Data Privacy Management Software

Data privacy has become a hot topic in the past few years, but not every company is aware of how to deal with it. Government regulations are constantly changing, making it difficult for individual companies to keep up and stay compliant. This can lead to legal issues, loss of revenue, a tarnished brand image, and the possible termination of members of upper management teams.

This new software will help you protect your most valuable asset: Data Privacy. It’s all the buzz today and it won’t be long before regulations set their teeth in the marketplace and make sure data privacy is protected.

Data Privacy Management Software is an important part of database marketing. The technology allows you to meet compliance standards with the reasonability, transparency, and efficiency your business needs today.

Data Privacy Management Software

Data privacy management software is a solution that helps to ensure that your data is secure. It works by helping you to control who has access to your data, where it’s stored, and when it can be accessed. This software helps protect your company from any potential liability or legal issues that could arise from storing or sharing personal information such as employee records or employee benefits information.

Data privacy management software also allows you to comply with state and federal regulations for protecting personal information. These regulations include HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI DSS which require certain security standards be implemented within an organization’s network infrastructure in order to protect sensitive information.

Data Privacy Management Software is a tool that helps businesses protect their customers’ data, while also ensuring they can be compliant with laws and regulations.

Businesses need to be able to protect their customers’ personal information and ensure that it’s safe from theft. But they also need to be able to track the data and make sure it’s being used responsibly. Data Privacy Management Software makes sure that businesses are complying with all of these laws and regulations, while also protecting their customer’s data.

Data privacy management software can be a great way to make sure your company is compliant with data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

It helps you keep track of what kind of data you have, where it came from, how you’re using it, and who has access to it. These are all important issues that need to be addressed if your organization is going to be able to continue operating legally in the United States and abroad.

In order for your business to stay compliant with these regulations, you’ll need a solution that allows you to do things like:

-track where your data comes from – this way you know whether or not you have permission from the user before collecting or processing any personal information about them

-make sure that all employees know about these regulations so they can work within them when handling customer information

-manage access levels on different types of data so that only the right people have access at the right time.

The Data Privacy Management Software is a solution to the growing problem of data privacy.

The software provides a simple and intuitive way to manage personal data on your computer. It can also protect your privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your private files, folders, or any other kind of personal data.

This software helps you control who has access to what information about you so that only those people whom you want to see it will be able to see it.

It can also help protect your privacy when using the internet by blocking malicious websites from accessing your computer without your consent or knowledge.

And if someone tries to break into your system without being authorized, then this software will let you know immediately so that you can take action immediately.

What Makes the Best Data Privacy Management Software? 

We had several criteria for the best data privacy management software. Most importantly, we wanted the software to be effective in sending official removal requests. Then we checked which tools track responses and repeat removal requests if necessary. Last, but not least, we considered pricing. 

  1. Incogni — Affordable tool that works admirably
  2. IDX — Easy-to-use tool, but expensive
  3. DeleteMe — Premium tool with a well-organized dashboard
  4. Removaly — Highly effective tool with an extensive list of data brokers
  5. Kanary — Mid-tier option with less-than-impressive accuracy

The first thing we looked at was how good the tool is at automating the manual processes of data privacy: finding your data online and asking for it to be removed. Our priority was for any data privacy management software we chose to be effective and cover as many data brokers as possible. 

We also considered whether or not the software could track those same processes and automatically take action when necessary, such as sending repeat requests when the user data isn’t removed. Some data discovery and removal processes can take longer, and we wanted the software to be able to run its course from start to finish with as little user input as possible. 

Finally, we considered pricing. Some may rightfully say that you can’t put a price on data privacy, but after a certain price point, you might be tempted to take unnecessary risks with your sensitive data. 

The 5 Best Data Privacy Management Tools 

With our criteria out of the way, let’s take a look at five options for data privacy management software that provide true security, starting with our top pick, Incogni.

1. Incogni

More details about Incogni:

  • Pricing: $5.79 per month on the yearly plan
  • Provider website:


  • Effective at sending requests
  • Tracks responses
  • Repeats removal
  • Affordable


  • May send requests to brokers that don’t have your data

Incogni comes from the folks over at Surfshark, one of our top VPN suggestions. In our full Incogni review, we concluded that it’s a handy tool well worth the asking price. Incogni ensures regulatory compliance with laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), making sure data brokers don’t keep your data. 

Incogni sends removal requests to over 130 data brokers, with a promise of more to come at some point. When a new data broker is added, the tool automatically sends a request for your data to be removed. It then tracks the request to see if the broker complied, and checks to see if your data was deleted. If it wasn’t, it sends a repeat removal request. 

2. IDX

More details about IDX:

  • Pricing: $11.66 per month on the yearly Privacy plan
  • Provider website:


  • Effective data removal tool
  • Password manager & tracking blocker
  • Offers credit monitoring


  • Expensive

IDX comes with several plans, though if you only care about data privacy management software, the Privacy plan is the one you need. This plan comes with the ForgetMe data removal service, as well as a password manager, VPN, private search and tracker blocker. ForgetMe is the one we care about, as it removes your data from over 100 data brokers. 

