Best Web Hosting For WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is broken down into a number of isolated blogs that work together. This allows you to make customizations in a single place and have them apply to all of your individual child sites. I’ve been using WPMU for many years and I think that it’s a great product. Of course, there are many others but this article will focus on what I’ve used the most and what can work best for average bloggers. So the question is: Which option gives you the best hosting for WPMU? There are many options on the table when it comes to WordPress Multisite Hosting. Dreamhost offers cheap, unlimited plans for people who have as many sites as they need. You can also try WordPress’ own hosting service if you prefer their brand over other companies. However, my favorite platform to use is Flywheel. Flywheel offers hosting specifically designed for Multisite and has a ton of features that will benefit your needs as a blogger or publisher in the long run.

Best Web Hosting For WordPress Multisite

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting solution provides the best infrastructure for your WordPress website and helps you with essential tasks, including daily backups, uptime monitoring, and security checks. It helps take the hassle out of website upkeep.

And unlike a shared hosting service, it assists you in optimizing your site for speed and high performance.

speed up using managed WordPress hosting

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So let’s take a look at the advantages of using managed hosting:

  • Fast and secure compared to shared hosting environments.
  • Daily automatic backup of your website and database.
  • Expert support team to help you to solve your WordPress-related problems.
  • Takes care of core WordPress and plugin updates.

And here are some of the cons of managed hosting:

  • Limitations on using specific WordPress plugins that may slow down your website.
  • It’s expensive compared to shared web hosts.
  • You can host WordPress-based websites only, not even simple HTML sites.

Things to Look For in a Managed WordPress Host

First of all, you should understand one thing: we don’t recommend a managed hosting service provider to everyone.

For beginners just starting out, you can easily use a regular or shared hosting solution like Bluehost. It also provides a free domain name and professional email with its service.

However, if you’ve got a high-traffic website or you’re not confident with the technical aspects of running a WordPress site, then you should use a managed WordPress hosting service.

But with so many web hosting providers out there, how to decide which managed hosting company is suitable for your needs?

So here are the essential factors to look for before choosing a managed host:

  • Fast, reliable, and secure service
  • Daily backups of your website
  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Expert customer service team

And don’t forget to look for hosts that specifically offer WordPress plans like the ones on our list.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting in 2022

By now, you should have made up your mind that you need to buy or migrate to a managed WordPress hosting for your website.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best managed hosting options.

Note: Our sister site WPBeginner conducted speed tests on some of the hosting service providers listed here. We’ll be using those results to give you a better idea about each of them.

1. WPEngine


WPEngine is a fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google Cloud Platform. It’s one of the most popular managed hosts out there.

WPEngine comes with some fantastic features like daily automated backups, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, disaster recovery system, and handles core WordPress updates.

And it also offers the Genesis framework and 35+ StudioPress themes with every plan. Isn’t that great?

Not only that, but it also provides free CDN to all its customers. This will help your website’s page load time to be faster compared to your competitors by storing your site’s content in multiple data centers.

Let’s take a look at the speed test result of WPEngine:

WP Engine Speed Test

WPEngine is known for providing excellent customer support. And it’s got a team of trained WordPress experts who are ready to help you at any time of the day.

The startup plan of WPEngine starts at $23 per month. It allows you to host just one website with a traffic limit of 25,000 per month. And you can always upgrade to a higher plan to host more sites. This makes it a great alternative Kinsta for cloud hosting.

Planning to migrate your site to WPEngine but scared of the technical stuff involved? Don’t worry! Its expert team will handle the migration process for you at no additional cost.

Bonus: WPEngine also owns Flywheel, one of the best hosting solutions for professional WordPress freelancers and agencies. Pricing starts at $13 per month for 5GB of storage and 20GB bandwidth, which is enough for one small site that receives up to 5,000 visitors per month.

