Jbpm Plugin For Eclipse

My name is Thierry Chanteperdrix and I am the founder of Jbpm Plugin For Eclipse. I started this project in order to provide a platform that simplifies the usage of Jbpm (Java Business Process Modeler). I have decided to open-source this project so anyone with the desire can contribute to this project.

ObjectDB Workbench is considered by many to be the best Data Modeling and ERD tool available today. We are proud to have helped in its creation, making it far superior to most other modeling tools available today. The Jbpm plugin for Eclipse provides a visual editor for creating your BPMN2 diagrams right within the Eclipse Platform.

Being quite a new guy in the Java Application development community , I have been really struggling to find a good JBPM Plugin for my Eclipse IDE. In this blog, I would love to share the details about my experience with different JBPM plugins and their comparision with each other.

Jbpm Plugin For Eclipse

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

The Eclipse plugin provides the following feature:

1. Wizard for Creation of:

  • A jBPM project
  • A BPMN2.0 Process

jBPM Perspective


1. Install latest version of JAVA on our system. To download and install latest version of JAVA:

click here…..

2. Install Eclipse. The following link illustrates the steps which can be followed in order to install Eclipse.

How to Install Eclipse

3. Start Eclipse IDE, Go to Help Section and click on Install New Software.

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

4. Add the Drools and jBPM update site.

Drools and jBPM update site

The following screen appears:

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

5. Click Next.

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

6. Again click Next. Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement”.

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

7. Click Finish.

8. After Successful Installation, we will get the following Dialogue Box.

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

9. Click Restart Now. Then Eclipse will be restarted, now, go to Windows -> Preferences -> Drools -> Drools Flow Nodes.

jBPM Eclipse Plugin

10. Click Apply and Close. Now the plug-in are Successfully Installed. We are ready to create our first jBPM Project.

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