Best Web Hosting In Malaysia

With the increase of online business and the customers who are starting their own business, the demand for web hosting services has gradually risen over the years. There are many popular companies that offer attractive deals and discounts to attract more clients. But looking at the big picture, how do you make sure that you are getting a good deal without being ripped off by low-quality service?

Best Web Hosting In Malaysia

Scouting for the best web hosting in Malaysia can be tough. Especially when there are a lot of factors involved: speed, reliability, security, customer service, and affordability, to name a few.

But before anything else, for those who don’t know what a Web Hosting means, it’s quite simple. It is a kind of internet hosting service that allows people to make their websites available online.

With a wide array of choices to choose from, I’ve narrowed down a list of the best web hosting in Malaysia.

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  1. Hostinger Malaysia
    Hostinger Malaysia Logo
    Photo credit: Hostinger website
    BEST FOR Number one cheap web hosting in Malaysia
    PRODUCTS Shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting
    ADDRESS Hostinger International – Ltd. 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus
    OPERATING HOURS 24/7 customer support
    Hostinger Malaysia is a fast and secure web hosting platform that’s made to make life simpler, for web developers and customers alike.

The company’s vision of providing stable, fast, and easy website hosting methods supports this mission, and all at an affordable price at that.

With a number of different hosting systems to choose from, Hostinger Malaysia truly is one of the top options for the best web hosting in Malaysia.

24/7 live customer support
Great speed and uptime
Unlimited storage
30 day money-back guarantee
Customer Reviews
Hostinger Malaysia prioritizes a web hosting’s service quality, speed, and support with utmost importance, just as much as their clients do.

Customers reviewed Hostinger Malaysia online and wrote:

“After messing about with our test sites, playing with the features and getting an overall feel of Hostinger’s web hosting services, we’ve gotta say that Hostinger truly is a very solid host!

Their user interface is easy to use, they’ve got convenient 1-click set ups for WordPress (and other popular apps) and their server response times can hold its own against some of our top tier A+ ranked web hosts.

We found their service to be incredibly beginner friendly, thanks to their outstanding support team! Trained with their “zero-tier support” system, they’ll gladly guide you step-by-step in solving any issues you encounter.”

“Hostinger provides superb speed. Their uptime has been a little bit inconsistent over the past 24 months, but on average uptime has been strong.

The entry-level, Single-Web Hosting plan doesn’t offer many unlimited perks or free features. The Premium, Cloud Hosting, and Business Web Hosting plans have a lot more to offer. Hostinger also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with their service.

Customer support is responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly.

We couldn’t recommend these plans more.”

  1. bluehost


Web Hosting


Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Full-Service Website

SEO Services

Pay-Per-Click Services

Website Migration



10 Corporate Drive Suite #300 Burlington, MA 01803



Press & Media: [email protected]

Affiliate Profram: [email protected]

Legal: [email protected]



Bluehost has been in service since 2003. They have been continually innovating new ways to empower people to fully harness the web. They provide users throughout the world with comprehensive tools and allow them to gent on the web and thrive.

In comparison to other companies, their team is completely dedicated in helping their customers around the clock. They do this so that customers can inquire anytime and make them the best and most responsive web hosting company.

What’s unique about them is their team that consists of dedicated WordPress professional that provide the best customer support. Another is their secure web hosting company that is built on open source.

What people like about them is that they do not only focus on getting people online but also in creating a better and safer web for everyone. They can fight spammers and invest in countless open source projects!

Free consultation
Promote web civility
In-house experts are available 24/7

  1. SiteGround
    SiteGround’s Logo
    Photo credit:
    BEST FOR Top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support
    PRODUCTS Web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting
    ADDRESS SiteGround Hosting Ltd. – 3rd Floor, 11-12 St. James’s Square London SW1Y 4LB, United Kingdom
    CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 1.866.605.2484
    OPERATING HOURS 24/7 customer support
    SiteGround is a web hosting platform that is designed for easy website management. It caters to users with over 2 million domains.

In order for websites to run smoother and more secure, SiteGround built powerful in-house solutions. They are also recognized to handle professional hosting support.

Recommended officially by, there’s no wonder why SiteGround is named as one of the best web hosting in Malaysia.

Technical superiority
Fully-managed service
Security-first mindset
Customer Reviews
SiteGround is a web hosting platform built for flawless site building, website transfer and management.