2. SiteGround


If you’re looking for a WPEngine alternative, then you can certainly use SiteGround managed hosting. And the best part is it’s one of the officially recommended hosting providers by

Even though SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider, it also offers a powerful managed hosting solution, too. It uses the latest technologies to make sure your WordPress website is fast and suffers zero downtime.

So let’s take a look at some of the features of SiteGround:

  • Free SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt
  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Automatic updates
  • Create unlimited professional email accounts
  • Free Cloudflare CDN to make your site faster
  • 1-click staging tool to create a copy of your website, make necessary changes to it, and then make it live
  • Free site migration service

And like most hosting providers on our list, SiteGround takes daily backups to make sure your data is always safe. It keeps up to 30 backup copies which can be restored quickly. You can even manually backup your site with a single click.

Here’s the speed test result of SiteGround:

SiteGround Speed Test

You can purchase the basic or startup plan of SiteGround at $2.99 per month. However, that limits you to just one website. Plus, free site migration isn’t included with this plan.

Instead, we recommend you use one of the higher level hosting packages. The GrowBig plan is priced at $4.99/month. The highest GoGeek plan is just $9.99/month and gives you all the features. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you change your mind.

3. Bluehost Optimized

Bluehost Optimized managed WordPress hosting

Bluehost has some of the most popular shared hosting plans around. Just like SiteGround, this hosting platform is recommended by

However, we won’t be talking about its shared hosting solution here. Instead, we’ll take a look at its WordPress Optimized service called Bluehost Optimized.

Before talking about the features of Bluehost Optimized, let’s take a look at the speed test results:

Bluehost Speed Test

Bluehost Optimized service uses VPS technologies and thus makes sure your site is secure and extremely fast.

It offers a free domain with all its managed WordPress plans. Also, you’ll get free CDN, daily backups, SSL, and business email service. And you can manage everything from your enhanced cPanel.

The basic plan of Bluehost Optimized is called wp standard and will cost you $19.95 per month. This plan allows you to receive up to 100 million visits per month.

4. DreamPress by DreamHost

DreamPress managed WordPress hosting by DreamHost

DreamHost, known for its reliable service, is one of the oldest hosting companies in the market. And, it’s also officially recommended by

DreamHost offers a managed WordPress hosting plan, known as DreamPress. Here are some of the amazing features provided by DreamPress:

  • Built-in caching system
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Automatic backups with 1-click restore option
  • Free migration service with every DreamPress plan
  • Pre-installed Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Each plan comes with free SSD storage
  • 24/7 expert support for solving your problems

So now let’s check out the speed test results of DreamHost:

DreamHost Speed Test

So as you can see, the test site loaded in less than a second which is quite impressive.

And along with all the fantastic features, DreamHost also provides a free domain with privacy protection to all its customers.

The pricing of DreamPress hosting starts from $16.95 per month. It also offers a money-back guarantee with all its plans.

5. HostGator

HostGator Cloud managed WordPress hosting

HostGator is a well-known shared hosting solution that’s popular with bloggers and small businesses.

One of the services Hostgator provides for high-traffic sites is Hostgator. It’s a managed WordPress hosting service with excellent performance-boosting and security features.

Some of the features of HostGator are:

  • Easy to understand control panel to keep track of everything
  • Offers cPanel to manage things like email, domains, and more
  • Advanced security including daily backups
  • Free email
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free professional migration

Finally, let’s talk about the pricing plans of Hostgator managed WordPress hosting. The Starter plan comes with just 1 domain and starts at $5.95/month. However, the Standard and Business plans increase the number of sites you can add.

6. Liquid Web

Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting

Liquid Web is a fully managed web hosting company. It provides complete service for your WordPress websites.

Plus, it’s one of the few companies to offer managed WooCommerce hosting service for eCommerce sites.

And Liquid Web uses the latest technologies including PHP7 and NGINX web servers. Also, each of its hosting plans comes bundled with an image optimization plugin to help you to improve the speed of your WordPress website.

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