IDX requires you to enter some of your personal information in order to look it up online and remove it from the brokers’ databases. The dashboard lets you pick and choose which data is being monitored. The dark web monitoring feature is a nice touch, as it checks for data breach dumps that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

It may be that Incogni has spoiled us, but we aren’t fans of IDX asking us for personal data. Fortunately, you can set up multi-factor authentication, which includes a biometric identity marker option, to make sure that data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

The company hasn’t been involved in any data breaches or controversies, which means they can be trusted with your data. 

The IDX Privacy plan is the lowest tier in the IDX portfolio, yet it still offers effective data removal and dark web monitoring. If you want to splurge, you can go for IDX Complete, which will cost you $29.61 per month on a yearly plan but includes extensive credit monitoring features. 

3. DeleteMe

More details about DeleteMe:

  • Pricing: $10.75 per month on the yearly plan
  • Provider website:


  • Good data removal requests
  • Makes custom requests
  • Human agents available


  • Expensive
  • Requires too much personal data

We reviewed Blur, another tool by Abine, a few months ago and we weren’t impressed. On the other hand, DeleteMe wowed us with its excellent feature set, high effectiveness and a human touch that other providers lack. It’s expensive, but well worth the asking price, especially if you consider the company removes data from over 580 data brokers. 

DeleteMe requires a great deal of your personal data, including a government ID for brokers that require it to authorize data removal. Most tools are happy with your personal information and power of attorney, but DeleteMe goes a step further, which is a negative mark on its record. 

The dashboard has a summary of the data brokers it’s tracking, number of records review and information on how many data brokers have collected your info. 

A Human Touch

What sets DeleteMe apart from most other data privacy management tools is the fact that, if the automated data discovery searches fail to remove your data, human teams step in to make sure your data is disposed of. The company also gives you an extensive DIY guide if you want to handle things yourself. 

DeleteMe isn’t the most affordable, but the feature set and effectiveness make it well worth the price. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing every request is being properly handled, some extra money goes a long way. 

4. Removaly

More details about Removaly:

  • Pricing: $9.95 per month on the yearly plan 
  • Provider website:


  • Great daily scanning
  • Free initial scan
  • Instructions for DIY requests


  • Expensive

A problem shared by most data privacy management tools is that they’re usually incredibly slow to complete removal requests in the background. Removaly is different, though, with quick data discovery scans and a daily scanning feature. The company can remove your data from 54 data brokers, though that number will almost certainly grow in the future. 

Removaly doesn’t bundle anything else with their data discovery and removal tool — its only focus is keeping your data private. If you need customer support, you may get it from the founders themselves. You can take advantage of a single free scan to see what Removaly can do before you buy. 

Daily Scanning to Keep Data Private

Rather than check for a data breach once per month, Removaly runs daily scans. If your data shows up on a data broker’s website, chances are it will be removed within 24 hours. This is as close to a “permanent removal” as you can get without manually scouring for your data 24/7. 

Removaly is moderately expensive compared to the other options on our list. However, its daily scanning feature is one of the most diligent permanent removal tools we’ve ever seen, making the price very much worth it. 

5. Kanary

More details about Kanary:

  • Pricing: $7.49 per month on the yearly plan
  • Provider website:


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Free trial scan available
  • Affordable


  • Not too effective

Kanary is a bit of an odd duck. While it does a decent job enforcing compliance with data privacy regulations, it’s also the only tool that consistently gives false positives. If you’re comfortable babysitting a tool that’s supposed to automate manual actions, you can at least save some money with the rather affordable Kanary. 

Like most other tools, Kanary asks for some of your personal data, but it keeps it secure with multi-factor authentication in a separate, controlled-access database. 

Unfortunately, in the one scan we tried, Kanary returned a staggering number of false positives, including social media accounts and even comments on social media posts. You’ll need to be careful before you click “confirm removal.” 

Free Scan for Everyone

If you want to get your feet wet before paying, Kanary offers a complimentary scan. You sign up with your email, confirm via the link Kanary sends, and wait up to 24 hours for your scan to complete. Unfortunately, it only checks 32 common sites unless you pay for a membership, which expands that list to over 100 data brokers. 

While Kanary is fairly inexpensive, it lacks the efficiency of competitors like Incogni, DeleteMe and IDX. If you value your privacy, you’d be better off spending a bit more to get a different tool. If you try it and decide it’s not for you, your account data will be permanently deleted when you leave. 


There are a lot of different ways to manage data privacy, but only one of them is the right solution for your business—and if you’re not using it, you’re probably putting your company at risk. If you need an ROI on your investment in data privacy management software, we have good news. With a solution like ours, you can save money by reducing lawsuits and penalties related to data breaches and other issues. In other words, you don’t need to spend a dime until you start seeing returns. Let us show you how.

To get the true picture of data security, you need to investigate more than just the software itself. In most cases, if a company doesn’t use encryption, they probably don’t have anything to hide. But you’ll also want to know if that company is collecting your personal data under the guise of ‘anonymous information’. And you’ll almost definitely want to know if said company has suffered any data breaches in the past.

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