Jboss Plugin For Eclipse Neon

When the Eclipse Neon release came out, I was excited to get going with it. Neon is the latest version of Eclipse with interesting features like PHP 7 support and Web UI Builder. The Eclipse marketplace has some plugins which worked with Neon. But jBPM plugin was not one of them. It wasn’t even close! Actually, jbpm plugin for eclipse has a few regressions as well. It was time for me to write a new plugin bundling jbpm dependency in it.

JBoss Eclipse Plug-in is the complete IDE for the JBoss Middleware platform. You keep your favorite features from IntelliJ IDEA, and add enhancements that are only in JBoss Tools.

One of the most important commands to be aware of when working with Eclipse is the Java Compile command. With this, you can compile all classes by a single click and analyze them for any error or warning.

Jboss Plugin For Eclipse Neon

1- Introduction

“JBoss tools” has many useful tools to install as a plugin to Eclipse. For example, “Hibernate Tools” is used to generate Entity classes from the list of tables in the database.

In this document I guide you how to install this plugin on Eclipse. This document is based on:

  • Eclipse 4.5 (MARS)
  • JBoss tools 4.3.1 Final

2- Way to find the link to install

  • http://tools.jboss.org/downloads/

Now, you will see that there are two ways to install JBoss Tools into Eclipse.

Option 1 – Install from “Update site”.

Option 2 – Install from “Eclipse Marketplace …”

3- Install from Update site

You can to install “JBoss Tools” is from the “Update Site”. Copy link to get guidance from above.

  • Copy Link: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/mars/stable/updates/

Select the tool you want, for example: Hibernate Tools

Click Next to install.

4- Install from Eclipse Marketplace …

To install the “JBoss Tools” from the “Eclipse Markplace ..” on Eclipse select:

On “Eclipse Marketplace ..”. Enter keyword JBoss to search, and install “JBoss Tools” corresponding to your Eclipse version, here I am using Eclipse version 4.5 (MARS).

In the “JBoss Tools” there are many tools, please check choose the tools that you need. For example, here I choose “Hibernate Tools”.

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