Customers online wrote about them and said:

“We found SiteGround to be noticeably faster and extremely reliable. Their hosting plans are flexible, and their customer support is one of the best in the industry.

That’s why we’ve chosen to recommend SiteGround as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.”

“SiteGround is a solid web hosting provider. My experience is certainly good on the things that are important — uptime, support, speed, and technical capability.

The plan you choose will affect performance and speed to some degree. But when I’ve talked to SiteGround users, I’ve found that all plans perform well in terms of uptime and features.

The customer service you get is great across the board; customers on the cheaper hosting plans appear to experience the same quality of support as those paying more (although those with the GoGeek plan may be served faster).

SiteGround is definitely a host any serious website owner should consider.”

  1. Exabytes Malaysia
    Exabytes Malaysia’s Logo
    Photo credit: Exabytes Malaysia Facebook
    BEST FOR High rating in largest web hosting directory
    PRODUCTS Domain name, WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), instant website design
    ADDRESS 1-18-8, Suntech @ Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
    CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +60 4-609 7888
    OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday – 9:00am – 5:00pm
    Weekends – Closed
    Exabytes Malaysia is a web hosting platform trusted by 160,000 customers around the world. They offer 24/7 customer support for 365 days, and have been providing cloud support since 2001.

With great network and server uptime ratings, you don’t have to second-guess why Exabytes Malaysia is considered among the best web hosting in Malaysia.

Offering services at affordable prices, the company provides an all-in-one solution to strengthen online businesses.

24/7 local support
100-day full money back guarantee
Fast account activation
Customer Reviews
Exabytes Malaysia is known for their premium features at their reasonable rates. Their business has great support and sales as well.

Customers online wrote about them and said:

“Great customer service! The support crew never fail to impress me by providing excellent customer service. Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by Mr. Gaveen. Thank you very much Mr. Gaveen for the helps. Good job!”

“Customer Hosting Has Been Hacked! Few weeks ago, my customer’s hosting has been hacked and it is not stopping even exabytes has help to increase the filter of the spam emails. It is getting worst last week where customer’s emails were used to send spam to their customers. This has cause my customer a great loss in integrity and they are indeed fed up with us. With the help of Miss Ooi and Peter’s constant checking and help, we manage to stop the spam in 48 hours (it is like a week to us). Besides Dawn and Randy also there to support to ensure all the right things are been done. Randy even get my permission if he can personally called the customer as the customer having problem is logging in the outlook and solve it yesterday. It has turn the disastrous to happy ending. Thanks again to Miss Ooi, Dawn, Randy and Peter. Continue the great work!”

  1. HostPapa
    HostPapa’s Logo
    Photo credit: HostPapa website
    BEST FOR Small business web hosting provider
    PRODUCTS Domain, web hosting, WordPress hosting, online store, VPS hosting, reseller hosting
    CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 905-315-3455

E-mail: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS 24/7 customer support
HostPapa is an award-winning platform that offers web hosting and cloud service solutions to both big and small businesses globally.

They have been around for over a decade and have continued to come up with smart web solutions to cater to the needs of their customers.

With that being said, HostPapa is America’s number one web host for a reason. This is also enough to prove that clearly, they are one of the best web hosting in Malaysia.

Free domain transfer
Free website migration
Reliable customer support
Customer Reviews
HostPapa is a trustworthy web platform that focuses on making their customers’ lives easier. They strive to invest in the latest technology to guarantee their website’s best performance.

Loyal clients of HostPapa reviewed them online and wrote:

“HostPapa has been one of SMB’s go-to web hosting services for over a decade. Our HostPapa review found that the Canada-based company appeals to unique SMB website needs by offering a wide array of features at a competitive price.

We were particularly impressed with the company’s cPanel’s intuitive interface, the unlimited bandwidth and many 1-click integrations which is matched by around-the-clock support from a well-trained staff. Our tests also revealed that HostPapa’s uptimes and load times—components that can make or break a website—were well above the industry average.”

“Hostpapa are my all in one webhosting service. They manage my domain, hold my site, are always available and I have had other vendors contact me with better prices, but couldnt compete in the services delivered. I will not be leaving hostpapa in the foreseeable future.”

free web hosting malaysia

There’s nothing wrong with getting free web hosting for your website, and it definitely has its perks, but it certainly comes with limitations as well.

