

Using the Eclipse IDE, we will create a simple Hello World program in Scala.

  • Open the Eclipse, click on the menu and click on the “New” ->Scala project.
  • Give the name to your project.
  • Create a new Scala Object, File -> New -> Scala Object 
  • Give your Scala application a name and then click Finish to create the file.
  • Add code that prints Hello World
  • Scala
// Scala program to print Hello World!objectGeeks{    // Main Method    defmain(args:Array[String])    {        // prints Hello World        println("Hello World!")    }}


hello world in Scala

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