Publisher Management Software

Publisher Management Software (or Publisher Tools) is software that aids publishers with the syndication, distribution and publishing of content.

Have you ever wondered why publishers get into hot water for stealing content and then republishing the content on their own sites? Well, it’s because they are not doing a very good job of publisher management. If a site is publishing high-quality content, managing the publisher itself can be challenging. This is where software like PubliCrunch is becoming invaluable for publisher management.

Publisher Management is a system for managing news sources that offer premium content. It takes care of the billing for you, and the deal making needed to keep your customers happy. It removes these tasks from your daily work load so you can focus on your core business.

Publisher Management Software

From acquisition to ONIX metadata, contract management, rights, royalties, permissions, production, P&Ls, contact management, and with tailorable code-lists throughout the app, Consonance is the complete publishing management system for complex publishing companies who want to achieve stability, consistency and harmony as the basis for growth. Review the documentation for an in-depth look at Consonance’s extensive feature list.Screenshot showing extensive functionality.

Publishing management excellence for every type of publisher.

  • Consonance provides sector-specific tools for collaboration across teams, departments, and countries, regardless of size and focus: our largest customer has more than half a million live products.
  • Consonance for academic and scholarly →
  • Consonance for childrens →
  • Consonance for trade →

Relied on by publishers around the world.

Consonance enables our clients to deliver against their unique business strategies.

BDS Publishing.

Agricultural sciences publishing start-up Burleigh Dodds Publishing went from a standing start to winning IPG Newcomer of the Year, using Consonance to structure their complex metadata.

IOP Publishing.

The Institute of Physics are prolific professional publishers who deliver impact, recognition and value to the scientific community through their publishing, enabled through extensive adoption of Consonance’s features.

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