It’s a really great way to establish an internet presence without coming up with any cash upfront, but getting free web hosting might also result in unpleasant results for your website.

The Inner Workings Of Web Hosting Companies

Whenever you type down into your little internet browser or your phone, you’re actually sending information via a complicated network of cables to a physical computer, aptly called a server, which resides in a physical location.

That server then sends the data required back to your computer or mobile device, so it’s able to display the website you’re looking for.

Buying a server costs quite a fair bit of money. Maintaining it isn’t cheap, not to mention having to rent the physical space to store that server in, pay Internet Provider bills, electricity, and whatnot.

Long story short, server maintenance fees are not cheap, and that’s why quality web hosting companies charge a premium price for their services.

So how on earth do some companies manage to provide these services for free?

Now we’re asking the right questions.

How Web Hosting Companies Keep Their Services Free

Web hosting companies need to find a way to pay off their bills and keep the lights on at home. While there are many strategies and methods a company can use to keep its services free, some of it is acceptable, some unethical, and some downright deplorable.

Here are a few things most free web hosting companies do to cover their costs.

  • Ads On Your Website
    One of the ways for them to get some income while providing you with free services is to place ads on your website. These ads can be their own ads or third-party ads. You generally won’t have control over what kind of ads will be on display no your website if you opt for free web hosting. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  • Limited Features
    Another thing these companies can do, is to offer you just enough features to get your website going, but not enough to actually produce any decent results. This forces you to upgrade to their paid service or purchase additional features “at a low-low price that anyone can afford!”
    For example, they might throttle the bandwidth of your website, causing your site to seize up when you exceed something like 100 visitors. For you to get your site online again, you’ll have no choice but to upgrade, which automatically turns you into a paid subscriber.
  • Really Slow Speed
    Your site could also be seriously slow. After all, you’re not paying them anything. They don’t owe it to you to allocate resources for your website. They’d be much better off giving those resources to their paying customers.
  • No Custom Domain Names
    You most likely won’t be able to to get a custom domain name either. With free web hosting services, it’s most likely you’re restricted to, which isn’t exactly the ideal example of professionalism.

Anyway, even with all these drawbacks, free web hosting services do have their advantages. They’re fantastic for people that are just starting out, hobbyists, and It’s a great way to get your site up and running in no time.

I’ve rambled on enough, so let’s dive into the point of this entire article.

Our Top 8 Best Free Web Hosting Services 2022


We use an exchange rate of 1 USD to 4.1 MYR for all prices listed.

1. Hostinger






2.99 /mo

Key Features

  • 30GB SSD
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • hPanel
  • 24/7 support

“Premium services at a super low price point. Great for all purposes!”

Our very first, most favourite priced-so-low-it’s-practically-free web hosting would be Hostinger.

Yes, we know this list is supposed to be applied to free web hosting services, but Hostinger’s prices are only RM2.99 a month, which is practically free guys! Seriously, what else can you buy for RM2.99 a month these days?

Hostinger’s services are top-notch, fast, and reliable, rivalling some of the web hosting giants in the industry. As a matter of fact, we ran some tests and Hostinger actually outperforms some of them in terms of speed!

They’ve built 6 datacenters all across the globe to ensure that their speeds stay consistent no matter where your customers might be. We’ve actually set up 3 test sites with Hostinger (Singapore, Netherlands, and USA) to see how they fare globally, and all of them consistently return average speeds that are below 180ms!

That’s shockingly fast for something that costs a paltry RM2.99 a month, don’t you think?

Aside from speed, what made Hostinger our favourite (almost) free web hosting is their 99% uptime guarantee. This assures us that whatever sites we decide to host with them will practically never go down, or Hostinger will return 5% of our monthly fees to us.

With a chockful of features and an easy to use HPanel (their very own version of cPanel) Hostinger easily beats out the rest of the competition, while giving premium web hosting companies a good run for their money. Read our full review on Hostinger here.

What is lacking with Hostinger?

  • No free domain
  • No free backup
  • Not exactly free

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2. Weebly







Key Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Free SEO
  • Good Website Builder

“Great for newcomers, especially with their free site builder.”

You probably have heard of Weebly even if you don’t exactly know what it does. They’ve made a name for themselves by being one of the most user-friendly platforms for people without any sort of programming knowledge to create their own websites, for free.

