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The lack of information about the meaning of project governance may confuse you. The first thing that you need to know is that project governance is not a one-time event. It can be both a process and a set of procedures. Therefore, defining your own project governance may help you avoid potential objections and problems during implementation. In this blog post, we will explain what is meant by the term ‘“project governance” and how it can help you to avoid potential risks.

Project management tools can make managing your project’s workflow a lot easier. A solid project management tool allows you to be more efficient, keep everything organized, and to help plan better.

Plan gives you the possibility to create projects in minutes and groups of projects for tasks, or sprints. Create unlimited team and task lists. Manage your projects by tasks, milestones and notes. Plan is a intuitive project management tool that allows to quickly break down any project into smaller tasks, giving you the time needed to take action on all high priority items from the start and increases accountability in the whole organization.

Plan Project Management Software

What Is Project Management?

The concept of project management has been around since the early 20th century with the introduction of Henry Gantt’s Gantt charts. Over the last decade, however, modern project management technology has brought these principles into the everyday workplace. In fact, PWC found that 77% of high-performing teams use project management software. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

So what is project management exactly? A project is defined by the Project Management Institute as a temporary, unique undertaking that has “specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal,” and often involves diverse groups working together.

The project is then managed through the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. The project management life cycle is divided into 5 phases: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing. The main goal of this entire process is to complete projects efficiently while producing quality results.

There are countless project management tools and productivity apps to help you hone in on tasks and projects like a pro. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve rounded up the best project management software to get you and your team just a little bit closer to total productivity paradise.

1. Hive

hive project management software

Hive is a comprehensive, intuitive, all-in-one project management software – the only tool you need to open in the morning to get your work done. Hive is unlike other tools on the market because it’s the world’s first democratic productivity platform. But what exactly does that mean? At Hive, new features are constantly being developed based on user feedback on the Hive Forum. You know what you need in a tool to work better and faster, and Hive is committed to creating a project management software that does just that. It’s the only tool on the market built for users, by users. 

The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which exist inside of larger projects. Inside these action cards, teams can upload files, provide feedback with proofing and approvals, tag each other, and leave provide comments with @mentions. Teams at all-star companies like Comcast, Toyota, and Starbucks work in Hive – just another reason why it tops every list of best project management software. Learn more about all of Hive’s features here.

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In addition to task management, time-tracking and resourcing, Hive takes project management to the next level with:

  • Native chat and email
  • Collaborative note-taking tool
  • 1,000 integrations with top work tools including Zoom, Gmail, Slack, Dropbox, and more
  • 6 different flexible project layouts, including Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, Portfolio and Table, and Label view
  • Workflow automation functionality with Hive Automate

Cost: Free 14-day trial with plans starting at $12 per user, per month. Hive Solo is free forever for up to 2 users.

2. Trello

trello project management software

Trello is a great option for small teams or individuals looking to utilize a simple project management tool. The tool is Kanban board-based, which is a project management methodology started by an industrial engineer in the 40s. Cards are the basics of Trello, which you can organize into different phases on the board.

You can also color-code and attach images or files to the cards, and invite team members to collaborate on a board with you for a more interactive experience. One major negative with Trello is that each board only corresponds to one project, so if you want to create two bigger projects, you need to make two boards.

Cost: Free for basic, or $9.99 per user for Business Class monthly

Comparison: Learn about the top Trello alternatives on the market.

3. Asana

Asana Project Management Software

Asana is a user-friendly project management tool that can easily manage small and larger projects, which is why it’s part of our list of best project management softwares. The software is designed around tasks and subtasks arranged into different sections that can be assigned to either an individual or teams. 

For each task, the project manager and the rest of the team can communicate and provide feedback in the same place, keeping collaboration for each project at a central, easy to access location.

Cost: Free for basic, premium for $13.49 per user per month, $30.49 per user for the business plan

Comparison: Learn about the top Asana alternatives on the market.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp Project Management Software

Basecamp is a cloud-based tool with lots of features for individuals, project managers or even marketing teams that enables collaboration on tasks. Some of the features include to-do lists for tasks, which can be assigned to different users, and tasks that the system will automatically follow up on when the due date lapses. 

It also has a real-time group chat feature and a tool that enables the client to view the progress of the project. As with the majority of services on this list, Basecamp can also be integrated with other products for reporting, analysis, and time tracking, among other features. Aside from its cloud-based solution, Basecamp can be integrated with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Cost: Basecamp’s personal package is free for personal use. Business plans start at $99 monthly for unlimited users and projects.

Comparison: Learn about the top Basecamp alternatives on the market.

5. Nifty

Nifty Project Management Software

Nifty is a great project management software if you’re in the market for an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for individual or team work. Within the app, you can modernize and centralize work operations to help minimize the internal tools that your team has to juggle. Nifty lets you manage full projects, campaigns and individual tasks in views like Kanban or Gantt, which can be organized by milestone.

Cost: Pricing starts at $39 per month for a team of 10.

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