Jenkins Plugin For Visual Studio

I’m really excited to be a part of the Jenkins community. Today I’m going raise a flag and tell you about some of the awesome things Jenkins Plugin for Visual Studio does.

There are several Jenkins plugins for Visual Studio, the best of which is the Jenkins Tools Plugin for Visual Studio. In this post we’ll explore some of its features and how it can help you.

In my last post I discussed what Jenkins is and how to get it installed. In this post, we’ll look at a Jenkins plugin for Visual Studio that was designed by the folks at Xebia.

Jenkins Plugin For Visual Studio

Jenkins JackAre you tired of bloated extensions with superfluous features that are so confusing to use, you’d rather do everything manually?I’m not!Jack into your Jenkins to streamline your Pipeline development and Jenkins management. Execute Pipeline scripts remotely with real-time syntax highlighted output, access Pipeline step auto-completions, pull Pipeline step documentation, run console groovy scripts across multiple agents, manage jobs/builds/agents, and more!Honestly, not that much more.FeaturesPipeline JackExecute (with build parameters)Stream syntax highlighted output to output channelAbort executed pipelineUpdate target pipeline job on host with scriptShared Library reference docsScript Console JackExecute groovy console script at the System level or across one or more agentsNode (agent) JackDisable (with an offline message), enable, or disconnect one or more nodesUpdate the labels on one more more nodesOpen agent in web browserJob JackDisable, enable, delete, or view one or more jobsOpen job in web browserBuild JackDownload a build logDownload a build’s replay scriptDelete one or more buildsOpen build in web browserAdd, delete, edit, and select Jenkins host connectionsPipeline (GDSL) auto-completions for groovy filesTree ViewsConnection TreeAdd, edit, delete, and select your Jenkins host connections herePipeline TreeManage local scripts in relation to jobs on the targeted hostPull job script from hostPull replay script from build on hostRe-open your pulled script; association saved in settings.jsonJob TreeView jobs and builds on the hostDisable, enable, delete jobs and builds on the targeted hostNode (agent) TreeView nodes on the hostDisable (with offline message), enable, disconnect nodes on the targeted hostUpdate one or more nodes labelsJacks!See for a more comprehensive list of commands and their use.JackDescriptionCommandPipelineRemotely execute/abort/update Jenkins pipeline scripts from an open file with Groovy language id set, streaming syntax highlighted logs to the output console.extension.jenkins-jack.pipelineScript ConsoleRemotely execute Console Groovy scripts through the Jenkins Script Console, targeting one or more agents.extension.jenkins-jack.scriptConsoleBuildDelete/abort builds, stream logs, and pull Pipeline replay scripts from your Jenkins host.extension.jenkins-jack.buildJobDisable/enable/delete one or more jobs from your remote Jenkins.extension.jenkins-jack.jobNodeDisable/enable/disconnect one or more agents from your remote Jenkins. Mass update agent labels as well.extension.jenkins-jack.nodeIndividual jacks can be mapped to hot keys as user sees fit.ViewsThe extensions comes with UI/Views for interacting with all Jacks. The views can be found in the activity bar on the left hand side of the editor (bow icon):ViewsAll commands a user can execute via the quickpick command list (ctrl+shift+j) can also be executed in the Views via context menu or buttons.For examples on interacting with the views, see (faux snippets)From the selected remote Jenkins, the extension will pull, parse, and provide Pipeline steps as auto-completions from the Pipeline step definitions (GDSL).Any file in the editor with the Groovy language id set will have these completions (can be disabled via settings).SettingsNameDescriptionjenkins-jack.jenkins.connectionsList of jenkins connections to target when running commands.jenkins-jack.jenkins.strictTlsIf unchecked, the extension will not check certificate validity when connecting through HTTPSjenkins-jack.job.tree.numBuildsNumber of builds to retrieve in the Job Tree view (NOTE: values over 100 will utilize the allBuilds field in the query, which may slow performance on the Jenkins server)jenkins-jack.outputView.panel.defaultViewColumnThe default view column (location) in vscode the output panel will spawn on show. See enabled, hides [Pipeline] log lines in streamed output.jenkins-jack.outputView.typeThe output view for streamed logsjenkins-jack.pipeline.browserBuildOutputShow build output via browser instead of the OUTPUT channeljenkins-jack.pipeline.browserSharedLibraryRefShow Pipeline Shared Library documentation via browser instead of within vscode as markdownjenkins-jack.pipeline.params.enabledEnables the use of parameters (stored in ‘.myfile.config.json’) to be used in your Pipeline executionjenkins-jack.pipeline.params.interactiveInputIf true, will grab parameters from the remote jenkins job and prompt user for builder parameter input using input boxes and quick picks.jenkins-jack.pipeline.tree.itemsRemote jenkins job to local pipeline script associationsjenkins-jack.snippets.enabledEnable Pipeline step snippets for supported languageIdsjenkins-jack.tree.directorySeparatorDirectory separator string for job names in the Jenkins Jack TreeViews (default is /)SetupSee for setup and basic usage.Quick-usectrl+shift+jDisplays a list of all Jack commands provided by the extension (extension.jenkins-jack.jacks)Local Packaging and InstallationTo create a standalone vsix for installation locally, run the following commands:# From the root of the extension. npm install -g vsce # For packaging npm install # Install dependencies. vsce package # Bake some bread. code --install-extension .\jenkins-jack-0.0.1.vsix # ...or whatever version was built ContributingDo you have a feature request or would like to report a bug? Are you super motivated and want to submit a change? Do you think you’re better than me? Most excellent!Please see the contribution guide for more deets.AuthorsTravis Abeyti (initial work)LicenseThis project is licensed under the MIT License – see the file for details. Do what you will with this.CategoriesOtherTagskeybindingsPipeline Logpipeline-logWorks withUniversalResourcesIssuesRepositoryHomepageLicenseChangelogDownload ExtensionProject Detailstabeyti/jenkins-jackLast Commit: a year ago7 Pull Requests34 Open IssuesMore InfoVersion1.2.1Released on5/10/2019, 9:18:43 AMLast updated10/2/2021, 8:49:20 PMPublishertabeytiUnique Identifiertabeyti.jenkins-jackReportReport Abuse  

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