Honestly, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

Weebly’s website builder is obviously the star of the show here, featuring a very user-friendly drag and drop interface and thousands of templates for you to pick from, to create the website of your dreams.

The features available with the free account aren’t half bad either. You’re given a storage space of 500MB, and while that isn’t a lot, it’s enough to get your free website up and going.

You’ll get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about an influx of visitors causing your site to go down just in case your content somehow becomes the flavour of the week in viraltown.

They also throw in free SSL for that extra security, free search engine optimization so your content is easily discoverable, and a free Weebly branded subdomain… not the best but hey, at least you won’t have to pay for a domain name, right?

One thing to take note of – the free account doesn’t come with phone support or any sort of e-commerce features. If you need to use the latter, you’ll have no choice but to upgrade but if the former concerns you, don’t fret – you’ll have support via email and live chat.

With fantastic performance and quite a fair bit of features with their free account, it’s no surprise that Weebly is up here in this list. Read our full review on Weebly here.

What is lacking with Weebly?

  • Limited storage
  • No phone support
  • No e-commerce system

3. 000Webhost

000Webhost logo







Key Features

  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Websites Allowed
  • Own Ads Allowed
  • Free Subdomain

“Fantastic web hosting service to start your first business, just be aware that downtimes might occur.”

Powered by Hostinger, is next on this list of best free web hosting services.

They’ve been around for well over a decade, and they’ve established themselves as one of the top free web hosting companies around for people that want to learn how to build their very own sites. is 100% free forever, so you won’t have to worry about your site getting pulled after a certain amount of time.

For a free web hosting service, comes packed with a surprising number of features.

You’re given 1GB of storage space, 10GB of bandwidth, a free website builder, an automatic WordPress installer that’ll help you get started within minutes, and best of all, 2 active websites, each with their own dedicated resources!

The free website builder is simple to use, easy to learn, and comes with plenty of templates to make a sick looking professional website. You won’t even need to learn a single line of code.

The only downside to is that some people report terrible downtimes, but hey, it’s free. You can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too, right?

Personally, since is already powered by Hostinger, I would naturally prefer to get web hosting from them since the entry price is so low. But if you really don’t want to fork out any cash whatsoever, is an excellent choice.

What is lacking with 000Webhost?

  • Might have downtimes
  • Server speed may be slow
  • No backup

4. Wix

wix logo







Key Features

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Subdomain
  • Good Website Builder
  • Optimized Website for Mobile

“Comes with an amazing site builder to create pro-looking sites.”

Wix is another one of those web hosting companies that are really popular, even among those that aren’t in the know.

Honestly, Wix doesn’t offer much in terms of free features, but what they lack in that department, they more than make up for in terms of their usability.

When one of my friends first started experimenting with building websites, he went straight to Wix just to see what he could produce in a limited amount of time with no coding knowledge whatsoever.

What he managed to produce was very impressive, professional-looking and slick. All he needed to do was to pick a base from Wix’s remarkable list of templates, and customize accordingly to what he had in mind using their drag and drop interface.

If you’re looking for a free web hosting to host a small website, with a site builder than can easily produce polished websites, look no further. You really can’t go wrong with Wix. Read our full review on Wix here.

What is lacking with Wix?

  • Limited storage
  • Limited bandwidth
  • No free email account
  • Ads displayed on free account

5. InfinityFree







Key Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Ads Displayed
  • 99% Uptime
  • Free SSL
  • Free 10 Email Accounts

“Unlimited storage & bandwidth with 10 free email accounts – one of the better free services in this list.”

Despite being quite new compared to the rest of the players on this list, InfinityFree has managed to make quite an impact in the industry by offering a substantial amount of unlimited features

The Softculous script installer makes installing WordPress a breeze, with thousands of themes at your disposal to create a stunning looking site.

Appearances aside, what impressed us enough about InfinityFree is the amount of features available without forcing us to display ads on our sites.

With them, you’ll get to enjoy unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 10 free email accounts, with 99.9% uptime (I noticed they never said anything about a guarantee). Did i mention that all these are FREE without having to display ads?

There’s also the fact that they offer free SSL security, over 400 MySQL databases, free subdomains and PHP7.3 for that sweet loading performance, makes InifinityFree an excellent free web hosting choice.

What is lacking with InfinityFree?

  • Only forum based support
  • Ambiguous TOS on unlimited features
  • Limited server power

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